Recon Peptides Review and Purity Tests

Recon Peptides is becoming a popular source for sarms and other research chemicals. They even started selling kratom as well. But are they legit? We dive in to find out the truth.
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If you are looking to purchase selective androgen receptor modulators, or SARMs, or peptides it can be hard to determine which online merchants best fit your needs. There are so many choices out there and every one of those options declare themselves the best in the business, so drilling it down to reliable sources can seem like an insurmountable task.

This Recon Peptides review is meant to be a guide for seasoned and novice SARMs users alike, and to determine whether this is nothing more than another scam.


Website design and first impressions

First Impressions

How things look is an important and sometimes subconscious thing for consumers. While the initial look of Recon Peptides is very appealing, it is completely devoid of anything other than “home” and “shop.”

There are only two options under the shop tab for research chemicals and peptides. There is nothing on the homepage about the company or the products or anything. There is no copy on this website whatsoever. It is stark and empty and honestly it just feels weird.


What payment methods does Recon Peptides allow?

Payment Options

As weird as the starkness of the website as a whole is, so too are the very limited payment options. One option allows for an invoice to be sent to a customer, with promise of the product shipping almost as soon as the invoice is fulfilled. The other option offered is AltCoin and, to be honest, I have no idea what that even is.

They do however have the option to add a discount/coupon code, so that is something, I guess! The utter lack of information makes me very wary of this website and I cannot imagine wanting to do business with a company that does not include copy or terms and conditions or company policy or contact information.

Everyone has a right to do business as they see fit, and consumers have a right to choose other companies that offer a bit more security when it comes to online shopping. True, Recon Peptides does not require customers to divulge their sensitive payment information on their site, but it also does nothing to market itself as a company I would want to business with, either.


What does the internet say about Recon Peptides?

Public Reviews

Like it or not, perception makes a big difference when it comes to marketing and wooing consumers. When I go on a website like this one that has no copy, no customer testimonials or reviews, no customer support or contact information of any kind, and absolutely no self-promotion, I am immediately suspicious of this company in general.

Just as a bare bones Facebook profile page is a sure indicator of a troll or a scammer, this website does nothing to ease the minds of online shoppers who are hyper aware of the risks of online transactions and information exchanges.

As far as I can tell, their prices are a bit lower than that of their competitors, but not low enough to justify forgoing all security when it comes to who I do business with.


What can I achieve with Recon Peptides’ products?


According to Wikipedia, peptides are “short chains of amino acid monomers linked by peptide (amide) bonds.” SARMs, on the other hand, get their magic from the selective part of their name. Essentially, the targeting abilities of SARMs allow them to impact only the muscle and bone cells of the body, whereas peptides and steroids affect every single cell they meet. This is why there are so many unfortunate side effects with anabolic steroids, they hit the body in a full-on assault, where as SARMs come in gently and only mess with the cells they are meant to improve.

SARMs were developed as medical research chemicals. They have been proven to not only build muscle mass and bone density, but they can physically regenerate mass and density that had been previously lost. These strides have been invaluable to patients who suffer from bone wasting diseases, such as osteoporosis.

Unfortunately, very little official medical research has been conducted on SARMs, thanks in large part to the stigma associated with them being used for body building and the like. That also means, however, that there have been no regulations set regarding their contents. Because of this, many of the products on the market are mislabeled, meaning that the user runs the risk of experiencing the side effects of steroids. Further research is required to be able to ensure that each and every product on the market available to consumers is filled with safe ingredients that deliver what is promised and nothing more.


Does Recon Peptides offer customer support?

Customer Support

Based on the state of the website, I was not at all surprised to find that there was no customer support option on the website. This fact alone would be enough to turn me away from this website forever. It is very important to me to know that companies I choose to do business with take customer service very seriously. I need to know that the place where I choose to spend my money prioritizes the security of my information and my finances, and I certainly do not get that sensation when perusing Recon Peptides.


Is Recon Peptides Legit? The final verdict.

Final Verdict

The answer to this question is pretty cut and dry, as far as I am concerned. While it may be very tempting to let their low prices win you over and convince you to give them a try, I am not sure that those low prices are worth a complete lack of any guarantee from the company themselves. There are a couple of favorable testimonials that can be found online if you really look hard enough, but they were mostly just enamored with their prices. As far as I am concerned, you cannot put a price on peace of mind, and that is not something has any concern for.

Instead of risking your sanity and your financial security by forgoing service for cost, checkout these recommended sources. These companies have the highest standards of purity in the industry.

5.4Expert Score
Recon Peptides

Recon Peptides is an online vendor of sarms, kratom, peptides, and research supplies. They are based in the united states.

Product Selection
Payment Options
  • Large selection of products
  • They take altcoin payments if that's your thing
  • They've shifted over to selling kratom instead
  • Some complaints found online about the purity of their products
  1. I bit the bullet and ordered IGF-1 LR3 and BPC 157 from Recon Peptides. The items shipped the next day and I had the product within 4 days from ordering. The items were packaged very well and arrived intact. I will be starting my cycle today and will keep you posted on results.

  2. Very very legit & high quality my go to source on peptides they have never let me down

  3. Placed order and half of it was missing. No more responses from recon. Only out $50 lost so I’m more pissed about being ghosted than the money.

  4. Ordered before and it was ok but recently ordered $150 worth abd they ghosted me. DO NOT ORDER FROM THEN! I’ve written multiple emails abd no response , it’s been two weeks.

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