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While US Gains has a decent reputation online, we found a lot of problems with this source. For one, they accept a limited amount of payment options. Also, their prices are very high compared to other sources.
Product Selection
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Payment Options
  • Decent selection of liquid SARMs
  • Pre made 8 week stacks available
  • Site is easy to navigate
  • Very high prices
  • Limited payment options
  • Returns must be un opened

US Gains Review and 3rd Party Lab Testing Results

If you’re buying SARMs online, you need to work with labs and distributors you can trust. There are plenty of suppliers out there that think they can lure your business with low prices and fancy marketing.

In this post, we’ll be providing our review of US Gains. If you’re thinking about picking up SARMs from their website, you’ll want to read this first. We’ll take a deep-dive into US Gains and see if they’re legit or not. 


Who is US Gains?

Company Info

US Gains is an American provider of research materials. The company states it relies on third-party testing for all its SARMs, and you get top-quality materials with all its products. 

US Gains prides itself on offering high-quality SARMs at reasonable prices. This company is online, with no physical stores or retail outlets. The site has a minimalist design, and it’s easy to navigate and find product information. 


What does US Gains sell?

Products Sold

US Gains works with top-rated SARMS. It only offers research materials in liquids, with a 25mg/ml dosing on most products. We would like to see a range with powders and liquids, but it is what it is. You can get the following SARMs from US Gains.

All products come in black, light-resistant bottles with dropper caps. You can get discounts on your orders for buying in volume. If you’re running a 12-week research project, US Gains offers a discount for buying your entire stack upfront. 

US Gains might have a limited range compared to other companies offering these research materials. If you’re looking for S-24 or other cycle support compounds, you’re not going to find anything available.


What US Gains does well


US Gains runs a tidy website that’s easy to navigate. The company is transparent with its third-party testing program, and all COAs are available on the site or through requests with the support team. The bulk discount is good, but we wish there were options for powders or capsules to extend the range.

They also sell SARMs stacks, although they are priced a lot higher than industry average. Here’s an example of one of the stacks they sell:

US Gains max strength sarms stack containing RAD 140 and MK 677.

What does US Gains products look like?


US Gains offers you high-quality SARMs for sale for your research projects. The companies branding is straightforward, relying on a black and blue color scheme that makes the logo stand out on the product packaging. 

Overall, the product packaging and feel of the website ranks as a professional experience giving confidence in the quality and efficacy of the product and its service. 


Lab testing and certificate of analysis

Lab Testing
US Gains 3rd party lab test results from Colmaric Analyticals

Yes, US Gains, runs a third-party testing program with independent laboratories. US Gains is another company working with Colmaric Labs in Tennessee. The company gets all its third-party testing done with the lab, and COAs are available on the picture gallery’s product page. 

Transparency is vital when selecting an ideal research partner. With this kind of testing in place, you can be sure that you’re getting quality sarms with high-purity, and no contaminants. The transparency is excellent, and Colmaric Labs are an international testing lab used by many companies in the research materials industry. 

Therefore, we must give US Gains top marks for transparency and QC/QA processes. You can expect to receive top-quality products that perform as expected in your research projects. 


Does US Gains Offer a Guarantee?


Yes, whether you’re picking up a bottle of Andarine or Stenabolic, US Gains ensures that your parcel arrives at your door undamaged. If you have any issues with mishandling during shipping, send the support team a photo of the damage, and they’ll replace your order.

However, you need to return your product unopened in the original packaging, within 14-days of receiving your order. 

US Gains return policy
US Gains Return Policy. Source

What payment methods do they accept?

Payment Options

Unfortunately, US Gains has limited options when it comes to making payment for your research materials. With US Gains, you can pay via PayPal or Zelle, and that’s it. There is no option for credit or debit cards, and no crypto payments accepted. 

The site also works with gift certificates and coupon codes., however, our quest to find a coupon online yielded no results. 


Does US Gains ship internationally?

International Shipping

US Gains ships internationally to most locations around the world. When placing your order, the system calculates your shipping fees. US Gains works with USPS to deliver orders, and you can choose your shipping option when checking out with your order. 


What are people saying about this source?

Customer Reviews

US Gains has Facebook and Instagram accounts. However, there isn’t much going on in terms of posting or answering client requests. Both social platforms are quiet, with minimal followers or engagement on posts. 

We couldn’t find any discount coupons on the social pages, and it looks like the company doesn’t have much of a social media strategy. There was a post from mid-July asking if the company was around, and it still has no response from the social media manager. 


Final Verdict: Legit or Not?

Final Verdict

We think US Gains is an average SARMs supplier. It has most SARMs on offer on the site, but we couldn’t find any S-23. We also wish they had options for capsules or powder, as some researchers might not agree with liquids in research projects. 

Overall, the site does look trustworthy, the third-party testing inspires confidence in the product, and the pricing is decent and in-line with industry standards. We give US Gains top marks for its testing program, but it scores low on the product range, with no powders. The payment portals are also a hassle for anyone that’s not using PayPal or Zelle. 

If you want to find the best SARMs at the best prices, check our blog for reviews on the top online SARMs providers. Have you ordered from US Gains before? How was your experience? Please drop us a comment with the details of your research project; we want to know your results!

Specification: US Gains


β˜‘οΈ Accepting Orders


United States





Payment Methods

Credit Card, Zelle

Shipping Options

USPS Priority Mail

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  1. Neil Martinez

    I have used the RAD-140, LGD-4 and GW501516 for over 4 years. Each and every time I’ve been impressed. the customer service is great and has always responded to me within 30 minutes and answered all questions ive had. I couldn’t recommended them higher.

    + PROS: I have used usgains continuously for 4 years now. I have never had a bad experience. The price per mg is actually cheaper than most other companies. the customer service has always responded to me within 30 minutes and have always been helpful. i highly recommend them.
    - CONS: I truthfully i have no cons at all
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  2. Dan

    I love the products the LDG-4 works fast u can definitely feel the extra energy buildup in ur muscles

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  3. Daniel

    I made 2 separate orders for LGD-4 and both of the ordering processes threw the website were fast and easy and my packages shipped out the same day I ordered it and I had both shipments were delivered to my house in less than a week i think they are very trustworthy and very professional I give Us Gains a 10 outta 10 in my opinion πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»

    + PROS: The entire process was great from the ordering from the website to the delivery to the quality of the product everything was excellent I would recommend to anyone doing research in the muscle building field
    - CONS: I don’t have any cons that I can honestly think of at this moment in time to be honest the price of the products was not bad compared to other companies with similar quality products and the delivery and customer service was EXCELLENT in my opinion they awnsered my questions right away and helped me all the way threw the process 10/10 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️5 star service πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»
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  4. nate

    I like US Gains. I think they are a good company to buy SARMs from

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  5. Kyle

    Sarms were okay. They taste bad and im not sure the RAD 140 is legit because I didn’t get results like I expected. Next time I think I will go elsewhere/

    - CONS: RAD140 didnt work for me
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