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When it comes to purchasing selective androgen receptor modulators, or SARMs, on the internet, it can be hard to determine which merchant is the right one for you. The entire SARMs game is changing, and finding reliable, upstanding companies through which to procure them is becoming more challenging every day.

In this Element Sarms review, we do a deep dive of their website to determine whether they are worthy of your business or if they are nothing more than a scam.


As far as the initial look of the site goes, elementsarms.com has a fresh, clean look to it. It is not too stark, but not too busy, making for a pleasant user experience.

Despite all of this, I did still find myself having some issues finding specific products. In the case of this website, there are simply too many options.

If you already know what you are looking for, this may not be a big issue for you. But if you happen to be new to the SARMs world, you may find yourself overwhelmed by the sheer amount of options.


While SARMs novices may be overwhelmed by the myriad choices offered by Element SARMs, seasoned veterans are likely to be pleasantly surprised by the vast array of options available.

Not only do they offer traditional SARMs, they also offer research liquids, stacks, research peptides, and PDE5 inhibitors. Specifically, they offer the following SARMs on their website:

When it comes to choosing your SARMs, there are tons of great resources out there for you. The more well-versed among SARMs users may even be familiar with stacking and willing to try it out.

Depending on the results you are striving for, stacking can help you achieve multiple goals at once. This is something you should seek guidance on if you choose to pursue it. Stacking and mixing SARMs is not something you should do unless you are sure of the risks and potential effects.


When purchasing your items on ElementSARMs, you are not given an overwhelming amount of payment options.

However, in addition to the typical credit card offerings (Mastercard and Visa only), they do also allow customers to purchase their product with Bitcoin.

I am not sure how many people use Bitcoin, but I do wish websites would learn that the more payment options offered, the better. Adding the options for PayPal, Zelle, or Apple or Google Pay would open those avenues for the digital shoppers of the world. Also, don’t forget to search for an elementsarms.com discount/coupon code!

Customer Support

Before ever deciding whether to trust a website with my sensitive information and credit card numbers, I look for a few specific things.

I look to confirm that the website boasts safe payment icons, guaranteeing a safe, verified transaction (inasmuch as any website can guarantee that), and I check out their customer support page.

If either of these things are lacking from a website, I typically move along.

Not only does Element Sarms not have verified payment guarantees, their customer support page is measly at best.

When you click on the “contact us” tab on the homepage, it takes you to a very remedial page with an email contact option.

There is no information stating when a customer can expect to hear back from the support team. There are no live chat options, and no actual contact information provided should a customer need to contact the merchant directly.

Shipping and Returns

Elementsarms.com are so generous that they offer free shipping on orders over $200! If you thought you sensed a little sarcasm there, you weren’t wrong.

I would love to see some data on what the average buyer spends per order. If that is the typical order amount per customer, I suppose it isn’t that far-fetched. Otherwise, why even bother to offer it?

Another surprising discovery on the Element SARMs website is that they do not have a clear-cut return policy posted. Clicking on “orders and returns” only takes the user to a page where they can check on the status of a specific order.

There is nothing that tells a user what they can expect should they receive the wrong product or require a return for some reason. Other sites that sells SARMs typically have a very comprehensive return policy.

Not having one does not stop people from needing to return products sometimes, and the lack of a clear policy is a great way to clog up the nonexistent customer service lines with unhappy customers.

The Benefits of SARMs

While many use SARMs to help them bulk up, lose weight, and gain muscle mass, they were originally developed to help people with bone wasting diseases.

According to the US National Library of Medicine and National Institute of Health, or NCBI, SARMs have proven to help increase body composition and muscle mass, as well as preventing bone loss in rats that have been given test samples.

The ability to not only maintain, but regenerate muscle mass and bone density in patients with chronic bone wasting diseases is a medical game changer.

Because of the nature of SARMs, there hasn’t been a lot of testing done. Hopefully soon, strides can be made in the development of these potentially life saving treatment options.

Is Elementsarms.com Legit?

By all accounts, customers who purchase their SARMs through Element SARMs can expect to have a moderately “okay” experience.

The price points tend to run a little higher than other sites, but their review section is littered with testimonials from customers who seem perfectly willing to fork out the extra cash for the experience of working with them.

There is something to be said for word of mouth, but it is hard these days to be sure that reviews are legit and not paid for by the merchant.

Should you find that you are still unsure about where you want to buy your own SARMs, check out Proven Peptides. They are a reliable, verified source for everything you may need when it comes to SARMs.


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