Proven Peptides Review: Did They Really Shut Down?

Is Proven Peptides Legit? Did they really shut down in 2020? Learn that and more inside this review of one of the largest SARMs sources of all time.
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3/13/2023 Update
Proven Peptides is no longer in business. Find an alternative from the verified sources page

It pains me to say this, but as of November 2020 it appears that Proven Peptides has closed their doors. This is huge news for the SARMs community. The closure was not announced ahead of time and it leaves me to believe that something big happened.

I’m not one to fear monger, but this could be the beginning of the end for SARMs. I’ve been dealing with PP for a long time and this is unusual for them to say the least.

I will stay on top of this story and will hopefully find out some more information about what’s going on.


Proven Peptides Alternatives

Shut Down?

While we wait to learn more about what’s going on with the shutdown, I recommend shopping with a Verified Source that has been vetted by the community. Here are two sources I can vouch for:

  1. Paradigm Peptides
  2. Chemyo
  3. PureRawz

A brief history of Proven Peptides


Proven Peptides has been around for a very long time. They originally started selling SARMs online in 2013. In an industry crowded with sources that just want to make a quick buck, it is good to find someone who has been around for multiple years.

Their company has sold millions of dollars worth of SARMs and peptides over the years. They have a very detailed track record of customers.


Are they a legit source or not?

Legit or Bunk

The most important thing to consider when buying SARMs online is whether your source is legit. Undoubtedly, Proven Peptides is legit. You can find logs on Reddit and other bodybuilding forms that show some impressive before and after results from using Proven Peptides’s products.

Is anecdotal evidence isn’t sufficient for you then you’re not alone. Luckily for you, we lab-tested a few of their SARMs and they all came out with over 98% purity. This is the biggest factor in our Proven Peptides review. We only give a source a high rating if their products are proven to be pure.

Our lab tests also show that the products provided were free of dangerous prohormones and steroids (we test for 12 different contaminants).

Here is another SARMs user who lab tested some products from Proven Peptides as well. He confirmed that the results were positive:


Does Proven Peptides do 3rd party lab testing?

Lab Tests

As with many other SARMs sellers, PP uses Colemaric Analytical to conduct their 3rd party lab testing. The big advantage here comes with just how often they update their lab test results. Just take a look at how often they publish their lab tests:

Links to lab tests provided on the Proven Peptides website.
Lab tests are published bi-weekly on the Proven Peptides “why us” page

There are even more that aren’t shown in the screenshot above dating back to 2018. It’s pretty remarkable and it shows that the owners are committed to providing quality products. Here’s a more detailed look at one of the lab testing reports for their MK 677:

COA from Colemaric Analyticals for Proven Peptide's MK677 product. Report shows 99.1% purity.
MK 677 testing results (99.1% purity)

Colemaric is well known in the SARMs space for being a decent lab and they do testing for many other companies in this space as well. You can rest assured that they are a real lab and that Proven Peptides does in fact use them to test their products.


What does Proven Peptides sell?

Available SARMs

Proven Peptides has a lot of different products to offer. Here are just a few of them:

They are constantly adding more products to their inventory. As new SARMs get brought to the market, their inventory expands to compensate. From what we see, they are usually the first company to add new SARMs to their lineup.

How to Calculate Dosage

Many customers ask us in the comments how to dose the products they buy. They make it very easy. When you purchase from their site, you will see a few different size options to choose from:

proven peptides bottle sizes
Different doses available for sale on the website

What size you choose depends on how long you want to run your cycle for and at what dosage. If you scroll down on the product page, you will see the concentration listed:

proven peptides ostarine concentration

For this example, we are using Ostarine, but all products will have their concentration listed in the description. As you can see, they make their Ostarine with a 25mg/ml concentration. Here are some example cycles to show how to calculate what bottle size you need:

Cycle:25mg a day for 6 weeks12.5mg a day for 8 weeks
Total MG needed:1050mg700mg
Bottle size needed:60ml30ml

To do your own calculation, use the following formula:

(Daily Dosage) x 7 x (Number of Weeks) = Total MG needed

  • 15ml bottles of Ostarine from PP contain 375mg total
  • 30ml bottle = 750mg total
  • 60ml bottle = 1,500mg total

Does Proven Peptides have good customer support?

Customer Service

Proven Peptides is one of the few SARMs companies out there that has a real customer service team. Most companies that sell SARMs only use email support.

