Andarine / S4 Guide: Dosage, Side Effects, Results, Reviews and More

If you’re trying to improve your body without many of the harmful side effects of anabolic steroids, you might have heard of SARMs. These first entered the market in the 90s, but we date their use back to the 1940s.

Back then, hospitals used steroidal SARMs to treat people with diseases such as cancer and osteoporosis. In today’s world, we’re referring to non-steroidal SARMs, and these don’t have nearly the amount of negative effects compared to the other ones. 

Selective androgen receptor modulators (SARMs) contain a class of therapeutic compounds similar to anabolics. In this article, we’re taking a look specifically at Andarine / S4 to see what it is, how it works, and how you should take it.  

What is Andarine? A quick history.

Andarine / S4

As a creation of the company GTx, Andarine / S4 was a popular treatment for enlarged prostates. It didn’t have a lot of the side effects of typical drugs used to treat this, such as finasteride, but it isn’t one of the strongest SARMs on the market. 

That said, it still affects muscle, strength, and helps to make more out of each of your workouts. Soon after its introduction into the market, weightlifters discovered that they could use it to reach or exceed their personal goals much faster. 

Many people want to achieve their fitness goals, and most of them work day in and day out to achieve them. While exercise and a healthy diet are important, there are some times where you feel like you need an extra push or boost. 

For that reason, people turn to SARMs like Andarine / S4 for enhanced performance and mood without all the negative side effects of steroids. You can gain the energy you need to work out longer and have a more productive workout. 

The end goal of taking Andarine / S4 is to achieve your ultimate goal without having to sacrifice anything in the process. With the increased energy boost and willingness to stick around in the gym longer, it makes it easier for you to burn fat and increase muscle mass. 

How Does Andarine / S4 Work? 

Andarine / S4 binds to androgen receptors by choosing the muscles and bones. This process is different from anabolic steroids because they target the sex organs, which results in an array of nasty side effects. 

One significant difference between Andarine / S4 and other SARMs is that it does not convert into dihydrotestosterone or estrogen. It even blocks DHT from attaching to your prostate and causing further complications.  

How long can you cycle Andarine for?

Cycle Length

Many weightlifters and powerlifters will use it for when trying to gain weight, lose weight, build muscle, and develop overall wellness. Taking it daily will result in an energy and building boost at the gym pertaining to lean mass building and fat burning. Here are some ways you can use it. 


According to the compounds and elements of Andarine / S4, a lot of people believe you can’t use it for cutting. If you stack it with Cardarine, many weightlifters and bodybuilders experience great results after at least 12 weeks using it. 


By taking Andarine / S4 with Ligandrol (LGD-4033), you will experience more energy and the ability to push yourself past your normal limits. When combining these two together, many users experience a significant change in results even after as little as two weeks. 


For those of you looking to bulk up, you can stack Andarine / S4 with RAD 140 and consume an increase in daily calories. With this combination, you should be able to experience a change in your weight through a cycle of at least 8-12 weeks. 


Recomping occurs when you’re trying to reduce the amount of body fat you have while simultaneously increasing your muscle mass. 

This process is challenging, which is why it requires a unique stack of Andarine / S4, Ostarine Ostabolic, and Cardarine. Reduce your calories while combining this stack so you can lose fat without reducing your mass in the process. This cycle generally runs for 8-12 weeks. 

Why do bodybuilders use Andarine?


While there are no studies of Andarine / S4 in humans, existing data is stating that the product can help in some of the following ways. 

Muscle Mass 

Tests performed on animals show that the supplement helps prevent muscle wasting. When provided to castrated rats for four straight weeks, Andarine increased their muscle weight while not causing prostate enlargement. 

12 weeks later, the test showed that continued use of Andarine helped restore lean muscle mass in the rats as well. 

Helps With Bone Strength 

Andarine / S4 can increase bone mineral density, which can prove it’s benefits for osteoporosis. Since it also improves muscle strength, it can reduce the likelihood or chance of falls in people struggling with bone density issues. 

Does Andarine show up on a drug test?

Drug Testing

If you’re competing in weightlifting competitions or any sort of athletic event where you undergo testing for steroids, you might be worried about the tests finding SARMs in your system and disqualifying you. 

While this is not something you have to worry about, a 2010 test by the Swiss Laboratory for doping analyses reported the first case of SARMs abuse during a competition testing. Screening and confirmation results were obtained based on liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry analyses. 

