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Umbrella Labs has some unique products that you won't find with your normal suppliers. As with most sources, their payment options are limited. Overall, they seem okay to shop with, assuming the lab they are using is legitimate.
Product Selection
Shipping Speed
Payment Options
  • Large selection of liquid and powdered SARMs products
  • Various peptides to choose from
  • Some negative reviews on Reddit
  • Some have been critical about the lab used for testing

Umbrella Labs Review, Lab Test Results, and Discount Codes

Umbrella Labs legit SARMs source? A comprehensive review by

When conducting your research projects, you need the best materials. High quality SARMs are a necessity if you want to complete a successful cycle.

Unfortunately, there are plenty of fakes and duds in the SARMs industry. Our SARMs blog dedicates itself to uncovering the best and worst suppliers of research materials online. We do the work so you can reap the rewards with a successful research project.

Whether you’re ordering a bottle of Ostarine or some LGD 4033 capsules, you want to know you’re getting the best. In this post, we’ll look at the offering from Umbrella Labs. Does this company offer top-quality research chemicals and SARMs? Read on to find out. 


Who is Umbrella Labs?


Umbrella Labs are a dedicated SARMs and peptide distributor and manufacturer. The US-based company has one of the best SARMs offerings online. You get a comprehensive product range, with excellent quality control, and reasonable pricing. 


What does Umbrella Labs sell?

Products Sold

Umbrella Labs offer you a full range of SARMs. You get the choice of the following compounds in powders, capsules, and liquids.

  • MK-2866
  • RAD-140
  • SR-9009
  • GW-501516
  • S4
  • S23
  • RAD 150
  • YK-112
  • MK-677

You get your SARMs in 30mlk bottles. Considering the price, that’s a high price point for research materials. 

SARMs available from Umbrella Labs include cardarine, mk 677, and ostarine.

What we like about this source


Umbrella Labs do well at expressing its insistence on quality. The website has interesting information on the QC/QA process, and the third-party testing each batch of research materials undergoes before its sale.

Whether you’re buying a bottle of Testolone or some Ostarine powder, you’ll get nothing but the best high-quality SARMs from Umbrella Labs. The price is steep, but the results and quality guarantee are worth the extra money.


Recognizing the Umbrella Labs branding


The Umbrella Labs branding is like the company in the “Resident Evil” franchise, which is clearly where the company got the idea for its name and theme. Their bottles come with little that’s impressive about their appearance. The clear glass bottle doesn’t give much in the way of light protection from UV, and the label looks like a hand-drawn sticker. 

The powders and capsules also suffer from a lack of professional packaging. We think Umbrella Labs should ask the Umbrella Corporation for more funding for better packaging. 


Does Umbrella Labs do 3rd party testing?

Lab Testing

When we look for a reputable sarms source, third-party testing is a significant point that determines our view of the company and its products. Without third-party testing, there’s no way to determine the efficacy or safety of the product. We recommend you only work with companies that offer third-party testing and are willing to show you the results of the tests on request. 

With Umbrella Labs, you get a third-party-tested product. Umbrella Labs work with top-quality testing equipment, including strict QA/QC protocols to manage the process. The lab uses high-performance liquid chromatography, as well as liquid/gas chromatography-mass spectrometry. 

Umbrella spares no expense in the testing phase, and its quality control measures are the best we have seen in the industry. We wish that other companies were so open and transparent with its testing. 

Umbrella Labs COA from their lab testing company MZ BioLabs

Does Umbrella Labs offer a guarantee?


Yes, Umbrella Labs offers a returns policy that refunds you if you return the product in its original packaging. Whether you’re returning a bottle of Andarine or some MK-667, Umbrella has a customer service department willing to help. 


What payment methods does Umbrella Labs accept?

Payment Methods

Umbrella Labs only works with credit card payments through the MESH network. As a result, you can only pay for orders up to $1,000 using this payment method. 

However, the site also offers payment through other payment gateways. You have the option of choosing the following payment gateways when checking out. 

  • Money Order
  • Apple Pay Debit (US banks only)
  • Zelle (USA banks only)
  • Cryptocurrency payments with Bitcoin

How does Umbrella Labs ship out orders?

Shipping Policy

Yes, Umbrella Labs ship both locally in the United States, and to international locations. When checking out with your order of YK11S23, or any other SARM, you can choose free delivery in the US with USPS, or expedited mail delivery with USPS Priority Express for up to $30 if you just can’t wait for your research materials.

Umbrella Labs has offices in Arizona, but it ships SARMs and research materials across the world. The company works with USPS and USPS Priority Express for international orders. 

Umbrella Labs will send orders to most international destinations, check the website for more information on all countries available on its shipping roster. 


Are there discount codes available for Umbrella Labs?

Discount Codes

The site automatically presents you with a 10% discount when navigating away from the home page. 

You can use the discount voucher on your first order, whether you’re buying a bottle of Cardarine, or ordering a stack. We saw some sale discounts for 10% off in late July when looking through social media accounts. 


What do customers say about Umbrella Labs?


It’s clear that this company values its social marketing, and the posting frequency and quality are great. The company is active on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. The account has good-quality content, but few followers and low post engagement. 


The Verdict on Umbrella Labs

Final Verdict

We think that Umbrella Labs has one of the best offerings for SARMs online. If you’re an American-based researcher looking for top-drawer research materials, Umbrella is a great choice. With high levels of purity and third-party testing, you can rely on the products you get from Umbrella Labs. 

The prices are a little on the higher side, but you’re getting a top-quality, third-party tested product. We think that Umbrella is a top choice and one of the best suppliers online.

If you want to find the best SARMs at the best prices online, check our list of sarm sources for more reviews on the best and worst SARMs distributors. Have you worked with Umbrella Labs before? Please leave us a comment. We want to hear about your experience with these SARMS!

Specification: Umbrella Labs


United States


Afinils, Nootropics, Peptides, Racetams, SARMs


Liquids, Raws, Capsules, Injectables

Payment Methods

Credit Card, Crypto, eCheck, Other, Zelle

Shipping Options

USPS Priority Mail

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  1. Jason L.

    been ordering from umbrella for years they have legit products

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  2. Rod

    Fast shipping good products will buy again

    + PROS: Everything
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