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Providing 3rd party laboratory analysis is the most important factor in becoming one of our recommended sources. Unfortunately, Kingdom Anabolics does not provide those results. There is also no contact information for their company on the website. Therefore, we can not recommend them or vouch for their credibility.
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  • Encapsulated SARMs for sale
  • Clean branding and easy to use website
  • No lab tests available
  • No reputation
  • No contact information available on their website

Kingdom Anabolics Review: Trusted Sarms or Bunk Source?

Kingdom Anabolics review by
6/11/2023 – Update

Kingdom Anabolics is no longer in operation. They did not provide us with a reason for closing down. You can find an alternative source from our Verified Source Program.

There are so many sources out there selling bunk products, so how do you know which companies and websites are legit? We’ve reviewed over 70 stores so far to answer that question for you. In this post, we are having a look at Kingdom Anabolics.

You will learn who they are, what they sell, and whether they are legit or not. In particular, we will discuss their 3rd party lab tests and COAs (hint: they don’t have any posted).


Who is Kingdom Anabolics?

Company Info

Kingdom Anabolics is a global manufacturer of SARMs products. They operate an independent website and have no links to any other brands.


What does Kingdom Anabolics sell?

Kingdom Anabolics sells 8 different SARMs products

The site sells SARMs in capsule format, with regulated doses. When logging onto the site, you have two options for purchasing SARMs, beginner and advanced.

The Beginner selection includes the following:

The Advanced SARMs Selection includes the following compounds

It’s not clear why they separate their products into these two sections. Cardarine, for example, is by no means a “beginner” compound.


What Kingdom Anabolics does well


Kingdom Anabolics get it right with separating beginner and advanced users of SARMs for research projects. When starting your first interaction with SARMs, there’s no need to burn the house down with the most potent products.

The beginner range from Kingdom Anabolics has four compounds that provide consistent results. The advanced products like Testolone, give you room to advance after tapping out on the entry-level compounds like Ostarine first.

Does Kingdom Anabolics Stand Out in Any Way?

Kingdom Anabolics offers you high-quality SARMs at affordable pricing. The site is currently having a site-wide sale on all products. You get free shipping on all orders over $175, anywhere in the US. 


About the KA Brand


The KA branding is clean and impressive, giving the impression of a top supplement brand rather than a SARMs manufacturer. There’s no crazy pictures of Godzilla on the labels, or genetic DNS strands floating in the background.

You get a white bottle with black “KA: font, and gold trim. The offering is impressive and gives a premium look to the packaging. The branding fits well with the website, and the layout on the site feels minimalist and easy to navigate.

Kingdom Anabolics works off the Shopify platform, so the site is easy to use. We prefer a black-on-white reverse color theme, as the current white backgrounds are not easy on the eyes when reading the site.


3rd Party Lab Testing Results

Lab Tests

Kingdom Anabolics has its slogan, “SARMs you can trust” all over the site. However, there is no page showing any third-party testing results for its compounds. The website makes no mention of third-party testing or any testing at all for that matter.

There is no discussion over where they source raw materials or any processes involved in manufacturing your SARMs. We have to say we don’t like this non-transparency from the company’s producing SARMs.

All of the verified sources on our list are reputable manufacturers with solid industry reputations. Whether you’re buying a bottle of Stenabolic or S4, you want to know it’s from a quality source.
However, with Kingdom Anabolics, there’s no way to verify the contents of the SARMs you’re getting. That’s always an issue with us. Many of these labs mix up batches consecutively using the same equipment without cleaning the vats first.

As a result, you get cross-contamination in your SARMs. The only way to ensure this isn’t happening is through independent third-party testing of the products. Unfortunately, that’s not available with Kingdom Anabolics.


Does Kingdom Anabolics offer a guarantee?


Kingdom Anabolics offers a 30-day refund policy on all purchases. However, you must return the product unopened. There is no information online about customers experience with their return policy, presumably because they’re not a very large company.

You should know that their website states that they do not accept returns after 30 days.

Return Policy from Kingdom Anabolics
Return Policy from Kingdom Anabolics

What payment methods do they accept?


If you want to check out with a bottle of Andarine on Kingdom Anabolics, you have several payment portals. You can pay with Discover card, Visa, MasterCard, or Visa Electron. The site also supports PayPal payments for your SARMs.

Secondary payment gateways from the platform include Apple Cash, Zelle, and CashApp. One of these payment options is sure to settle your order. When paying using one of these alternative payment methods, make sure you email the support team a copy of your receipt to start processing your request.


What is their shipping policy?


Kingdom Anabolics ship parcels via USPS. The company ships orders within 1 to 3-business days and deliveries in the US can take between 2 to 5-business days. The company does ship internationally via USPS, and all orders receive tracking numbers.

Shipping Costs

With Kingdom Anabolics, you get free shipping in the US for all orders above $175. International orders will confirm shipping fees at checkout. If you want a quote on shipping, contact the customer service email for a request.


Where can I find a discount code?


When signing up for the site, you’ll get a discount coupon for signing up with the website. You’ll have to spin the wheel to claim your prize, and it could be as much as 15% off your first order.


What are customers saying about KA?


When searching on social media, we couldn’t find any accounts relating to Kingdom Anabolics. Therefore, there’s not much to say about the platform’s credibility, its social proof, and its products.

With no-one talking about the products online, or on Reddit, it’s challenging to make a value decision. However, we couldn’t find anything wrong about them online either.


The Verdict on Kingdom Anabolics

Final Verdict

The packaging looks good, the pricing is right, and it’s a US product. However, there’s no third-party testing and nothing on the site indicating the raw materials used in the manufacturing process. We would feel more confident recommending this site and brand if it offered reliable third-party testing data.

As you know by now, the most important thing consumers should look in a source is verifiable lab testing. Since Kingdom Anabolics does not offer that yet, we can not recommend them as a source.

To find the best SARMs at the best prices, check out our verified source list. Have you had any experience dealing with Kingdom Anabolics? If so, please leave us a comment below and outline your experience with them.

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