When you shop with them, you will be happy to know that they have a dedicated phone support line along with email and ticket support. Out of all the sources we have looked at, nobody comes close to matching the customer service they provide.

It’s a nice touch to be able to call the source you are dealing with. We hope that other companies will follow suit.


What are other customers saying?


Take a look at some of these third-party reviews for proven peptides.

Here is another one:

And one more, just for good measure:

As you can see, everyone using these products are getting results.


How can I save money on my order?

Discount Codes

Proven Peptides has a lot of coupons and discount codes available for use. These offers are typically sent out via email, so you will need to register on their website for the newsletter.

We have seen the average discount code for proven peptides range from 15% to 25% off.

They also have a spin the wheel feature on their website. When you stay on their website for a few seconds, you will see this screen pop up:

The wheel spinning game offers multiple coupon codes for Proven Peptides.

Peptide Points

One of the best reasons to choose this source is their customer loyalty program known as Peptide Points. When you purchase from their store, you are automatically enrolled into the rewards program. You get a point for every dollar that you spend, and points can be redeemed for discounts off your next purchase.

We were able to score free bottle simply by making a normal purchase with them. There are a few other SARMs companies that offer rewards programs, but this one seems to be the most generous with an actual value.

We would estimate that the peptide points reward system equates to around 15% off depending on how you spend.


How fast does Proven Peptides ship?


Every time we have ordered, the shipping times have been lightning fast. It is not uncommon to receive in order from them in 2 to 3 days. They are based in the United States, so if you live in America, this is one of the best sources to deal with.

Dealing with a domestic source means you do not have to worry about customs checking your order or your package getting seized. Another benefit of ordering from an American source is that you have a return policy in place.

Last, the shipping prices are cheap. Most orders will qualify for free shipping. This is especially true if you’re buying a whole stack of SARMs and have multiple bottles on the way.


Final Verdict: Proven Peptides Review

Final Verdict

Out of all the SARMs sources currently available, we STRONGLY recommend Proven Peptides. Our lab tests show that their products are legit, and they have the best customer service in the industry.

When people ask me about other sources, I always wonder to myself: “Why bother when PP is open for business? There’s no reason to even look elsewhere”. It’s so true and still is. As long as they continue to live up to their name, I will continue to recommend them.

5Expert Score
Proven Peptides

Proven Peptides continues to be one of our most highly recommended sources to date. They have a stellar reputation. We only wish they provided more payment options. Hopefully they open up again soon.

Product Selection
Payment Options
  • Large selection with multiple size options
  • Verified purity tests from Colemaric Analyticals
  • Excellent customer service
  • Limited payments include bank transfer and crypto
  • Some prices are high
  1. I’ve used Proven Peptides for 2 years solidly and never had a problem. Always happy with the service from Josh and his wife. Cheap peptides and great quality, what more could you ask for?

  2. De quoi est faite l’huile utilisé dans la fabrication de vos Sarms?

    • Some of the different oils used can be a combination of:

      – PG
      – PEG
      – MCT oil
      – VG
      – DMSO
      – Alcohol

      It depends on the manufacturer and the SARM.

  3. Been ordering from proven peptides for years and they always deliver.

  4. I have been a loyal pp customer for YEARs. Excellent source and definitely worth taking a few minutes to learn how to buy crypto so you can order from them. Seriously it;s not hard just get coinbase on your phone and youre done.

  5. Well they use post office only to deliver and currently it’s not just slow but doesn’t get to you at all…If you pay extra for next and only level up its first class , u actually, pay enough for priority but they don use it but they should because it’s insured by post office. If post office said it’s delivered( to anywhere even if not u ) no refund from peptides… And if not priority no money from post office.. Buy from peptides and take your chance!
    Others offer fedex…because if ballots and Xmas cards are lost who cares about your package that’s what amazon is for!

  6. What a shame they closed down. My experience ordering from them was pleasant and economical.

    If I had to guess, I’m thinking big pharma and their greedy lawyers want to intimidate or bankrupt potential competition (like Proven Peptides) into oblivion. I have no proof of this but would not be surprised at all if this were the case.

    • Agreed. I believe more will be revealed, but for now all we can do is wait for an update. Luckily there’s still some good alternatives that are holding steady like I mentioned in the post. Proven Peptides was one of the first companies to do it right and post their COAs. Shame if they’re closed for good. I’ll keep this updated as I learn more.

  7. I ordered two days before they closed. I paid by Bitcoin and the money taken from my bank account. Does anyone know what recourse I have to get my money back. Thanks Jim

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