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BuyPeptidesUS sold popular sarms and other exotic research chemicals. As of 2023, they have shut down for good.
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  • We were able to test some of their products and we know their Clenbuterol is legit
  • Sells other non-sarm research chemicals
  • There are a lot of people who say their SARMs in particular are bunk
  • Limited payment options

BuyPeptidesUS Review, Discounts, Coupons, and Legitimacy Test

6/19/2023 – Update

BuyPeptidesUS is no longer in business. Be wary of imposters claiming to be BuyPeptidesUS. These vendors are scams and should be avoided. We will update this page if the source ever comes back online. In the meantime, you can find an alternative on our Verified Sources list.

BuyPeptidesUS review

When it comes to spending your hard-earned cash, you need to be careful. The savvy online shopper knows that doing your research is the first step to ensuring you have a low-risk, highly satisfactory experience.

There are any number of online scams out there. This BuyPeptidesUS review is meant to either ease your mind about doing business with them. We will also show if they have a history of scamming.


User Interface, website, and initial thoughts

Company Info

Everyone knows how important first impressions are, and that is what a website is delivering to its visitors in the form of its homepage.

At first glance, I find the colors used on BuyPeptidesUS to be very pleasing to look at, but there are some trouble spots, as well. The ticker at the top of the page is poorly formatted, with overlying font that looks like it was never supposed to be there.

The homepage is filled with sales the site is offering, as well as a discount/coupon code. At this moment in time, they are offering a flash sale in which their regularly priced products are 56 percent off. That is a pretty hefty discount.


What SARMs does BuyPeptidesUS sell?


When it comes to buying SARMs, the entire process has changed drastically. This is especially true in 2019.

More and more regulations are being set against the legal consumption, purchase and, therefore, sale of these products. The products offered on BuyPeptidesUS are: also offers medical supplies. For example, they alcohol swabs and syringes, peptides, stacks, chemicals, and other member exclusives.

These exclusives include live information sharing forums, a member showcase wherein active members can share photos of their results. They also have the ability to post and blog about their experiences.

Finally, they get full access to the site, special prices, discounts, and add-ons, as well as first shot at brand new products that are developed.


What is it like purchasing from BuyPeptidesUS?

Customer Experience

BuyPeptidesUS offers more payment methods than any site I have yet to come across. They offer Circle pay, BitCoin, Venmo, PayPal, Google Pay, Apple Pay, CASH APP, and a way to pay via invoice, with prior approval.

However, out of those payment options offered, I do not see anywhere that consumers can pay using a credit card.

This is becoming more and more prevalent, as credit card fees for merchants have become exorbitant. However, many people still prefer to shop with their credit cards. This is true especially the older generations, so this seems a bit short sided.

They also have that lovely safe payment icon on their page. They are guaranteeing that they have invested in making sure my money and information is safe.

While we as consumers understand that putting any information online puts us at automatic risk, there is a sense of security knowing that a merchant I have chosen takes my safety and privacy seriously.


What is BuyPeptidesUS’s return policy?

Returns and Shipping has an incredibly comprehensive and easy to understand shipping policy. They ship their product Monday through Friday, unless there is a government holiday.

Every order is shipped within three to five days after purchase and is sent via USPS with a tracking number included. The shipping rates seem standard, if not a bit more affordable than other sites.

While the domestic and international shipping guidelines are outlined clearly, the return policy is not.

It touches on the fact that packages damaged or sent to the wrong place cannot be refunded or cancelled in any way, but it does not outline how or even if an unhappy customer is able to return products they are not satisfied with.

Most other sites allow products to be returned within 30 days of delivery. Usually the product has to remain unopened and sent back in the original packaging. These guidelines may seem stringent, but at least they offer something!


How is their customer service?

Customer Support

If you are like me, a robust customer support strategy is important to you when choosing which online merchants to use. Any number of things can go wrong with online transactions, so having a support team there to help answer questions or assuage worry is key.

While I haven’t spotted a designated customer service spot on BuyPeptidesUS, their contact information is plastered all over the site.

In no less than three different spots I have seen their email address, their physical address, their phone number, links to follow them on Instagram and Facebook, and their Skype handles so that customers can chat or Skype with them immediately.

That is the type of website I would feel comfortable using, knowing that they have an arsenal of help just waiting.

About SARMs

SARMs were developed as medical research chemicals. They have been proven to help increase muscle mass and can literally turn back the clock on bone loss for patients with bone wasting diseases.

However, the problem with SARMs, according to Wikipedia, is that most of the products that are sold commercially are mislabeled. Proponents of SARMs argue that they should not be treated like steroids because they do not act like steroids.

The “selective” part of their name means that, when properly administered, SARMs only affect muscle and bone cells, whereas steroids affect every cell they meet.

However, because these products are so often labeled incorrectly, they are not nearly as pure as many would like you to believe.

There is a definite stigma associated with SARMs, and that has also deterred research on them, meaning there are no regulations pertaining to their contents. It’s a vicious cycle.


Is BuyPeptidesUS Legit? The final verdict.

Final Verdict

Consumers can expect to have a solid experience when purchasing their SARMs on The site is fine, and the products are comparably priced. So, yes, they are likely perfectly legit.

But why settle for a “solid” and “fine” experience when you can have an outstanding one? Here are the top 3 places with sarms for sale.

These stores do their level best to make sure every time you purchase your SARMs with them it is a pleasant experience. That is something money can’t buy.

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