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Sarms Express was a popular Canadian source that is now offline and out of business. This review will be kept online and updated if they open up again.
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  • Prices are high vs American companies

Sarms Express Canada Review and Purity Test

6/20/2023 – Update

Sarms Express is no longer in business. Watch out for scams and imposters claiming to be this vendor. We will update our review if the source comes back online. In the mean time, we recommend one of these three sources: Chemyo, Sports Technology Labs, and

Sarms Express review

SARMs stands for selective androgen receptor modulators. It sounds like a funky or complicated name, but SARMs are actually quite a simple thing. They’re performance enhancing drugs that are perfectly legal and proven to work wonders.

One of the biggest reasons behind this is because they weren’t developed just for bodybuilders. SARMs have a solid scientific background that comes from trying to help people keep their bones strong in old age and even combat things like osteoporosis.

Nowadays, they’ve taken the fitness world by storm.

There are so many companies out there claiming to sell the best SARMs that it’s really hard to figure out which ones are telling the truth. It’s a hard decision when selecting something that’s for your body and your health.

Sarms Express Canada is one such website out there claiming that they offer the absolute best SARMs products. They make bold statements that they only have their clients’ interests at heart.

However, even with such kind words- is it really the best way to go when purchasing SARMs? This Sarms Express review puts that question to the test.


What does Sarms Express sell?


I was definitely impressed by the amount of SARMs that Sarms Express has to offer. There’s a pretty large shopping section with a lot of color and many products to choose from. However, when I started scrolling I realized that many of the products were actually bundles of several products. The actual SARMs offered are the following:

The rest of the products offered on their store are proprietary blends called stacks and offers of more than one product bundled together. What I noticed right away on this page was that every single product was marked ‘Hot’.

This would be helpful if it really indicated one or two of their most popular products- but it was just on all of them. Plus, the products all showed the typical 5 star ratings underneath their photos.

About half of them had no rating at all- and the other half had a full 5 stars. This really made me wonder if I could trust this company and if they were even legit.

All in all, the shopping page was disappointing. It was a typical site page, but I was expecting more from a company that stated they only had their clients interests at heart.

For someone new in the SARMs world, I would’ve preferred a little description of what each one can do, but there was nothing like that offered. However, once you click on a product, there was a huge paragraph of information.


How do the prices compare to the rest of the SARMs industry?


Their store has prices that are on par to other SARMs stores. Nothing crazy or over the top, price-wise. One nice thing is that they do offer bundles and stacks that let you buy more at once at a lower price.

The SarmsExpress discounts/coupon codes offered a nice little incentive. They offered a handful of products for 10% off and they had great deals on purchasing more than one item.

There is a ‘Specials’ link on the website, but clicking it leads to nothing, which is slightly disappointing for a bargain-hunter!

One of the positive sides to SARMs is that they are taken orally, according to Wikipedia. This means no needles, as some steroids call for. It also means that the prices are more reasonable for SARMs, generally.

Their company uses tablets rather than liquid forms of SARMs. This bodes well for the brand, since you’re getting your money’s worth with tablets sold in bulk quantities. Tablets are also the most convenient way to get in a daily dose, even on the go.

Some people like to mix their SARMs into smoothies or simply prefer the liquid version. Some variety from them would be more impressive.


Does Sarms Express offer customer support?

Customer Service

Unfortunately, their company doesn’t have a customer service phone line, but their customer service is still quite good. They have a contact section on the website and even encourage customers to email them at any time of day.

They also provided the address to their headquarters which is located in Calgary, Alberta, in Canada.


Is a scam ?

Scam or Legit?

The answer to this question is a resounding no! Their site actually has verified reviews on their site from people that have ordered there before. At first sight, I was a little wary of review that are 100% positive.

I looked into it a little further and found that they also use a third-party site to verify the reviews. Essentially, you can’t review unless you have actually bought and used something from them. That gives me a lot of peace of mind when it comes to this company.


What to know about the SarmsExpress website


The website is full of pros and cons. The first thing you see when you reach the site is that there’s a lot going on. It’s a site full of links, tabs, and pages. It can be a little overwhelming to figure out where to click first.

But once you take it all in, it’s actually nice that the site is full of information for customers. They have an FAQ section that is very helpful for a new SARMs user like myself.

Plus, on a separate page, they run a blog with helpful fitness and healthy living tips. The employees definitely put a lot of effort into the site, and it’s evident through the sheer amount of information available.


Overall review and final score

Final Verdict

SarmsExpress is a decent SARMs supplier. They seem reliable, legit, and are definitely not a scam.

But, for me, SARMs is a serious investment since it’s something that goes in my body.

When selecting a SARMs supplier, it’s best to go with one that is undoubtedly reliable like Proven Peptides. Contacting their customer service for more information is sure to be a great experience.

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