As an example, Ostarine is on the prohibited list from the World Anti-Doping Agency. This agency sets strict standards that prohibit the use of substances and methods that may provide certain users with an advantage. 

If we take a look further down the list, Andarine is also prohibited by the agency as well. For this reason, we recommend using it for personal use and gains.

How much Andarine should I take for my goals?


As we said, Andarine / S4 is much less potent compared to other SARMs, with RAD 140 being a good example. For this reason, people tend to think they should take a higher dose because they know it’s not as strong. 

That’s not always true because higher doses can bring on unwanted side effects. Taking Andarine / S4 in three separate doses of 10-20 mg per day is the recommended dose. 

You also might not have to take it every day. Many users say that taking it in a five day week with two days in between for 10-12 weeks is the best way to go. The smaller dosage allows you to get the results you want without having to worry about any side effects. 

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Bulking Dosage 

If you’re trying to bulk up, you’ll want to take ten mgs of RAD140 with 50 mgs of Andarine / S4 per day. This stack will help you increase your mass so you can achieve the gains you’re looking for. 

Strength Dosage 

As we said, Andarine / S4 can help you push yourself to the max in the gym, and if that is something you’re looking to achieve, you’ll want to stack 50 mgs of Andarine / S4 with ten daily mgs of LGD-4033. 

Cutting Dosage 

If you want to cut down and lean up, you’ll want to take a smaller dosage of 25 mgs and pair it with 20 mgs of Cardarine. This stack will help you drop some weight after 12 weeks, and you’ll feel better and look better. 

What are the side effects of Andarine?

Side Effects

There are five primary side effects you may experience when using SARMs. Thankfully this one has fewer side effects than some of the other options. Here they are: 

Vision Impairment

The most significant issue many users experience is vision issues. This concern is actually the one thing that separates this SARM from some of the other choices. It has a significant impact on your vision. 

The reason this happens is that Andarine / S4 binds the receptors on the eyes. The side effect may cause a yellow tint that you’ll notice primarily at night and when moving from room to room when the amount of light changes.

If you are new to SARMs, you might want to test it out a little before taking on a higher dose. You should start small and see if you experience this side effect and then gradually increase the amount of milligrams.

Some users may not experience this side effect at all while it might cause a more significant issue for others leading them to stop dosing Andarine / S4. 

These effects are not permanent, and there is no way to predict the intensity of the side effects. Some will not experience this issue for as long as ten weeks until suddenly it becomes a problem so significant that they need to stop taking it. 

The only way to mitigate the effect on your vision is to take two days off per week because the half-life is so short. Many people will not experience the vision issue when following a five days on, two days off procedure. 


When taking Andarine / S4, you won’t likely experience any problems relating to estrogen. There are a few reports concerning water retention and gynecomastia, but that only occurs when the product contains prohormones. 


If you experience aggression or heart strain, you should check the product you’re using because it may get cut with a lower quality ingredient. It could mean that the Andarine / S4 product you’re using has clenbuterol or a prohormone. 


There are mild suppression effects on women, but two studies done on rats reported no issues. Luteinizing hormones and follicle-stimulating hormones help the production of reproductive hormones for both men and women. When suppressed, it can impact the levels of estrogen and testosterone in the body.  

How long does Andarine stay in your system for?

Half Life

The half-life of andarine is 4-6 hours. Due to this, users may want to take it twice per day. The good part of it having such a short half-life is the vision side effect. Since it’s only in your system for a handful of hours, you won’t have to worry about the side effects if you dose it properly. 

Keep in mind that there isn’t a whole lot of information regarding testing and how those tests relate to professional sports. If you’re worried about getting Andarine / S4 out of your system in time for a test, you would want to give it at least 2-4 weeks. 

What results are typical for an Andarine-only cycle?


By now, you might be wondering what you can expect when you start taking Andarine / S4. The benefits and overall feeling you experience will vary from person to person. Since there are no clinical studies performed on humans, it’s hard to provide a precise answer for what you will experience when you start taking it. 

Here are some of the things you might feel or experience from Andarine / S4: 

Improved Mood/Wellbeing

Many users of the supplement say they feel a better sense of wellbeing when taking Andarine / S4. This means they have an improved mood and generally more productive workouts, which may cause an improved sense of euphoria. 

When you feel accomplished in your day and in your workout, it can lead to you feeling better overall, and that is what we think is the cause of the improved mood. 

