Sarms King Review: Is This Canadian Source Legit or Not?

Sarms King is a Canadian company that sells their own line of liquid sarm solutions online. But is their operation safe to buy from? Learn the answers in this review.
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The debate about SARMs has been heating up for a while now. Basically, they were developed in order to help people with bone-wasting conditions build back their bones. It was a very lucrative scientific development, and showed a lot of promise.

SARMs are actually still in the testing phase when it comes to medical use. However, they’ve actually been adopted for a totally different kind of use. SARMs are very effective at building body mass and muscle, according to Healthline.

Bodybuilders all over the world have started to go crazy for these drugs since they feature many of the benefits of steroids, but none of the downsides.

Since it’s still a product with one foot in the legal market and one foot out- it’s legal in certain countries and is very strictly regulated. It can be hard to tell which vendors are legit, and which are trying to profit of the drug’s popularity.

One big company is Sarms King, which claims to be the number one source for SARMs. That’s a hefty claim, and this Sarms King review examines everything you need to know about the Canadian brand. They are based in Ottawa and does all their work in Canada.


What payment methods does Sarms King accept?

Payment Options

Sarms King only offers payment through E-Transfer, PayPal, or cash. This doesn’t exactly inspire confidence in the brand! Many brands with these kind of payment options end up being scams. Is Sarms King a scam? Luckily, a little more exploration of the brand led me to believe that they aren’t.

The company does offer a quick response to any customer service concerns. Through their email address or the contact form found on the website, they reply within 1-2 days. This definitely bodes well for them and makes them seem like the kind of company I trust. The payment methods are a bit inconvenient, but they do offer many shipping options that can help make up for the inconvenience.

Shipping is free on orders of over 300 dollars, which is actually a great deal when purchasing SARMs. They ship from Ontario, Canada, which means Canadian customers get their orders very quickly through Canada Post.

Sarms King also does not accept any returns due to the nature of the product. This seems a little inconvenient at first glance, but it actually did inspire more confidence in me since it confirms that they have strictly regulated quality control.


What is like ordering from Sarms King?

Purchasing Experience

The website is very well organized and pleasing to the eye. It’s not overcrowded, and there are seven clear tabs that lead to any information you might need.

The FAQ section of the site offers a lot of valuable information in a concise format, which is great for a quick glance. They also has a partnership with Fit Army Apparel, meaning you can purchase quality workout clothes right through their site.

The nice thing about Sarms King is that they really embrace the bodybuilding lifestyle with their partnership to Fit Army Apparel. They also have an ‘Events’ tab showing bodybuilding events in the Ontario region of Canada. It’s a great one-stop shop for people looking to get more involved in bodybuilding.

The company also offers a link to external website, This site is a more comprehensive overview of the most popular SARMs and what exactly they do. It’s nice to have a little more information on the scientific side of things.


What does Sarms King sell?

Products Sold

Sarms King offers all the top SARMs products that are most in demand.

Sarms King also offers their own bundles of different SARMs that are best used together.

Stacking is when you use more than one SARM at a time. Using the different benefits of different types of SARMs together offers a crazy amount of potential.

There are certain combinations that have shown specific results, and those are the ones that they sell together in bundles.

  • Lean Stack: SR 9009 and GW 501516
  • Beast Stack: LGD 4033, RAD 140, and MK 677
  • Ultimate Stack: GW 501516, RAD 140 and MK 677
  • Elite Stack: Ostarine, GW 501516, and RAD 140
  • Ripped Stack: Ostarine, GW 501516, and SR 9009
  • Tank Stack: LGD 4033 x2 and MK 677 x2
  • Performance Stack: RAD 140 x2, MK 677 x2, and GW 501516
  • Legendary Stack: YK 11 x 2, GW 501516 x2, and MK 677 x 2

Stacking SARMs is better done with a comprehensive understanding of what each one does.


Where can I find a Sarms King discount code?

Discount / Coupons

The great thing about Sarms King is that their prices are fairly cheap, and they always have sales. On the shopping page, it’s clear that most items offer a small discount depending on the day.

Not to mention, their combination of all different stacks means that purchasing several bottles at once saves you a lot of money. Sarms King sells their SARMs in liquid form.

Most suppliers choose either liquid or tablet, not a combination of both. It would be nicer to have a selection to choose from. Liquid SARMs tend to be more difficult to properly dose, and have an unpleasant taste.


Is Sarms King a legit place to buy SARMs from?

Is Sarms King Legit?

Sarms King has a bit of a disappointing approach to their payment options, but overall I think this is a legit brand and a great place to purchase SARMs. They create all their products locally in Canada and it’s clear that they are strict about the quality of each and every SARM that they sell.


Conclusion and final review

Final Verdict

Sarms King is a good place to buy SARMs. However, the payment options might be an accessibility issue for some customers. Plus, their site doesn’t offer any proven reviews from previous customers. When it comes to SARMs, check out our top sources before you decide where to buy.

4.8Expert Score
Sarms King

Sarms King is a Canadian company that sells their own line of liquid sarm solutions online. They are a decent pick for Canadian customers who don’t want to wait while their products ship from the USA.

Product Selection
Payment Options
  • Beautiful site design and branding
  • Ships locally in Canada
  • Prices are crazy high
  • New company without a strong reputation
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  1. I have made about 7 purchases from arms king, only because they were recommend by a friend that actually had a sit down with someone at sarms king. I have had good success and experience with every step. Also had blood work done before during and after, with no cause for concern.

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