Peptide Dosage Calculator

Master the art of peptide reconstitution with our Peptide Reconstitution Calculator. This user-friendly tool assists you in accurately calculating the necessary amount of solvent (usually bac water) required to achieve the desired peptide concentration for research or treatment purposes.

Just select the amount of peptide powder in your vial, the volume of solvent you’d like to add, and your desired dosage. The calculator will then provide you with the total units needed for your syringe injection.

This calculator aims to eliminate guesswork, reduce errors and promote safety by precise dilution calculations for peptide reconstitution. Whether you’re a scientist in a lab or a health practitioner, our Peptide Reconstitution Calculator can simplify and streamline your process.

How to Reconstitute Peptides
Reconstituting peptides is easy when you know what you’re doing. Here is an easy step by step guide on how to reconstitute peptides for use.
Prepare Equipment and Work Area

Before starting, gather all required materials and ensure your workspace is clean and sanitized to avoid contamination.

Remove the Peptide from Storage

Remove your lyophilized peptide vial from the freezer. Allow it to reach room temperature before proceeding to avoid condensation inside the vial, which can negatively impact peptide integrity.

Determine the Solvent

Determine the most appropriate solvent for your peptide based on its properties. Most peptides will dissolve in bacteriostatic water (bac water).

Reconstitute the Peptide

Using a 3ml syringe, draw out 3ml of bac-water. Inject it into the peptide vial, slowly, into the side of the vial wall. If you’re using a 1ml syringe, repeat this step 2x more. Gently swirl the vial to help the peptide dissolve.

Verify Dissolution and Store Appropriately

Continue swirling and checking as needed. Once dissolved, the peptide solution is ready for use.