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PureRawz is a USA based supplier of SARMs, peptides, PCT, and other research compounds. They have been in the industry a very long time and recently upgraded their product line up to include many hard to find products.

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8.8/10 (Expert Score)
Product is rated as #10 in category Sources
PureRawz is a good source if you don't mind waiting for shipping (they are based in Europe). They have one of the largest selections of compounds we've ever seen. Because they are not a domestic US source, they are able to sell many products that other sources don't carry.
Product Selection
Product Quality
Shipping Speed
Payment Options
  • Enormous selection of SARMs, peptides, PCT, Nootropics, and more
  • Variety of size and forms for most products
  • Ships to Australia
  • The company has a stringent returns policy
  • Delivery to Australia is not guaranteed

PureRawz Review: Legit Or Bunk Source of SARMs?


Who Is PureRawz?


PureRawz is a premium US-based supplier and distributor of SARMs and research chemicals. The company started in 2017 and quickly grew to one of the most in-demand suppliers. PureRawz doesn’t have registered offices, but they do have an excellent industry track record with product quality.

They offer worldwide shipping, and that includes delivery to Australia. However, there’s no guaranteed delivery option, and that’s the company’s downfall in this review. Everything else on offer from this company makes it a top-level player in the market.


What Does PureRawz Sell?


PureRawz specializes in selling a wide range of SARMs and research chemicals. It’s challenging to find a more comprehensive range of products online. Their store also offers generous dosages and standard industry pricing on all its products. You can find the following SARMs on the site.

Product NameDosageQuantityPrice
GW-501516 (Cardarine)20mg / capsule60 capsules$75.00
GW074220mg / capsule60 capsules$70.98
ACP10520mg / capsule60 capsules$112.98
LGD-4033 (Ligandrol)20mg / capsule60 capsules$81.98
LGD-330320mg / capsule60 capsules$107.48
MK-2866 (Ostarine)20mg / capsule60 capsules$66.98
MK677 (Nutrobal)20mg / capsule60 capsules$90.00
RAD140 (Testolone)20mg / capsule60 capsules$106.48
S2320mg / capsule60 capsules$70.98
S4 (Andarine)20mg / capsule60 capsules$62.00
SR9009 (Stenabolic)20mg / capsule60 capsules$99.98
SR901120mg / capsule60 capsules$103.48
YK1120mg / capsule60 capsules$86.98

Most of the pricing is in USD, so bear in mind any forex charges involved in your transaction if you live in a country other than the United States. Purerawz provides the most comprehensive range of compounds we could find online, with options for products that are harder to find on other sites.

The encapsulated options are the best choice for shipping to Australia. However, if you want to take the risk, you can order liquid products from the site. The liquids come with higher dosages.

For example, the Cardarine in encapsulated format comes at 20mg per capsule. You have options in liquids for 1-gram total or 2-gram total concentrations, allowing for super-high dosages for advanced users.  


What we like


Purerawz has an excellent offering. The company has the widest range of products, with liquids, capsules, and powders available. The pricing is in line with industry standards, and you get priority shipping on most orders.

The company excels in its liquids range, allowing you to choose from a double-dose concentration in your SARMs. Customers get access to a huge range of ancillary products, peptides, and other research chemicals.

The only frustration we have with the brand is confusing website navigation. It would be nice to find products with a search that works, instead of browsing through pages of products to find what we need.

Purerawz also makes third-party testing COAs readily available on the product landing page, with all relevant data included to prove authenticity.


How do they stack up against the competition?

PureRawz vs Others

To compare PureRawz to the competition, we would have to look at other premium American suppliers. Purerawz has one of the biggest, if not the biggest, product ranges available. They’re a top-level supplier with a lot going for the brand.

However, they don’t offer guaranteed delivery to Australia like SARMTECH, and that’s the only place where the company falls down in this review. If they provided guaranteed delivery, we would say you’ll find it hard to locate a better company for your order.

Therefore, it’s a balance of risk vs. reward when ordering. You’re getting a top-level product, but there is a chance customs agents will get their hands on it before you if you live overseas.


How big are their products?

Product Sizes

PureRawz sells its bottled SARMs in 60-cap quantities, making it in line with what you expect price-wise from leading companies. The Liquids offer you the best value, with all products coming in 35ml bottles. The bottles feature brown glass for light diffusion and dropper lids for easy administration.

Each bottle of SARMs liquids contains a gram total of the compound. When checking out, you have the option of choosing a double-dose of 2-grams total in your bottle.

Purerawz caters to all research requirements, offering you a wide range of research chemicals for other purposes.


3rd party COAs and lab testing results

Lab Tests

The most critical component of assessing any SARMs supplier is the companies attitude towards third-party testing. Fly-by-night companies and scam artists don’t post COAs on the product pages because they don’t want you to see the materials’ origin or efficacy.

Like the brand name says, PureRawz brings you nothing but the best. The company offers third-Party COAs from Colmaric Analyticals in Tennessee. There’s a digital copy of the COA for every SARM they sell. You can’t ask for more when it comes to assessing quality control.

