The Beginners Guide to LGD 4033 / Ligandrol

What is LGD 4033? A quick introduction to Ligandrol

What is LGD 4033

LGD 4033, also known as Ligandrol, is one of the most powerful SARMs available. It is currently being studied as a treatment for muscle wasting conditions and possible hormone replacement therapy.

Because of its strong anabolic properties, many athletes use it as an alternative to steroids. It is said to provide many of the same benefits without some of the side effects.

This guide will teach you how to use LGD 4033 in your own performance enhancing stack. You will learn about the benefits, side effects, suggested dosage, and what results to expect. We will also share our recommended sources with you.

Ligandrol was created by Ligand pharmaceuticals to prevent muscle decay in diseases such as cancer and osteoporosis. It is currently owned by Viking Therapeutics and is being re-branded as “VK5211”

If you want to run a bulk up using a SARM, then LGD is your best bet. In this article we are going to discuss some of its benefits, side effects, what results to expect, and also show you some before and after pictures of people taking this SARM.

What are the main reasons people use LGD 4033?


There are a ton of different reasons to use ligandrol over some of the other options out there. Here are just a few of the benefits of LGD 4033:

Increase Muscle Mass

The most obvious benefit of taking ligandrol is how quickly it can promote a gain of muscle mass (source). It is not uncommon for an athlete to gain 10lbs of pure muscle in a typical 8 week cycle. Many people compare this SARM to steroids like Dianabol for this reason.

Reduction of Fat

Although ligandrol does not directly burn fat, it will definitely help retain muscle on a cut. Studies also show that people with more muscle mass will naturally stay more lean than people with very little muscle. It’s safe to say that using this SARM to lean up can be a very effective way to produce results on a cut. If you are looking for a more reliable way to lose fat with sarms, you might want to consider ostarine and/or cardarine.

Alpha Feeling

One of the effects of using SARMs are the ability to promote an “alpha” or more manly feeling for those using them. This is especially true with LGD 4033. In fact, this user on reddit claims that he felt more “energized, motivated, and confident” at work! This is a huge benefit for a lot of people who want to increase the way they feel on top of the way that they look.

Huge Strength Gains

One of the great things about LGD-4033 is it’s ability to rapidly provide strength gains for users. For this reason, it is a very popular drug in powerlifting circles. This user on the AnabolicMinds forum posted his strength increases after a cycle of LGD. It’s pretty amazing how fast he gained strength. In one month, here are his strength increases:

  • 12lbs increase in body weight
  • 60lbs increase in squat
  • 45lbs increase in bench press
  • 60lbs increase in deadlift
  • 35lbs increase in standing press

All done in just one month! We’ve been studying performance enhancing drugs for a long time, and those numbers are the types of things you see with hardcore steroids. The fact that they were achieved with no side effects is pretty remarkable.

Does LGD 4033 cause side effects and if so which ones?

Side Effects

LGD 4033 is generally regarded to be a very safe compound when used appropriately. In fact, this study done in 2012 said the following about side effects:

 LGD-4033 was well tolerated. There were no drug-related serious adverse events. Frequency of adverse events was similar between active and placebo groups.

This is a big deal for a few reasons.

First of all, it says that side effects experienced were no different between those who took ligandrol the placebo group. In a nutshell, this study shows that you can experience the benefits of steroids without any of the side effects. All of the people in the study showed an increase of LBM (lean body mass).

That study was seven years ago, and thousands of people have used LGD 4033 since then. With that being said, there are bound to be some users who report side effects. They are extremely rare, but they can happen. Let’s take a look at some of them.

You can also check out the full post on LGD 4033 side effects for a more detailed analysis.

Hair Loss from LGD 4033

Most people agree that ligandrol is at least slightly androgenic. People who are already balding severely or are predisposed to balding might experience more shedding than normal. This report on reddit shows a user asking if they are being paranoid, or if LGD can actually cause hair loss. The general consensus seems to be that he was being paranoid, and that LGD 4033 does not cause hair loss.

Testosterone Suppression

Suppression of testosterone is bound to happen when taking most SARMs, and that’s okay. In fact, it is expected. When taking an external hormone, whether it is a SARM, steroid, or prohormone, your body will temporarily stop producing it’s full supply of testosterone.

