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ChemoYo Lab Testing Results, Discount Codes, And Customer Reviews

In this review, we are taking a closer look at ChemYo. In particular, we will check their COAs, show you how to get a coupon code, and provide our thoughts.
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There are dozens of websites offering SARMs and other research chemicals for your projects. In this post, we’ll be taking a look at ChemYo. Check out our blog for more information on leading SARMs suppliers – we review the best and the worst.

Whether you’re picking up some LGD 4033 or Ostarine for your next research project, ChemYo looks like a site worth dealing with.


Who is ChemYo?

About ChemYo

ChemYo claims to be the market leader in high-quality SARMS and research materials. The company claims it makes novel compounds for better research projects, with third-party testing on all batches. The company sources all materials in the US, with all testing and manufacturing done in America. 

ChemYo states they operate a clean-room manufacturing facility with all products induction-sealed and batch-coded for easy reference and tracing. 


What Does ChemYo Sell?

Products For Sale

ChemYo has a variety of SARMs available, with all the regulars like Ostarine and RAD 140. Pricing for these products is a little on the steeper side, but the company packs the SARMs in 50ml bottles, giving you up to 70% more volume in each solution product you purchase.

We like the value-pack offers on the site, with stacks of your favorite compounds. For instance, order MK-2866 stacked with GW-501516, and save 10% on the combo. They also stock a few SARMs powders at affordable prices, but it’s not its primary focus.


Why should I shop at ChemYo?


ChemYo offers a clean and easy-to-navigate site. The company doesn’t have an extensive offering, but it knows what it does well, and focuses on a core range of SARMs for your research projects. We like the stacked combos that give you discounts on combining materials for your next project.


How does ChemYo compare to other SARMs sources?

ChemYo vs Others

We think ChemYo stands out thanks to its third-party testing program. If you click on the “Quality Control” tab on the top ribbon f the home page, the site pulls you through to its FAQ page for testing inquiries.

The company answers all valid quality questions with reasonable answers. You also have the opportunity to view the quality certificates and reports on its high-quality SARMs. There’s a quick YouTube video embedded into the page to show you the process throughout their supply chain. 

We have to say that the reporting is thorough, and you get better data in the assay reports from the labs. We think that ChemYo offers one of the most transparent and informative quality control processes in the industry. 

We give ChemYo top marks in trust and quality over its products.

Bottle Size

Their branding is clean, with arctic white labels, and color-coded products. You get 10mg/1ml concentration, with 50ml bottles. Unlike most other companies that offer solutions in vials, ChemYo has it in sealed plastic containers. We’re not so sure this is the best packaging idea, but it’s unique.

However, the S4 is what we expect, and the price was reasonable, considering we get the additional 20ml compared to other manufacturers that only offer a 30ml vial. 


Are ChemYo products lab tested? What are the results?

Lab Testing Results

ChemYo offers some of the best third-party testings in the industry. There are plenty of effective SARM products out there. Still, they deliver some of the best, with independent third-party testing and a transparent supply chain tracking results across the network. 

S&N Labs appears to be the lab conducting their 3rd party testing.

ChemYo lab testing results from S&N Labs

Can I return my product to ChemYo?

Guarantee / Returns

According to the FAQ on their site, ChemYo handles refunds and returns on a case-by-case basis. Therefore, if you need to return an item, you’ll have to contact the support email address and work it out with the company from there.

Return policy as stated by ChemYo's website

What payment methods do they accept?

Payment Methods

ChemYo offers a few secure payment methods for use on its site. You get Visa and MasterCard payment gateways, secure eCheck, and crypto payments with Bitcoin.

The company takes all payments in USD. When paying with crypto, you’ll receive a payment timer, and the companies payment automatically captures the amount if it comes through in 2 to 3-hours. The company also has guides on its site for assisting with handling the crypto payment method.


How does ChemYo ship out their orders?

Shipping Policy

ChemYo will ship your research materials within 24-hours of receiving payment for your order. The company ships with USPS, and most US orders arrive within 2 to 5-days. International order may take up to 6-weeks, depending on the location.

They also offer a delivery guarantee. If customs seize your parcel, they’ll send your order again for free. The company also provides a free replacement if your package experiences damage in the mail.

Do I Get Tracking Info?

Yes, you get a confirmation order with your purchase. After your order ships, the admin team sends you your tracking information on your parcel. You can track the progress of your package on the USPS website.


Where can I find a ChemYo discount code?

Discount / Coupons

Sign up for the newsletter on their website. The company issues discount codes and coupons all the time. The customer service is excellent with ChemYo. They offer a live chat and free sign up when creating an account.

If you want to get free shipping, you’ll need to spend $150 or more for US orders and $275 or more for international orders.


What does the community think about ChemYo?

Customer Reviews

Whether you’re shopping for some Cardarine or YK-11 for your next research project, ChemYo is a solid choice.

The companies Facebook page has nearly 2,000-likes, and decent engagement on its page with consumers. This result gives us confidence that the company has good social proof and a reputation as a reputable supplier. 


Final Verdict: Is ChemYo legit or not?

Final Verdict

Overall, we feel that ChemYo is one of the better sites for buying research materials. This company has an outstanding third-party testing system and a good social presence online with a solid reputation.

Have you dealt with ChemYo? Leave us a comment on your experience with this brand. To find the best SARMs at the best prices, check out our blog, and reviews on the top SARMs companies online. 

5Expert Score

Chemyo is a US-based company that sells SARMs. They provide an extensive report that includes concentration testing from IR, GC-MS, LC-MS and HPLC. The products are manufactured, induction sealed and batch coded in a US facility.

Product Selection
Payment Options
  • Bigger bottles compared to other sources
  • Good prices on stacks
  • Sometimes accepts credit card payments
  • Plastic bottles
  • No stated guarantee on products
  1. been using Chemyo for a long time they always deliver the goods and their products are a good value since they are so much bigger than what most places sell

  2. I shop at Chemyo and I’m always satisfied with my service! Costumer service is excellent n always helpful! Products absolutely work! They don’t get enough credit!

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