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Androtech Research is a research chemical supply store that stocks sarms and other related items. They are relatively new to the space and reviews don't give this brand any validity.
  • Based in Brazil
  • No place to buy off their website
  • No reputation or purity tests done

Androtech Research Review: Are They Legit or Not?

Androtech Research review

Most online shoppers have certain things they look for when deciding which merchants to purchase from. Some are more swayed by the look of the website, while others prioritize usability over everything else.

Still others could not possibly care less what it looks like, as long as their information is safe, and the prices are good.

No matter what camp you fall into, it is easy for all of us to feel overwhelmed by the sheer amount of choices out there. This is true especially when it comes to purchasing selective androgen receptor modulators, or SARMs.

This Androtech Research review is meant to help guide you in your own online purchasing, and to determine if this site is legit, or if it is a scam.


Who is Androtech Research

Company Info

Right off the bat upon clicking on the home page of, I feel personally attacked by the aggressive header photo of the page.

Technically, it is just a bunch of product and scientific symbols, but it is large and dark, and it seems wholly unnecessary. It would be so much better if it were just a bit smaller.

At the top of the page, Androtech Research claims to be the #1 SARMs seller in the country, just like every single other SARMs seller. They claim to sell only the purest product at the most competitive prices.

I’ll be honest, at this point I wonder how any of these sites make any money given how competitive their prices are!

I do appreciate that they include information as to the nature of SARMs right up front, as well as customer testimonials.

Now, those testimonials could easily be falsified, but I appreciate the sentiment nonetheless. There are not a lot of options on the page, mostly just links to the blog, links to the product shop, and a remedial “contact us” page.


Does Androtech have good customer service?

Customer Support

The customer support link is virtually nonexistent, unless you count the “contact us” page that is about as bare bones as it gets.

There are no expectations set for the customer on the contact us page regarding when they can expect to be contacted back or anything at all, really.

To me that means that Androtech Research does not value my experience as consumer. If you do not have even a small team of devoted customer service representatives, then I am moving along to the next company that does.

That peace of mind goes a long way in convincing me to divulge my personal sensitive information and credit card numbers to anyone.

There is no address or phone number given, and no clear instructions what someone should do if they are having issues or questions arise. That sounds like a bad customer experience to me.


What does Androtech Research sell?


When it comes to SARMs, there is not a lot of variety to go on, really. There are a finite number of different types of these products, and AndroTech Research offers all of them:

When it comes right down to buying products from, though, well I am still working on that. I am not joking either, I seriously cannot figure out how to actually purchase any of these products!

I have clicked on the “shop product” tab, clicked on a random bottle, and see absolutely no options for me to add anything to my cart and proceed with my purchase.

To make sure that this was not some sort of user error on my part, I opened the page in a different browser, and zoomed my page in and out to ensure that I had not missed any buttons.

My search proved fruitless and I still have not come any closer to being able to purchase any products on Andro Tech Research. I ask you… what is the point?! Why even keep paying the domain fee if you do not intend to offer the services promised?

They have posted a blog as recently as this month, but cannot work out the bugs when it comes to purchasing the products they are pushing?

Perhaps they have decided to get out of the selling SARMs business and simply educate people about them, which is a fine and noble cause. However, their website should say that.


Does Androtech have a big online presence?

Social Media

On the website there are two social media icons listed, one for Instagram and one for Facebook. A trip to their Instagram page shows consistent posting and 432 followers.

Their Facebook page, however, is a whole different story. While 432 followers aren’t all that much these days, it is a right bit better than the whole 12 likes has on Facebook.

It appears that they post just as consistently to Facebook as they do Instagram, but marketing on the two platforms is a vastly different experience.

Well thought out hashtags on Instagram can do absolute wonders for marketing purposes, whereas Facebook relies much more heavily on shares, likes, comments, and interactions.

No matter how many followers they have at any given time, however, it still does not make up for the fact that one cannot purchase anything from their website!

And forget about a Androtech Research discount/coupon code, there isn’t anywhere to put one!

Believe it or not, SARMs were originally developed to help patients with bone wasting diseases. Not only can they help people maintain bone density and muscle mass, but they can reverse the effects of these terrible diseases, as well.


Is Androtech Research a legit company?

Final Verdict

I truly do not know how legit anyone can claim to be without offering people the ability to purchase things from their shop. I know there are other problems with this site but failing to allow people to purchase things is just mean, if I am being honest.

Instead of spinning your wheels on Androtech Research, check out these sarm stores. They put a heavy emphasis on customer service and, hey! You can buy things there, too.

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    not good been on cardarine 8 weeks absolutely no difference

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