The good news is that your body bounces back very quickly on SARMs vs testosterone or prohormones. In fact, you will only be suppressed while on cycle, and your body will usually be in full swing 30 days after you stop taking sarms. With steroids it can take 9 months to a year, and some people never recover. Keep your cycle of LGD to 8 weeks or shorter and you will not run into any issues.

High Blood Pressure

This is another one of those inevitable side effects that is so mild that most people don’t notice. LGD 4033 will cause an elevated blood pressure level while on cycle. It is important to note, however, that this is a temporary side effect that will correct itself once you stop taking it. It is not a dangerous side effect, and in fact it is a sign that the source you are using is legit.

What results can one expect from doing a Ligandrol cycle?


You can expect to gain quite a few pounds of lean body mass (muscle) during your ligandrol cycle. With that being said, your results of taking LGD 4033 will vary depending on quite a few factors. Some of these include:

  • What type of diet you follow and your protein intake.
  • Training routine, volume, and intensity.
  • Your dosage and cycle length.

Let’s break it down and give you some more accurate ideas of what to expect from your cycle.

Bulking Cycle Results

If you are bulking, you can expect to gain 10 to 15lbs over an eight week cycle. This is assuming proper dosage (see below) and adequate protein and carb intake. It is important to get at least one gram of protein per pound of bodyweight per day. For example, if you weigh 210lbs, you should aim to get 210g of protein per day while on cycle.

For bulking cycles, you should also be doing lots of compound exercises in your training routine. Work big muscle groups and focus on adding weight to the bar. Do not be afraid of carbs, either. A good post workout meal will include 50-75g of protein and 150g+ of carbs. The lgd-4033 will help push those carbs directly into your muscle.

Cutting Cycle Results

We don’t usually recommend LGD 4033 for a cut, however we know that others do. With that being said, you can expect to put on a few (think 3 to 5) pounds of muscle while losing fat. How much fat you lose will be entirely dependent on your diet, since LGD 4033 does not directly burn fat or encourage fat oxidation.

We would recommend a low carb diet, combined with daily fasted cardio and a full body workout routine done three times a week to prevent muscle decay.

If we had a say in it, we would recommend an ostarine and cardarine stack for cutting. We will have a guide up on that stack soon enough.

Before and After Pictures

Here are some before and after pictures of people who ran an LGD 4033 cycle:

before after lgd 4033
before and after lgd 4033 cycle

Obviously some very impressive results! You can tell that in both cases, the user gained a visible amount of lean mass, while also losing a little bit of fat. This is a very common result and will be a good reference point for anyone who is wondering what to expect.

How much LGD 4033 do I need to take to see results?


Most people find that lgd 4033 works best when used at around 10mg per day. For those who are bulking, have a very large calorie surplus, or are more experienced, you can go up to 20mg per day with very little problems.

For cutting cycles, you should not increase your dose past 10mg per day. As we mentioned before, LGD is not the best choice for cutting. At this dosage, you are more-so aiming to retain muscle mass while you are on a caloric deficit. Therefore, going past 10mg per day will result in very little extra benefit and at the same time open up the possibility of more side effects.

Half Life

The half life of LGD 4033 is between 24 and 36 hours. That means you can get away with dosing once per day if that is what you desire. We have always been fans of dosing twice a day, since it allows for more stable levels of the SARM in your body. To do this, simply take your daily dose and divide it in half. Take half in the morning, and half at night.

Liquids, Pills, or Powder: Which is Best

LGD 4033 comes in a lot of different forms. Most likely, you will see them as either liquids, pills/capsules, or powders. We prefer a liquid solution of ligandrol for the following reasons:

  • Liquids are easier to accurately dose vs powders or pills
  • They are easily stored in a cabinet
  • It is a much more accurate way of dosing on the manufacturers end.

The most important thing is that accurately dosing capsules or pills requires machines that can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. Mainstream supplement companies can afford this, but most small labs can not. Therefore we would be very careful if you decide to buy capsules or pills. We always recommend a liquid solution.

Can I stack LGD 4033 with other compounds?


LGD 4033 can be stacked with other SARMs for improved results. A classic example is using MK 677 alongside LGD 4033. This stack is perfect for bulking up and increasing muscle mass.

For this stack, use 10mg of LGD 4033 and 25mg MK 677 per day for 8 weeks. Make sure you give yourself at least a month in between cycles, especially if you are using multiple sarms at once.