With an improved mood can come a better life outside of the gym as well. If you’re taking the supplement properly, dosing it correctly, and giving yourself a few days off per week, you should be able to experience all of these benefits to their full potential. 

Muscle Gain

The main reason most people turn to SARMs is to try and bulk up and gain muscle faster with the same amount of work. Interestingly enough, what they don’t realize is they’re pushing themselves harder because they’re using Andarine / S4. 

When you’re able to have a harder workout due to the supplement, you will naturally experience more gains over time. 

Increase Fat Loss

As we talked about in the recomping section of the article, Andarine / S4 makes it easier for you to lose weight while still building muscle. The process that most weightlifters and bodybuilders follow is a bulking and lifting stage followed by a cutting stage. 

The end result is, you take in excess calories while you’re bulking so you can build muscle faster. Then you cut for a few weeks to try and get back to the lean muscle you spent that time building. 

With Andarine / S4, you might not have to go through that process. Again, there are limited studies, if any, to back up these claims, but that is what a lot of users of the product claim.

Where can I buy legit Andarine from?

Where to Buy

If you’re looking to purchase Andarine / S4, we have a verified source list so you can find reputable sources and know you’re getting the best of the best products. 

Here are some examples of our verified sources

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Proven Peptides

These guys are the oldest active SARM source on the internet. They provide excellent customer service, fast shipping, and a satisfaction guarantee. They’ll take an E-check or bitcoin for payment, and they also have a rewards program. 

There are many more verified, and unverified suppliers on our list, so check it out. 

Before and after Andarine: Real cycle results from AAS users

Before and After Pictures

S4 cycle before and after

As you can see, this person here experienced an apparent decrease in body fat while still increasing his muscle mass. These gains are only across a short 6-8 week period, and it would be hard to achieve these types of results in such a short amount of time doing anything else. 

The user also advises that diet, routine, and rest is essential as well. He says that you need to follow an overall healthy lifestyle if you intend to reap the rewards of Andarine / S4. 

Before and after an S4 and Cardarine cycle

The person in this forum stacked Andarine / S4 with Cardarine. We recommended that above if you’re looking to cut, and it seems to have gotten this man the results he was looking for. In 60 days, he lost approximately eight pounds on the scale. 

While the numbers aren’t that significant, it’s clear that he eliminated a lot of belly fat, and it does appear that he gained some muscle in his chest, arms, shoulders, and traps. 

Andarine reviews: Real data from actual SARMs users.


We scoured around the internet to find some reviews from customers who have taken Andarine / S4. We decided it would be best to look at our verified products list and find some users who have purchased from the companies on that list and see how their results are going. 

Here are some of the things we’ve seen: 

“Awesome service and products. I’ve been researching using your s4, and everything is going great so far. Really appreciate the free bottle you guys threw in as well.” 


“Only 1-1/2 weeks into my research, but this seems to be working properly so far. Great price makes it an easy choice.”

Stephen B, PEDsR

“Works!! Works 100%!! This is my first time getting S4 from Chemyo and defo not the last time!”

Mazin S, Chemyo

“I used Andarine (S4) with my steroid stack and encountered less problems with my prostate. With that, came increased endurance, strength, and muscle gain. 

Kevin, AnabolicMinds Forums

Overall, it seems that the people who know and understand how to use Andarine / S4 properly are the ones who experience the best results. All of these users are following the correct dosage, and it doesn’t seem that the side effects are negatively impacting their lives. Most people also experience significant weight loss, which isn’t that common from most SARMs. 

Andarine FAQs and Conclusion


Is S4 illegal?

All SARMs are legal for medical research and experimentation. The only way you can encounter trouble from taking them if you are tested positive for a professional sporting event. 

Is S4 safer than steroids? 

SARMs, including Andarine / S4, are safer than steroids, and they are a much healthier alternative. They come with much fewer side effects and risk factors.

Do you need PCT after S4?

Suppression from S4 is likely due to the anabolic activity, but it doesn’t cause severe hypothalamic-pituitary shutdown, so there is no need for post cycle therapy. 


There are many benefits to SARMs, including Andarine / S4, and now you should see most of them. In many cases, you can use this supplement to skyrocket your success and achieve the gains you desire without having to overwork yourself. 

If you’re interested in experimenting with S4, be sure to check out our list of verified sarms sources, so you get the highest quality products and ensure that your supplement isn’t cut with anything that doesn’t belong in there. 

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