Sarms4You Review and Coupon/Discount Codes… Legit or Not?

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  • Great selection of different sarms capsules
  • They ship internationally
  • They take credit cards


  • Rumors floating around that they were bought out by a Chinese company
  • New batches are said to be fake

When it comes to finding a spot to purchase your favorite selective androgen receptor modulators, or SARMs, there are several different factors to consider when deciding where your loyalties lie.

Sarms4you’s main marketing pitch lies in the quality of their product and their commitment to customer service.

In fact, Sarms4you claims to have been born out of what consumers found lacking in the sarms purchasing experience. The question we are here to answer is: were they successful?

Product Quality

As previously stated, Sarms4you has chosen to focus on the quality aspect of their business. They vow that they never ship under-dosed products that are exorbitantly priced. They also say that each new batch of product is checked by a third party that signs off on the quality check.

In addition to these high-quality products, they also claim to ensure that they have top notch customer service and competitive prices.

This may sound like a scam, since every single merchant claims these things. Most people in the European market do not have many other choices. The entire SARMs game is changing and finding good, high-quality product is becoming harder and harder in European countries.

What Sarms4You Sells

High-quality product is all well and good, but let us now look at the variety of product offered at Sarms4you: promises that each of these products goes through rigorous lab testing before being shipped worldwide. They also say each order is shipped within 24 to 48 hours after purchase.

If you spend enough on the product, you can even get free shipping. Just do not forget to jot down that Sarms4you discount code!

Buying SARMs from Sarms4You

Once you have decided on the product you want, your next step is to choose whether you want it in powder or capsule form. There are benefits to both options, so it really comes down to a personal intake preference. Do you want to swallow a pill, or add some powder to your water bottle? The choice is entirely yours.

On Sarms4you, they offer verified purchases and a wide variety of payment methods. They also boast 24/7 customer support though, to be honest, that just means that you can email them at any time and can expect to hear back from them during normal business hours. They do ship internationally, which is not something that every site offers.

Return and Shipping Policy

European consumers supposedly can expect to receive their product within two to seven days after purchase. However, many customers claim that is a severely generous estimation.

While fast domestic shipping does not appear to be a priority, international customers have to wait even longer to receive their goods.

The website states that they can expect their products within 10 to 20 days. But that is also a very generous estimation. In fact, waiting three to four weeks is not an unreasonable expectation. also does not guarantee a safe passage through customs. They leave it up to the customer to know their country’s customs laws.

Should a package be confiscated or lost for any reason due to customs regulations, Sarms4you will not refund the customer or accept liability.

Should you find yourself unsatisfied with your product, refunds you the full purchase price. Unfortunately they will not refund the shipping and handling.

In addition to that, they only accept returns that are unopened and still sealed and they must be submitted within 14 days of delivery, not purchase. Once you have requested a return, you can expect to be contacted by customer support to receive further instructions, and once those have been delivered, you have five short days to complete the return.

The Appeal of SARMs

SARMs have been getting a bad rap lately. There have been tons of government regulations cropping up that make them very difficult to obtain all of a sudden.

However, most SARMs have been proven to be generally very safe. They help to naturally enhance hormones that your body already creates.

Sarms also have been proven very effective in treating muscle wasting illnesses, but there needs to be more research completed on them. Do not count on seeing them readily available anytime soon.

However, one of the main focuses of study when it comes to SARMs are the effects they have on osteoporosis in women. With their targeting ability, the idea of treating this disease in which a woman’s bones essentially disintegrate is a very appealing method of treatment indeed.

While SARMs are generally marketed as a “safe alternative” to steroids, it is not quite so cut and dry. The difference between SARMs and anabolic steroids is the SARMs’ ability to target only muscle and bone cells. Whereas steroids affect every cell they come into contact with. That is where the “selective” part of the moniker comes from.

The idea of SARMs are incredibly appealing to those looking to tone and bulk up. However, it is always a best practice to check with your general physician first. Always do this before making any decisions when it comes to putting different supplements and products into your body.

Is Sarms4you Legit?

When it comes right down to it, you can expect to have an okay experience when ordering your product from Sarms4you. European customers have very little say in the matter, but international consumers can likely find better options that are closer to home and can therefore expect to save on shipping.

This review is meant to help undecided consumers make an informed choice when it comes to purchasing their own SARMs, helping to direct them to the most trusted sources. In our fast paced, hustle and bustle world, sometimes there is such a thing as too much information.

If you are looking to spend some of your hard-earned cash on SARMs, check out these recommended sources. You’re much better off shopping with one of them if you want to have a good experience.

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  1. I’d agree. I’ve heard some people having decent results with S4Y, but in general they aren’t a great company. Lots of bad reviews on Reddit.


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