Another option is to stack it with RAD 140. I personally think this should only be reserved for advanced users, since these two SARMs are very powerful when stacked together.

Where is the best place to buy legit LGD 4033 from?

LGD 4033 For Sale

We’ve reviewed and tested tons of lgd 4033 sources. Unfortunately, most of them turn out to be bunk/fake. Some of these pop up labs are only in the game to make a quick buck, so it can be hard as a consumer to find a reliable source.

You can find a reputable supplier of LGD 4033 on our verified source list. There are new sources opening and closing all the time, so we keep an updated list of stores that we have vetted and trust.

💡 Top Ligandrol Sources in 2024

Make sure you buy LGD 4033 from a reputable source. Check out the Verified Sources list to find the best deals on legit SARMs.

Do I need to PCT after my cycle?

Post Cycle Therapy

Depending on where you look, you will find different answers on whether or not you need a PCT after taking this SARM. Whether or not you need a post cycle therapy will come down to a few things.

  • How long were you on cycle
  • What dosage you used
  • Signs of low T

If you use LGD-4033 for more than 8 weeks at a high dosage (20mg+), you will want to do a PCT. 10mg for less than eight weeks and you will be fine without one. Remember, suppression of testosterone is temporary and does not last more than a month or so.

Our suggested PCT protocol is 20mg of Tamoxifen (Nolva) for 30 days. Torem is another good alternative. We do not recommend clomid due to high likelihood of side effects. Read the LGD 4033 PCT guide for more info.


How do I take sarms liquid?

You can take the liquid orally with an oral syringe to measure the liquid. If your supplier doesn’t include this, you can get some at your local pharmacy for free. You will want a 1ml oral syringe. Simply measure out the correct dose, squirt it in your mouth, and rinse with water.

What can I stack with ligandrol?

For bulking cycles, we recommend stacking with MK 677 and Ostarine. For more extreme cycles, you can stack with RAD 140 or YK 11, along with MK 677.

How long does lgd 4033 take to kick in?

You should notice it kicking in within around one week. By two weeks in, you will feel the full effects. Strength and “alpha” feeling will continue to increase for up to one month and will stay at that level after that.

Chris Jackson
Chris Jackson

Chris Jackson, co-founder of, is a renowned fitness blogger, physique model, and evolutionary bioscience researcher specializing in SARMs (Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators). His extensive work, characterized by cutting-edge research and practical training advice, has made a leading source for accurate, credible information on performance enhancers. With a dedication to improving the understanding and application of SARMs in optimizing human performance, his contributions have not only expanded public awareness but also shaped the conversation around these substances. Chris's pursuit of knowledge and commitment to sharing it continue to inspire many in their fitness journeys.

  1. First cycle of LGD 5mg for 4 weeks, then 10mg for 4 weeks. I gained 10 pounds. 140 to 150lb
    After one week off and a natural PCT of herbs (Tongkat Ali & Tribulus) my free T read 193.9
    My total T read 1028

    Now on my second cycle of LGD, stacked MK677 (the sleep is AMAZING) and Cardarine (Endurance is strong) 4-5% body fat. I am 26 male, I do triathlon sports & BJJ.
    Sharing my experience for other folks.

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    • Yeah, absolutely you can. Some people swear by using an OTC test booster on cycle and I’ve never heard of anyone having negative results doing so. Give it a go and let me know how your cycle goes.

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    • I wouldn’t worry too much about temporary hormone fluctuations but if you feel lousy after your cycle you can get Free and Total T checked alongside LH, FSH, SHBG and E2. If you want to check things on cycle you will want a Comprehensive Metabolic Profile and a CBC panel.

      • What is an affordable way to get lab work done?

        • is the most frequently recommended one. Basically you pick the bloodwork you want and a doctor sets it up with the lab. You pay online, print out your requisition form and go to a Quest Diagnostics and they will draw your blood on site. Takes a few days depending on the test but you get the results straight on your Privatemdlabs account. Good luck!

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    • I would say LGD is going to be the quicker solution, hands down. 12 weeks of LGD will give you more muscle than 12 weeks of MK677. However, you don’t need to cycle off MK677 which is a big advantage for some. I run it year round with no issues. Hope this helps!

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