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Update: Rats Army has been shut down. Old review: Flavored SARMs are hard to come by these days, but if that's what you're looking for, Rats Army has you covered. They're not the cheapest source out there, but they offer many blends that you can't find anywhere else.
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  • Flavored liquids, including sour apple and thizzle berry (whatever that means)
  • Multiple pre made stacks for different cycle types
  • CBD oil available
  • More expensive than your average source
  • Flavored SARMs are not a good look
  • Questionable lab tests

Rat’s Army Flavored SARMs Review and Lab Testing Results

Notice: Rats Army has been shut down by the US Government.

Rats Army shut down in 2023

If you’re looking for the best SARMs suppliers online, who can you trust to deliver a quality product? There are hundreds of suppliers, all offering why they claim is a pure, exceptional product for your research project.

We understand your dilemma, and we took the time to review all the top suppliers on our SARMs source page. In this post, we’ll be reviewing Rats Army to see if they are worth dealing with for your next research project.


Who is Rats Army?


We admit that logging onto a site called “Rats Army” was not something that inspired confidence in the company. However, upon landing on the site’s homepage, our attitude changed. Rats Army is a fully-functional website selling a full range of SARMs, research chemicals, and peptides

The site is clean, with a white background that’s a bit harsh on the eyes. Yet, the site has an uncluttered feel, with a scrolling-feed presenting the products.


What does Rats Army sell?

Products Sold

If you’re looking for SARMs, Rats Army has a complete selection that’s sure to have the compound you’re interested in using for your research. We found all the SARMs we need, including the following options.

All SARMs come with a product page stipulating the dosage and bottle size. You also have the option of opening the COA from the third-party testing lab when viewing your product.

Slyced, a SARM blend containing cardarine, ostarine, and sr9009.
The sour apple version of “Slyced”, which is a blend containing Cardarine, Ostarine, and SR9009. Source

In addition to sarms, they also stock ancillaries, PCT supplies, and supplements. Here are some of the other products available in their store:

  • Tadalifil
  • Clomid
  • 1-Andro and 4-Andro
  • Cabergoline (currently out of stock)
  • NAC
  • CBD Oil (1500mg per bottle)

Are their SARMs good quality?

Product Quality

Rats Army does an excellent job of presenting its products. They are all there on the main homepage of the site; all you have to do is scroll down and find the products you’re looking for on the list. Click on the product, or the product category you’re interested in viewing, and check out the range of peptides, research chemicals, and SARMs for yourself.

Rats Army packs all its SARMs in 30ml plastic bottles, making it a bit on the lower-volume end of things. We would expect a brand with “Rats” in the name to be offering some UGL junk – it turns out it’s some of the best SARMs materials available. However, the 30ml bottle and higher-range price tag mean you’re going to be paying top-dollar for this product.


Flavored SARMs liquids – a first

Flavored SARMs

The standout feature for Rats Army for us is the way it offers flavored SARMs and research chemicals. You have a choice of selecting a flavored product for your order. The flavor options include the following

  • Sour apple
  • Clown tears
  • Mai Tai
  • Thizzle Berry
Rats Army flavor options
Flavor options from Rats Army, including the (presumably) delicious “Clown Tears”

Anyone who’s conducted research using SARMs knows that research subjects hate the taste of chemicals. The flavoring adds a nice touch to the administration of your favorite SARMs and research chemicals.


How does their brand come across?


The Rats Army branding is another win for the company. The SARMs come on black plastic bottles to keep out sunlight, and a black dropper cap for easy dosing. The logo featuring the lab flask is attractive, and at least they didn’t go with a rat as the mascot.

The label and font are clean and provide a good view of the product. You get the active ingredients listed on the rear of the bottle for reference in your research.

They also offer an affiliate program. As an affiliate, every time one of your referrals purchases a product on the site, you get a commission.


3rd Party Lab Testing Results

Lab Tests
3rd party lab testing results of Rats Army LGD-4033 provided by Colmaric Analytical
Lab testing results from Colmaric

In another shocker – Rats Army offers a third-party tested product. The company works with Colmaric labs for third-party testing. RA list every COA (certificate of analysis) on the site, and you’ll find it on the individual listing in the product gallery.

Having liquid SARMs solutions with third-party testing results in a high-quality product you can trust. 


What kind of guarantee do they offer?


Regardless of what SARMs you are buying, Rats Army offers you full coverage on any shipping damage to your product. Take some photos of the damage, send it to customer service, and they’ll ship you a new product – free of charge! We like that they offer this.


What payment methods do they accept?

Payment Methods

Unfortunately, Rats Army doesn’t offer payment portals for credit or debit cards. Company’s selling SARMs through credit card portals risk a 10-year blacklisting. Therefore, when making your purchase with Rats Army, you have the following payment options available.

  • Green Money – Green Pay
  • Venmo
  • CashApp
  • Zelle
  • TranferWise – International clients only

When checking out with your order, you have a drop-down list asking you to select your referral code for your purchase. This code is what you use for marketing the SARMs to your friends and email list. There is no option for making a payment with cryptocurrency.


Does Rats Army ship internationally?


Rats Army says they will ship SARMs internationally. International orders usually ship within 7 to 10-working days, and domestic orders in the US ship within 1 to 3-business days after receiving payment.

Customers have the option of changing the shipping option to DHL for door-to-door service. If you’re interested in international shipping, DHL will handle import duties and customs fees.


Discount and coupon codes


We searched online for discount codes and couldn’t find any for this site. If we find any in the future, we will update this section.


What customers are saying


Rats Army has both Facebook and Instagram accounts. However, it seems like they don’t keep up with social media marketing practices, as the last post was in late August 2019. There are no discount codes available on the Facebook page. The Instagram account seemed to go dark in September 2019.

The post engagement is low in both accounts, with both pages having less than 1,000-followers.


The final verdict on Rats Army

Final Verdict

Rats Army is a great site for SARMs. They have plenty of variation and conduct third-party testing on all research chemicals. However, they are more on the expensive side, and there’s little social proof about the efficacy of these SARMs.

Have you ever conducted research using Rats Army compounds? Drop us a line in the comments; we would love to know your experience with this manufacturer.

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