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SARMs Global is another sarm source based in Canada that accepts credit card payments and promise pure products for their customers. Their reviews are sparse, and they do not provide 3rd Party lab tests. Therefore, we recommend shopping elsewhere.
  • Fast shipping if you live in Canada
  • Liquid and capsule SARMs
  • Credit Card payments
  • They haven't been around very long
  • Some spelling and grammar mistakes on the site
  • Risk of products not being pure

SARMs Global Review: The Truth About This Source

Sarms Global review

Selective androgen receptor modulators, or SARMS for short, are used by bodybuilders to increase their muscle mass and help reduce fat mass.

SARMS currently don’t have the same validity as other methods of increasing muscle, like protein shakes and bars. Institutions like the Council for Responsible Nutrition, along with other regulating agencies have set SARMS at the center of a legal debate on whether or not they’re harmful to use in humans.

Nonetheless, people around the world (even in places that have banned their use) use them to see results in the gym and in their overall physique. Aside from the people who use SARMS to get results, scientific researchers use them to study the accuracy and safety of these results.

Due to the current banned state of SARMS, there aren’t many reputable online retailers for these chemicals. It’s difficult to find a safe and reliable merchant for SARMS, not to mention one that doesn’t have outrageous prices. One online store that supplies SARMS is Sarmsglobal.com.

This website, like many other SARMS sites provides different chemicals to consumers and researchers that fall under the SARM category. The big question here is “Is Sarms Global legit?” Luckily, you can be the judge of that with the help of this Sarms Global  review.


Who is Sarms Global? First impressions

Company Info

On first glance, Sarms Global puts on a good display. The site has a good, completed look to it and feels like it’s reputable. There are links to FAQs, Contact Us, and general information pages, so it seems like the Sarmsglobal.com company makes a good first impression. The layout is easy to understand and you shouldn’t have any trouble navigating between the different pages and information links. Compared to most SARMS websites, this one is very well put together, so that’s a plus.


What does Sarms Global sell?


Once you get into the actual website, it explains right away to the consumers that they’re not meant to be used for human consumption. They state on several different pages, including the FAQS page, that the SARMS they sell are for “educational institutions, independent researchers and laboratories.”

They clearly state that they’re not meant for human consumption and even go a step further to state that they don’t provide instructions on how to use the drugs because they’re not supposed to be consumed by humans anyway. It’s definitely a drag for first time SARMS users because they don’t give any instructions on how to use them.

Beside the thorough warning against the usage of these drugs for personal reasons, they also give an easily understandable list of the products they provide. This includes

While the list of products they sell isn’t as extensive as other websites, it’s still a fair amount. There’s no explanation of what these specific chemicals do or what each chemical is best used for.

Sarms Global seems to really be aiming for their research client base and pays no attention to other potential clients. While this isn’t exactly a quality for excellent customer service, it doesn’t make for a Sarms Global scam either.


What payment methods does Sarms Global accept?

Payment Methods

When you get to the payment part of your transaction, it’s a different story. This is where they start to look suspicious or at least not as great as other websites. Where other merchants offer at least two methods of payment for your SARMS transaction, on this site you only get one. On top of that, it’s a little unorthodox, as you’re asked to complete an online E-transfer. The method of payment works only after you submit your order. Then they send you an email with instructions on how to complete the E-transfer.

It’s definitely not as user-friendly as other websites on what’s arguably the most important part of the whole site. If your payment method isn’t convenient for users, that’s a big turn off for buyers. This is especially true in a day and age where everything is done in a method with the least steps and most ease involved.

As far as a Sarms Global discount/coupon code goes, there’s definitely a plus here. Customers are given an area to enter a coupon code when they checkout, so it seems that returning customers can enter this code from a previous purchase. There’s also the option of opting in for email newsletters, so you can add the discount from those emails as well.


What are the shipping / return policies?

Shipping / Returns

When it comes to shipping and returns policies, there’s both good news and bad news for consumers. Shipping rates are excellent, with an estimated 24 hour time period before you have your SARMS delivered to your home. As long as you order before 5 pm, the company guarantees they’ll be in your home in 24-48 hours. There’s also a $200 flat rate fee for shipping for orders over $200. This again shows that they are aiming for research facilities and not individual clients. Still, fast delivery is not bad for a SARMS website.

The trouble comes in the event of returning your SARMS. Sarms Global gives off the vibe that once they get the products to you, they won’t want to hear about them again. They have a no-return policy, so unfortunately, if you’re dissatisfied with your products, there’s not much that you can do about it. Of course, there’s also the aspect of the legality of these drugs in different states and provinces, so it’s a little understandable why they won’t accept returns. But such a strict policy makes it difficult for consumers, especially for first time SARMS users, as they might not have a good understanding of every product.


Customer service and closing thoughts

Customer Service

Despite their troublesome no-return policy, Sarms Global offers good avenues for customer service. They provide a form for consumers to fill out if they want to get in touch with them. They also leave their company email for you to use and convey any messages you have. Finally, Sarmsglobal.com has a physical address option that you can send snail mail to if you wish.

Overall, Sarmsglobal.com seems to provide an OK service to customers. We still recommend shopping with one of these top sarm sources.

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