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SARMS1 Review – Our Thoughts on This Mega SARMs Seller

SARMS1 review

SARMs, according to Wikipedia, stands for selective androgen receptor modulator. They are a type of androgenic drug- meaning they deal with male hormones in the body. They are a group of different drugs that have been hailed for their ability to aid bodybuilders gain muscle mass and bulk up.

The reason they are so popular as an alternative to steroids is because SARMs offer the same kinds of results without negative side effects.

For example, women can make use of SARMs without worrying about developing any male characteristic, as is sometimes the case with steroids. Plus, SARMs can be taken orally rather than injected, which is preferable and more convenient.

SARMs were originally developed as medication to help people with osteoporosis and the likes. But bodybuilders and health fanatics quickly realized that they could use the drugs to their advantage.

Since SARMs are still being researched and are not legal in every country, it’s difficult to find a reliable supplier. Sarms1 is one supplier that operates selling a wide array of SARMs. But is Sarms1 legit?

This review includes all my impressions of the brand to help you make an informed decision.


Sarms1 website and first impressions

About SARMS1

The Sarms1 website is easy to navigate, but quite an empty page. My first impression was that it looked a little bit unprofessional. It seems pretty straightforward to order SARMs from Sarms1, but finding further information is another story. The ‘About Us’ section of the site has only one sentence.

This makes me start to consider whether Sarms1 is a scam. The links to their Facebook and Twitter profiles don’t lead anywhere, but at least the customer service page is accessible.

They have a contact form, and do say that someone is constantly online in order to reply to concerns.

One other great part about the Sarms1 website is the FAQ section which answers most questions I had about the delivery process. This helps to make the brand seem more legitimate and trustworthy.

I wish there were reviews from previous customers available to read, but luckily there is at least a star rating system applied to each product. It’s nice to see which are rated the highest when selecting a SARM.


What does Sarms1 sell?


Sarms1 doesn’t necessarily have a huge lineup, but they stock all the most popular SARMS which is the important part. Each SARM has different benefits, which is why some people choose to stack them- meaning to take more than one type at once. The nice thing about these drugs is that they don’t have the negative side effects or the addictive properties that actual steroids tend to have.

One other impressive feature is Sarms 1 Cycle bundles. They offer 3 bundles for the three major cycles that bodybuilders go through- cutting, bulking, and “recomp”.

These bundles are a great option for beginners who aren’t sure exactly what SARMs to purchase. They are also a good way to save some money by buying in bulk.

  • SARMs Cutting Cycle – 8 Weeks
  • SARMs Bulking Cycle – 8 Weeks
  • SARMs Recomp Cycle – 8 Weeks

Sarms 1 offers their products in the capsule form exclusively. This is a great option since capsules are convenient and easier for people on the go, compared to liquids and serums.

Product NamePriceDosage per CapsuleCapsules per Pack
GW-501516 (Cardarine)$199.9910mg60
Anabolicum (LGD-4033)$489.9910mg60
Ostabolic-Ostarine (MK-2866)$299.9925mg60
S4 (Andarine)$199.9925mg60
Nutrobal (MK-677)$299.0025mg60
Stenabolic (SR-9009)$249.0010mg60
Testolone (RAD140)$249.0010mg60

Where can I find discount codes for Sarms1?

Discount Codes

Sarms 1 offers their products at slightly higher prices than competitors. But, when you look into it a little further- they actually have better deals.

The SARMs cost more to order, but they come in much higher quantities than normal. These packages last a long time before needing to be reordered.

All of the prices are marked down, and some SARMs that are usually quite pricey can be found at Sarms 1 for more reasonable prices.

They also offer free shipping on orders of 1000 dollars. This sounds like a high threshold to reach, but it’s actually easy to spend that much on SARMs. Free shipping is not hard to get at Sarms 1.

Even if you choose to make a small order the first time, the shipping cost is a flat rate, so it doesn’t add too much to the price.

Another nice option is getting a free gift with any order of over 1500 dollars. The site doesn’t reveal what the gift is, but it’s another nice little incentive.


Checkout process and payment options

Payment Options

One of my biggest criteria when it comes to buying things online is how easy it is to order and pay. Sarms 1 offers a sign-up option which is a great choice for people intending to repeat orders on a regular basis.

They also have a very user-friendly ordering system. Once you click on an item you’re interested in, there’s lots of information about how much to take and when. They even feature a breakdown of the price to prove you’re getting the best deal possible.

But, once I proceeded to the checkout I found out the most annoying thing about Sarms 1. The only way to pay is through Bitcoins! This is a huge problem for someone who doesn’t have any type of Bitcoin assets of methods of payment.

Unfortunately, the idea of leaving this site to figure out how to access Bitcoins in order to order from Sarms 1 is extremely discouraging.


Overall thoughts and final review

Final Verdict

This Sarms 1 review proved that the brand is actually quite reliable and has great offers on all the most popular SARMs. The prices and sales are very attractive, but the payment methods leave a lot to be desired from this company.

When online shopping, I’m looking for the quick and convenient way to purchase legit SARMs. We’ve compiled a list of the top companies that offer lab tested SARMs. Visit our list of best sarm sources to find a reputable company to buy from.

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  1. Reed A.

    Its been a long time since i ordered from Sarms1 but when I went back to order I saw the minimum and thought NO WAY that is way too expensive for sarms. Its been a while but I am not dumb. I am going to chemyo

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