Paradigm Peptides Review and 3rd Party Lab Testing Results

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Paradigm Peptides Review

Name: Paradigm Peptides

Description: Paradigm Peptides was established in 2014. They have a panel of experts who are experienced in chemicals research. The company provides a huge selection of compounds, including liquid and tablet form. They believe quality is everything; hence, the products are verified and tested and have at least 98 percent purity.

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Paradigm Peptides has built a pretty solid reputation since we first heard of them. The ability to buy your PCT from the same place you get your SARMs is a huge plus. If selection is important to you, this is a great place to shop.

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  • Massive selection, including peptides, PCT, lab materials, and of course sarms
  • Multiple forms available including capsules and raws
  • Credit card payments available with Sezzle


  • No liquid solutions available
  • No returns on peptides
  • 15% restocking fee on returned items

Our Verified Source Program brings you reviews on the best SARMs suppliers for your research projects. Today we’re going to take a look at Paradigm Peptides.

This review will cover who they are and what they sell. Then, we’ll give you our take on this source and examine their lab testing results. We’ll also show you how to find discount and promo codes for Paradigm Peptides.

Who are Paradigm Peptides?

Founded in 2014, Paradigm Peptides is an All-American company, with labs in Tennessee, and manufacturing premises in the mid-west. Paradigm Peptides specializes in peptides, but they also offer SARMs and other research chemicals.

Paradigm Peptides makes claims that we like to see on its home page. This company states it’s the only peptide producer that takes the time and cost to remove trifluoroacetic acid (TFA) from the peptide formulas, preventing contamination and tissue damage at the injection site.

For us, that means that they must take the same care when producing SARMs, so we expect a high-quality product from Paradigm Peptides.

Paradigm Peptides has SARMs capsules and powders for sale on their website.
Some of the products available for sale on their store

What SARMs Do Paradigm Peptides Sell?

Paradigm Peptides sells a range of SARMs, including classic and new-age formulations. However, it seems that the company only provides encapsulated products or bulk powders. Paradigm Peptides offer eight SARMs, including

You get bulk powders in MK-677, MK-2866, RAD-140, S4, SR9009, and YK-11. The company offers four prepackaged SARMs, including LGD-4033, MK-677, GW-501516, and RAD-140.

Overall, the company has all the bases covered. However, we would like to see more compounds included in the prepackaged items.

What We Like

Paradigm Peptides offer an easy-to-navigate site with all the top SARMS available. The company does well at building a brand, with a solid reputation for research materials over the last 6-years. We like the extra care the company takes with the manufacturing process.

The elimination of TFA from the peptides, and the packing techniques for the vials makes this company stand out in terms of its quality assurance processes.

This company offers high-quality SARMs, available in prepackaged or raw bulk powder. You get a trustworthy product at a reasonable price.  We like that they also sell PCT supplies and ancillaries as well.

PCT available from Paradigm Peptides
Some of the ancillaries and PCT supplies for sale on their website

Paradigm Peptides Branding

Paradigm Peptides has clean branding on its prepackaged products, featuring a black container with a blue lid, and a black and blue label. The font on the label gives a professional, futuristic feel, and makes the product look professional.

However, the bulk powder is entirely the opposite. You get the raw powder in a plain, white plastic tear-open bag. The company prints the name of the SARM on the front, with no distinguishable branding.

3rd Party Lab Testing Results

COA for Paradigm Peptides lab test
3rd party analysis done on their LGD 4033 capsules

Paradigm claims that it tests all its products for purity and safety. If you want to get a batch report or assay test results, you’ll need to contact the customer service team for details on the compounds. 

We feel that Paradigm Peptides offers SARM products and good value for money. The testing gives us the confidence that we’re dealing with a real company and not some UGL mixing powders in a basement.

The company website gives the impression that Paradigm Peptides values quality and testing protocols, making it a top contender for one of the best SARMs suppliers.

Does Paradigm Peptides Offer a Guarantee?

Yes, Paradigm Peptides offers a no-nonsense, money-back guarantee on all its SARMs, whether it’s Andarine or Stenabolic. Return the product unopened in the original packaging, and Paradigm Peptides will process your refund. 

However, Paradigm Peptides don’t provide refunds on peptides due to possible degradation of the product. It’s important to note that the company will not reship free of charge, and you’ll have to handle those costs.

Payment Methods

Paradigm claims that it will only offer credit or debit card payments for customers that intend to open a long-standing relationship with the company. After placing your order and requesting payment via card, the company will send you a link to a payment portal. The company works with Discover card, MasterCard, Visa, and American Express.

Paradigm Peptides claims it runs a secure payments processor, with encrypted payments technology from end-to-end to protect your data. Paradigm also accepts eCheck, Venmo, and cryptocurrency as alternative forms of payment for your orders.

Do They Ship Internationally?

Yes, Paradigm Peptides ship SARMs and peptides internationally. The company uses UPS carriers. All packages over $500 value require a signature for release.

Paradigm ships locally in the US using USPS for general orders, and UPS for high-value orders. The company claims it packs and ships all orders within 48-hours of receiving payment. If you pay via eCheck, it might take up to 10-business days to confirm your payment and ship your order.

The company offers expedited shipping options at the checkout. If your order experiences damage during shipping, take a photo and send it to the customer servicer team for a replacement.

Discount and Promo Codes

We couldn’t find any discount coupons available online for use on the platform. However, the Instagram and Facebook pages have some 15% discount coupons available for use on the site. The site also releases some mega-sales now and again, offering discounts of up to 20%.

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Paradigm Peptides has Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube accounts setup. However, the posts are rather generic and feel like stock photos. The Facebook page has less than 1,000-likes, with the IG page having less than 500-followers.

There is little engagement with the accounts, apart from a few likes, that are probably employees boosting post engagement.

The Verdict on Paradigm Peptides

Overall, we like the quality assurance with Paradigm Peptides, and the testing on all SARMs. This company has a decent offering of SARMs, but we would like to see some more pre-made products, other than the four available.

Do you have any experience dealing with Paradigm Peptides? We want to know! Please leave us a comment. If you’re looking for write-ups on the best places to find the best SARMs at the best prices, check our blog.

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