COAs are provided for all of PureRawz products.

Do they provide a return policy or guarantee?

Return Policy

Purerawz has a tight returns and refunds policy. The company states that it deals with each product return individually. Purerawz says over 99% of its orders meet customer needs, so it scrutinizes every return request.

If you don’t have a good enough reason for returning your order, Purerawz will turn down your request. It’s also important to repeat that Purerawz offers not guaranteed delivery to Australia.

Refunds will only be issued after the items have been returned to us. Thus said, 99.9% of all issues are resolved by simply communicating with us. 

PureRawz return policy

What payment methods do they accept?

Payment Methods

When it comes to selection, PureRawz carries one of widest product ranges. However, that doesn’t apply to the company’s payment methods. You have the option of paying using PayPal or with cryptocurrency. If you choose to pay with crypto, they accept payment with Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum only.

The site has instructional videos on paying using PayPal or crypto, and it’s generally a hassle-free process. PayPal order confirms immediately, but it might take a few hours for the company to receive and confirm crypto payments, depending on the coin your use for the transaction.


What is their shipping policy?

Shipping Policy

All orders ship the same day if they are paid before 4pm. You should expect to see your package within 3 days in America. If you’re ordering from Australia, there are options for expedited shipping.

Purerawz does not guarantee delivery . If Australian customs seize your order, they offer no resend or refund of your products. Therefore, it’s a sizable risk to take, especially if you’re ordering a stack with several products.

The company states that it has a “no sell” list for scammers looking for freebies. Therefore, we recommend avoiding returning any products to this company.

Packages typically reach the courier within 2 – 6 business days. 

PureRawz shipping policy stated on their website.

Do I Get Tracking Info?

Yes, after shipping your order, Purerawz emails you with the tracking details for the carrier. You can check the status of your order by logging onto the carrier.


How to Get Purerawz Discount Codes

Discount Codes

Purerawz does an excellent job of marketing its brand on social media. You can subscribe to their email list to get time sensitive discounts on a variety of products. Another tip is to check the Facebook page before placing your order, and you might find a discount code.

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Is PureRawz Legit?

Legit or not?

Purerawz is one of the newer players on the market, with the company starting in 2017. However, they have an extensive range and excellent quality claims. We put it to the test and looked at what people are saying about Purerawz on Facebook.

The Purerawz FB page has over 5,750-likes, with more than 6,100 people following the page. 

That makes it one of the most impressive social followings of any SARMs distributor. There is plenty of engagement from users and fans of the brand.

We found nothing but excellent user reviews on the page, and the company’s FB marketing is some of the best we’ve seen online.


Final Verdict: Is PureRawz a good source?

Final Verdict

Overall, Purerawz is an excellent choice for top-quality SARMs products. With a huge range and plenty of compounds, Purerawz wins top marks in these categories.

However, the company doesn’t offer guaranteed delivery to Australia, and they don’t like accepting returns. Therefore, if you’re ordering from within Australia, you’ll have to take the chance of Customs seizing your order, and you losing out on your money.

Ordering from Purerawz is risky, but there’s still a chance you’ll receive your SARMs. If you want to find other SARMs providers that ship to Australia with guaranteed delivery, check out our supplier guide.

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Afinils, CBD, Hemp, Kratom, Nootropics, Peptides, Prohormones, Racetams, Raws, SARMs


Tablets, Liquids, Nasal Sprays, Raws, Capsules, Injectables

Payment Methods

Credit Card, Crypto, eCheck

Shipping Options

First Class

15 reviews for PureRawz

2.5 out of 5
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  1. John Harris

    Stay Away!!!! They don’t care one bit about the customer and do nothing to resolved issues. I should have figured this out by the name. I contacted them directly about shipping to Spain and they said no Problem at all and that there would be no customs fees imposed. They even told me if there were import taxes to pay they would take care of that. Then, when they got my money and I never received the product because it was stopped by customs, the said “sorry, you didn’t buy shipping insurance”. What the f)*k would shipping insurance do for something that was stopped by customs. They are terrible to deal with and don’t care one bit about their customers.

    - CONS: Everything
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  2. BE

    Same as the most recent 4-5 reviews. Never shipped and just got excuses when I asked for answers. I have purchased from several others and the experience was great. They had a specific product I wanted and thought I would grab a few additional items. PLEASE DO NOT BUY FROM THEM!!!!! THERE ARE MUCH BETTER PROVIDERS OUT THERE!!

    - CONS: Scam
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  3. Patrick

    I placed my order, then I was told the shipping was 4 weeks behind. When I asked for a refund, I was told that the finance department was behind. I’ve yet to recieve anything. Total scam. Buyer beware

    + PROS: None
    - CONS: Total scam. They took my money and ran.
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  4. Patrick

    I paid for several products. I checked progress on shipment after several days of not receiving anything. I was told that the shipping department was 4 weeks behind. I told them I’d like a refund, they told me the finance department was behind. I’ve yet to recieve any product or refund. It’s been weeks. PURE RAWS IS A SCAM!!!

