SARMs for Women: Which Ones Are Safe for Females?

If you thought SARMs were only meant for men, we urge you to crawl right back into your 14th-century cave! Just as many men out there use and benefit from SARMs, so do many women—after all, bodybuilding is for every ‘body’! 

Thankfully (and finally!), lesser women and more men are subscribing to the ideals of beauty dictated by the media, which means that an increasing number of women are finding joy in bulking up and showing off those cuts, and an increasing number of men (and women) are staying away from the body shaming that they think a bulked-up woman’s body warrants.

Needless to say, SARMs are quite helpful in this journey of bulking up, but sadly, minimal information is available online about SARMs for women. Huge gaps exist in the information available, and one of them is how safe SARMs are for women and which ones are okay to use. Our article will address exactly that, though, in addition to dispelling some popular myths that revolve around women and SARMs. Read on! 

SARMs for Women

Which SARMs are safe for women to take?

Though it really is up to the user when it comes to what SARMs they want to take, many people opine that the best and safest SARMs for women are those that help build lean muscle, give you good energy and result in fat cutting and weight loss. So the best sarms for women are cardarine, andarine, and ostarine

Ostarine is the go to for cutting excess fat, whereas Andarine helps you stock up on lean muscle mass. Cardarine gives you the energy to supplement the working of andarine and ostarine with the necessary sweat sessions. 

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Another reason why these three SARMs are popular is that they don’t require any kind of PCT (post-cycle therapy, to give your hormones a necessary break after a cycle). The most you will need to do is give your body a break or a ‘cool-down period’, generally as long as your cycle, to breathe, recuperate and let your hormones to reach homeostasis again.  

In addition to the aforementioned three SARMs, experienced bodybuilders can also use Ligandrol (at a recommended dosage of only 2.5 mg); only try this SARM if you’ve been bodybuilding for a minimum of three years at least and have some prior experience with a SARM cycle. Ligandrol is a little bit on the riskier side of things, which is why it’s necessary to know what to expect from using it.

That said, SARMs are great for women looking to build their bodies in a safe and effective manner. We know how it is to put yourself through excruciatingly painful workouts, eat the cleanest food possible, and have literal blood, sweat and tears flowing, and still feel like you’re not seeing the results you want in the image that your mirror is throwing back at you. SARMs close these gaps, and in a safer manner than both steroids and prohormones

Unlike SARMs, which only bind to the muscle’s protein, both these elements could damage your internal organs. SARMs also have very little or zero side effects; steroids wreak havoc on hormones (as if there wasn’t enough of that going on already, every month!). But this havoc isn’t just psychological; it’s also physiological and can be irreversible. 

Additionally, the recommended SARMs don’t cause suppression, negating the need for PCT, unlike steroids. Prohormones may be better than steroids, but only marginally. They bring their own shares of trouble, such as liver damage, increased vulnerability to diabetes, problems with the immune system, and high blood pressure

Staying Away?

Should women stay away from SARMs in general?

Long story short, no SARMs are off limits, but there are some we recommend over others. But any reports that say female bodies can’t handle certain stronger SARMs (such as RAD 140, S23, and YK11) because they’re too weak to do so, is bogus! 

Fun fact—women can actually handle SARMs better than men can, especially the whole suppression aspect. This could be because the testes signal to the body’s Leydig cells that they should stop producing testosterone when the SARMs hit, as the testosterone (and quite a bit of it) is now coming from these, instead. Logically concluding, this can’t be an issue for women simply because they lack testes. Therefore, no suppression or PCT for women.

What we do highly recommend is monitoring your blood work and your SHBG levels (sex hormone binding globulin), so that any abnormalities, as a result of SARMs, can be quickly identified. A drastic drop in SHBG could cause virilization (the development of male-hormone characteristics in females). Do your blood work before and after you start your cycle.

Ultimately, no SARM is off limits, but ensure you’re always monitoring your blood and SHBG levels, any abnormal changes in your physiology or psychology, and the dosage that you’re taking. The minute you feel a side effect, stop and discontinue the use of that particular SARM, especially Ligandrol.  

Female Dosage vs Male

Should women take the same dosages that men do? 

This is not to discount anything from a woman’s strength, but no. It isn’t the question of gender; it’s a question of body weight and height.

It’s a biological fact that men are generally heavier and taller than women; the average male is around 200 pounds while the average woman is around 170. If you’re a woman just starting out on this journey, take half the average dose of SARMs that men do. This is a good rule to follow when in doubt. 

Remember, there’s absolutely no point to prove to anyone. The dangers of overdosing, and therefore, suffering virilization, are real, very serious and irreversible, so listen to your body and folks who know what they’re talking about! 

Female Side Effects

What side effects of SARMs should women look out for?

The possible side effects that women can face on high dosages of SARMs are as follows: 

  • Acne: High dosages of SARMs can cause acne breakouts all over the body. 
  • Change in Sex Drive: We’ll let you decide if this is a good or bad thing, but high doses of SARMs can increase your sex drive! It isn’t just about getting adventurous in bed, though; you’ll be highly distracted, irritable and your mind will likely be in NSFW mode instead of work!
  • Change in Menstrual Cycles: High doses of SARMs have interfered with women’s menstrual cycles, either preponing or postponing them. Needless to say, this can be quite annoying, inconvenient and painful. 
  • Pain and Swelling: This is an effect that men also experience, but where they may generally experience this due to water retention, women experience this due to the rapid muscle build up. 

Bottom Line

The bottom line: what women need to know about taking SARMs

SARMs can totally be used by women and for reasons other than just weight and fat loss—bodybuilding is something many women want to do. Many female bodybuilders still struggle to handle and deal with society’s ideas of how a woman should look; if you’re bulked up, you’re alienated and even body shamed, which is why many people struggle to understand that women also can prioritize gaining muscle, strength and bulking up.

The number of women seeking the above characteristics is increasing, and with it, the usage of SARMs among women. To be the best version of yourself is a long, hard journey, but supplements like SARMs can really make the road much easier. Always ensure you’re buying high-quality SARMs from a trusted source, though.

Ultimately, the point is that you shouldn’t feel pressured into changing your appearance, whether that’s bulking up, cutting fat or losing weight. You’re great the way you are, but if you do want to change something about your appearance, do it only because it makes you happy and will continue to make you happy in the long run. If your dream has been to bulk up and build muscles, don’t let society confine you and box you into their vision. You do you, ladies; you’re the best at it!

Chris Jackson
Chris Jackson

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