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Expert ScoreRead review is an research material supplier based in the United States. They carry many different SARMs in liquid and powder form, along with metabolics, peptides, nootropics, and hemp/CBD products. 

christopher10 2023 Logo is an research material supplier based in the United States. They carry many different SARMs in liquid and powder form, along with metabolics, peptides, nootropics, and hemp/CBD products. 

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Science.Bio Review: May 2023 Re-Launch Details Revealed!

If you’re looking for places to buy SARMs online, you will likely hear a lot about a company called This mega brand is one of the largest distributors of research chemicals in the industry.

They are most known for their large selection of SARMs liquids and powders. They also stock nootropics, peptides, and other exotic compounds that can be hard to find elsewhere.

In this review, I am going to share my honest thoughts about this vendor. I’m going to do a full breakdown of their business history, lab reports, and my experience with using their products.

Unlike others who just want to push products to make a quick buck, I actually go out of my way to research and test SARMs. I don’t recommend sources if I don’t think they’re 100% legit.

I actually purchased SARMs from them to do this review, which I will detail further below. Let’s jump into it!

About The Follow up to has been in the game a long time. Back in 2017 or so when I started learning about SARMs, they were a well-known source called was a crowd favorite of Reddit’s sarmsourcetalk community, and they grew into a huge company very quickly.

Then in 2018, we started hearing more and more about a potential SARMs ban. During the commotion, announced that they were closing down.

By the grace of the SARMs gods themselves (and a bunch of political gridlock in congress), the ban never took effect, and SARMs were not made illegal. People all over the internet were asking whether was going to come back or not.

A source called Venogen appeared, and people quickly noticed that their website looked a lot like’s. Not long after, Venogen put out a statement saying they were not affiliated with, but they had in fact purchased their inventory.

This resulted in a lot of confusion. It soon became irrelevant though, because this paved the way for to launch. In April of 2019, opened their doors and started accepting orders. The rest might as well be history because their site is now one of the largest SARMs stores on the internet.


What does sell? has a very good selection of SARMs for sale. Their inventory contains all of the normal SARMs that you would expect to find such as Ostarine, Ligandrol, and RAD140.

What’s great is that they also sell some exotic SARMs that are normally quite hard to find online. Here’s a current list of the SARMs available on their store:

LGD4 (LGD-4033)10mg/ml$44.99
Capromorelin Tartrate20mg/ml$59.99
MK 67725mg/ml$49.99


How competitive is their pricing? prices their SARMs on par with the competition. For example, their RAD140 is $49.99, which is right what you’d expect from a company that aims to be competitive with other sources.

They do not offer multiple sizes like others, but for most people, this shouldn’t matter too much.

You can also save money by buying one of their pre-made bundles. For example, they have a package called the Novel Metabolic Bundle, which includes 9x different products. You’ll receive all of the basic SARMs, plus some other metabolics like Capromorelin and ACP-105. novel metabolics bundle

For the advanced researcher, this is a home run for the price. It allows you to get everything you need for some really great bulking and cutting cycles. If you take ample time off between cycles, you can easily make this bundle last a whole year!

Lab Test Results Lab Testing and COAs (Certificate of Analysis)

What good are cheap SARMs though if they’re bunk? They’re worthless of course! That’s why it’s so important to use a source that provides verifiable lab testing. excels here.

If you go to their “Why Us” section, you can read about their testing process. They not only provide 3rd party reports, but they also do batch testing. This is a major difference with their company.

Batch testing means they test both the raw materials and also the finished product. It’s very expensive to do, and most SARMs sources don’t do it because of the costs. Look at how many lab tests are available just for their LGD4033:

Lab testing results for LGD

If you know the industry well, you already know how big of a deal this is. Some companies don’t even supply tests, let alone this many.

And that’s just one product! They have these testing results for every single product in their store.

Customers who want to save an extra 10% off their order can use the coupon code christopher10 at checkout. This coupon code is good for your first order with them. A perfect opportunity to pick up that metabolic bundle I talked about earlier!

Okay, so they have good prices and their SARMs are legit, but is there anything else you should consider? Let’s take a look at their policies for shipping, payment, and returns.


How long does it take to receive an order? ships with USPS first-class mail. USA customers will be happy to receive their products quickly (usually within 4 business days from my experience). Also, if you spend over $100, you will automatically be upgraded to priority mail.

They ship worldwide, so if you live overseas you will have no issues receiving your order. Have a military APO address and want them to ship your SARMs there? No problem! states on their website that they will ship to APO addresses


What payment methods does accept?

It’s hard to find a SARMs company that accepts credit and debit cards due to the headaches imposed by Visa and Mastercard. accepts cryptocurrency for payment, along with ACH bank transfers. If you’re new to bitcoin, it’s actually really easy to get started. You can buy crypto with your debit or credit card through an app called Coinbase.

It’s very easy and paying is simple once you have the bitcoin in your wallet. Simply check out and scan the QR code provided, and you are done.

For this review, I purchased Ostarine and RAD140 from I chose the powder forms because I wanted to examine the raw material and check to see that it was legit.

Both powders met all of the characteristics of how the materials are supposed to behave in regards to solubility.

I made my own suspensions with the powders using OraPlus (available online). At the end of 8 weeks, my final numbers were as followed:

Total muscle gained: 7lbs

Total fat gained: -2lbs

So the scale went up 5lbs, but I also lost 2lbs of solid fat. Honestly, I look much bigger than before even though my pants fit the same (maybe even a little looser to be honest).

I’ve experienced bunk SARMs before, and I can say with 100% certainty that the products I purchased are legit.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is Legit?

Yes, they are legit and they are also one of the highest rated sources in the Verified Source Program.

Do they ship to Australia

Yes, ships worldwide. You can check to see if they ship to your location by clicking here.

Does sell bunk SARMs?

No, absolutely not. has a very intensive lab testing program for all of their products. They don’t sell bunk or fake SARMs.

I’ve reviewed nearly 100 companies to date. I’ve seen the bullshit before. This is not some shady company selling fake stuff. Nobody else in the industry spends the kind of money they do on lab testing their products.

I see this company doing big things in the future! Hopefully, SARMs stay legal for a long time. And if they don’t, I’m confident that will stay ahead of the trend and have the next best thing.

Do you have an experience with this source? Share it in the comments section below!

10Expert Score Review
I was skeptical when I first heard about coming back in 2023. After all, they were our #1 rated source for 4 years straight after deciding to cease operations. Well, I am happy to report that this is the legit team - and the hype is real! From vigorous lab testing to super fast shipping - is the real deal. We are thrilled to have them back as a member of the Verified Source Program!
Product Selection
Product Quality
Shipping Speed
Payment Options
  • 3rd Party Analysis on ALL of their products
  • Absolutely massive selection of SARMs, Peptides, CBD, Nootropics, and more
  • Multiple forms available including liquid solutions and raw materials
  • Not all products are in stock yet (see pre-ordering info)



United States


Afinils, CBD, Hemp, Kratom, Nootropics, Peptides, Racetams, SARMs


Liquids, Nasal Sprays, Raws, Injectables

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Credit Card, Crypto, eCheck

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Fedex, First Class, UPS, USPS Priority Mail

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