    + PROS: NONE!
    - CONS: Total scam. They will take your money and run. Don't trust this source
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  5. Dan crouch

    I placed an order on 12/4 that has not been filled. I have contacted the company and gotten several excuses but they have my money and I still have nothing to show for it. It hasn’t even shipped yet. I would recommend people shop elsewhere.

    + PROS: None
    - CONS: They don't ship purchased products.
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  6. Ted edgecomb

    I ordered from pure Rrawz on the 18 of Dec item has still not been shipped Paige responded once but have failed to respond since. This place is a scam I can send copy of email

    + PROS: Non
    - CONS: Scammer
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  7. Itay carmel

    You will pay and get nothing.

    + PROS: None
    - CONS: Scammers of the lowest form.
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  8. Jer Alex & Monster K

    They sent us bogus product. Went in on a big buy with friends to try out this source. All agree the results are nothing like the real thing PLUS there are awful side effects. BE VERY CAREFUL ORDERING FROM purerawz. USE A PAYMENT SOURCE THAT WILL PROTECT YOUR PURCHASE if they send the wrong product or no product. It was our first time ordering and will be our last. They endangered our health and should be liable for the pain and suffering. Purerawz=regret

    - CONS: a cheaper, inferior alternative was sent very delayed shipping to US
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  9. Cody

    They make the ordering process so difficult, I finally gave up. Tried to get me to download a new payment app or some account they can debit from?? Way to confusing. Too bad as the product looks good.

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  10. Max

    Alright, let’s get into it. I decided to take the plunge and order Injectable Ligandrol from PureRawz. It seemed like a solid deal and fit well into what I was researching. Shipping was fast, which I absolutely appreciate. Didn’t want to sit around waiting forever.

    However, the actual product, I gotta say, was just okay. Nothing that wowed me. Yeah, it was fine and all, but for the price I paid, I was expecting something more, you know? Their customer service was helpful, got back to me pretty quick.

    All in all, it was a decent experience. I’ll probably still use them for my research needs, but might try out some different products next time.

    + PROS: Quick Shipping Responsive Customer Service
    - CONS: Product was underwhelming for the price
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  11. Benny

    Alright, I gotta give credit where it’s due – PureRawz is awesome. I ordered their Delta 8 THC Disposable Vape Pen just to try it out, and this stuff blew my mind. It was super smooth and gave the right chill vibes. Delivery was quick, the pen was ready to rock right out of the package, and it had a great pull each time. They’ve completely won me over, and I’ll be coming back for more.

    + PROS: Amazing product, fast shipping, top-notch quality
    - CONS: None, it's all groovy
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  12. Cody

    Hey, just dropping in some thoughts on my latest order from PureRawz. Picked up some LGD 4033 and Cardarine for my research. The products seemed legit and were well-packaged. Items showed up faster than expected too, which is always a plus.

    What I really gotta acknowledge is their thorough product info. They put in so much detail about what you’re dealing with – great for someone who likes to know what they’re getting into.

    The research results with the LGD 4033 and Cardarine were promising, no major complaints here. Price felt a little steep, but considering the detail they provide and the quality, it doesn’t seem unfair. They’ve probably got a returning customer in me.

    + PROS: Fast delivery Quality seems solid
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  13. Trevor Milton

    I decided to try out PureRawz after a bud of mine recommended them. I snagged their YK-11 tablets and man, I gotta say, I’m impressed. Shipping was fast and product seemed legit, for sure. Working with the stuff in the lab has been smooth and the results seem pretty consistent with what they described on their site – good concentration, solid purity.

    I gotta hand it to these guys, they know their stuff. The product descriptions are super detailed and even let you know how the whole process works. The price was fair, considering the value I got, so I’m definitely not complaining.

    + PROS: Quick shipping, good product info, quality stuff
    - CONS: None I've stumbled upon yet
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  14. Danny Taylor

    After trying loads of SARMs from different places, the Enduro stack from PureRawz stood out. The product quality is top-notch and the effects it had on my research were phenomenal. The package included Cardarine, Ostarine, and Stenabolic – all top-tier stuff, perfectly dosed as described. Shipping was a breeze, and it arrived in no time.

    This, for me, is the ultimate muscle, endurance, and strength stack anyone could ask for. PureRawz has done a fantastic job and you can bet I’ll be a return customer.

    + PROS: Exceptional product quality Fast shipping Precise dosage as described
    - CONS: Can't really pinpoint any
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  15. Ray Benson

    Boom! Got the Gonads blend (enclo and arimistane) tablets from PureRawz and, let me tell you, it’s the perfect finisher for a heavy SARMs and test stack. The quality is top-notch and has been 3rd party tested, which gives me absolute confidence.

    Dude, you have to understand, after a heavy cycle, you want to secure those gains, and this product does that for you. It’s like PCT on steroids (pun intended). Helped my balls bounce back in no time and kept those hard-earned gains solid.

    In the past, I’ve had issues with other companies for being slow on delivery, but PureRawz surprised me. Quick shipping is pure bliss!

    + PROS: Perfect for PCT High-Quality Product Quick shipping
    - CONS: Dude, I got nothing. These guys rock.
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