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A1Chems was an online store that sold sarms, peptides, and research chemicals in the united states and overseas. As of 2021, they are officially closed for business.
  • Ships to Australia
  • Decent selection to choose from
  • Website is easy to use
  • As of 2021, they have closed down

A1 Chems Closed? Our Review & Where To Shop Now

6/20/2023 – Update

A1 Chems is no longer in business. Be wary of imposters. You can find an alternative from our Verified Sources list.

A1 Chems review

With the current banned state of SARMs and the FDA’s warning against them, you might be wondering how you can even get your hands on SARMs to begin with.

The truth is that government officials have banned SARMs because there’s just not enough evidence to support their benefits yet. More practice and usage of these drugs are the only way to understand them better.

When it comes to buying SARMs, you really have to know what you’re looking for. It’s easy to get pulled into a website that claims it’s selling pure SARM substance, especially if you don’t spot the signs of a fake site.

One site you should look into is A1 Chems. This A1 Chems review is going to dive into different aspects of the site to determine legitimacy or if it’s just a scam website.


First Glance and Website Overview

Company Info

When you search up A1 Chems website and enter their domain, you’re greeted with a thoughtfully planned landing page. There are a few different things to look into. You first see the staff picks of SARMs.

They have pictures uploaded, as well as the prices of these products. Next, you can see a little overview of A1 Chems’ company, followed by a large section dedicated to their customer reviews.

If you keep scrolling down, they have a small list of products, links to their blog posts, and finally, a brief overview of the SARMs they have and what some of them are best used for.

At the top of their website, they have links to different areas around their domain. You can easily find these links and click to be transferred to your desired area. One feature that’s interesting about the A1 Chems website is that they have a live messenger option.

This is rarely found on SARMs website, so it’s a nice touch for customer service. The chat button is clearly labelled on the bottom right hand corner of their website, so you can speak to someone about a potential order or other inquiry via this quick method.

The A1 Chems website seems complete and thoroughly designed. There are no broken links or dead ends found on their site, so that points to the A1 Chems legit card. Plus, their design is easy to understand and the layout makes navigation simple, even for first time users.


What does A1 Chems Sell?


If you’ve never frequented a SARMs website, you might not know which products are best for your needs. Different SARMs work better for different workout goals, but SARMs dealers often lead the researching part up to you to decide.

The good thing about A1 Chems website is that they have a brief, but useful description of each of the SARM substances they sell.

This makes it easier to understand the product you’re getting beforehand and not have to find out the hard way after you’ve already purchased it.

There are only a handful of true SARMs out there, so the list for these substances isn’t very long. A1 Chems provides all of the reliable SARMs on the market. These include:

SARMs are available in two forms, as liquids or as powders. The powdered forms usually come in capsules, making it easier to ingest them.

Although it’s not clearly stated on their website, with a little digging you find out that A1 Chems only sells their products in liquid form. They include a syringe with each order for easier administration.

You can easily measure out the liquid SARM for the proper dosage this way.


What payment methods does A1 Chems accept?

Payment Methods

When you’ve selected your SARM of choice, you can head over to their checkout menu. The usual problem with payment methods on SARMs sites is that they tend to be a little uncommon.

With A1 Chems, you get reliable options that you’ve probably already used for other online purchases. You can pay with Paypal, Visa, or your Mastercard. If you’re more tech savvy and frequent the online exchange market often, you can even use your Bitcoins to make the payment.

Coupon Codes

Speaking of payment methods, who doesn’t like a little bit of a discount when it comes time to pay? There are few A1 Chems coupon codes you can use with your purchase.

When you first enter the site, you can use a 10% discount code on your first order when you sign up for their mailing list. You can also use special codes found in their newsletters for members only.


What are A1Chem’s shipping and return policies?

Shipping / Returns

A1 Chems offers has a pretty good return policy compared to other SARMs merchants. For orders in Australia and New Zealand, delivery typically happens in 1-3 business days. International orders take longer, at about 7-21 business days for delivery.

For refunding orders, A1 Chems has a very generous refund policy compared to other SARMs websites. Other websites only give refunds after about a week of having the product, but not with A1 Chems.

They give you a full thirty days to ship the item back to them if you’re dissatisfied with it. You also need your return receipt if you want your refund to go through.

If your return is processed, you can expect to see your payment refunded back to the original method of payment within a few days.


Does A1 Chems offer good customer support?

Customer Service

Customer service methods is the area that A1 Chems needs to do a little improving on. Although they have the direct message feature, they don’t have much else in terms of connecting with their clients.

They have links to their Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram on their site, but for inquiries they only have an electronic form. You can fill this out and submit it to get in touch with them.

There are no times given for when to contact the company, further putting customers in a confused state about how to reach them.

All in all, A1 Chems is likely to give you good service. But with their customer reaching sources lacking, there’s really no way to contact them easily. If you want a SARMs company that’s perfect, check out our list of best sarms sources.

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