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Infinity Labs, a now-defunct SARMs store, struggled with a cluttered, perplexing website. The store provided a variety of standard SARMs and unique offerings, yet exclusively accepted Bitcoin payments and offered no discounts.
  • Shut down and no longer in business

Infinity Labs Review – Our Thoughts On This SARMs Store

6/20/2023 – Update

Infinity Labs has shut down and is no longer in business. Find an alternative from the Verified Sources List and be wary of imposters claiming to be Infinity Labs.

Infinity Labs review

There are several ways to get your body fit and get yourself in good health conditions. Diet and exercise are the most important factors in this process. Not only that, but other things like sleep, stress, and hereditary conditions also influence your health.

Assuming every other part of your lifestyle is in check, exercise is the one area you have the most control over. Even if you devote yourself to the gym, sometimes you need something extra. This is where SARMs come into the picture.

SARMs are selective androgen receptor modulators and function like testosterone, giving you the results of steroids without the negative side effects. People also use SERMs, which are selective estrogen receptor modulators, and reduce the efficiency of the estrogen in cells.

Though SERMs are used for a variety of other reasons, like slowing the effects of breast cancer, they also assist in ultimately increasing the level of androgen cells in your body, giving you the muscle definition you’re looking for.

Finding reputable sites for SARM purchases is challenging. The market is not very refined, so there are many fake sites out there. However, this Infinity Labs review is here to help. Is Infinity Labs legit or a scam? You decide.


First impressions of Infinity Labs


Upon first glance, the Infinity Labs website is very packed. It has several sections showcasing different aspects of the site. There are mixed sections for a brief explanation of the site, before and after pictures of past users, and products displayed all on a single page.

Other websites have a simple layout, but Infinity Labs is crowded, making it difficult to navigate. While there are links at the top of the page that take you to different areas of the site, it gives a bit of a messy look.

Beyond the look of site, their company clearly focuses on its clients who use SARMs for personal gain through ingestion. Considering the fact that SARMs are banned in some countries, this may not be a smart move for the company.

Not to prematurely discredit them, Infinity Labs could be located in an area where they’re not banned. Regardless of where they’re located, Infinity Labs needs to work on advertising for research clients as well.

It doesn’t point to a scam, but it provides better customer representation.


What SARMs does Infinity Labs Sell?


When you find your way to the product section, expect to see a pretty decent list. Infinity Labs provides a good selection of goods. Most of them are found on many SARMs sites, so you’re not missing anything important. The list of available SARMs from them includes:

Special Products

In addition to these standard products, Infinity Labs also gives consumers something extra. They have gym supplements for both pre and post workout needs, as well as sleep aids. Supplements also include an appetite suppressor and an energy booster.

They also provide a special product called ‘SARMAGEDDON’ that combines RAD 140, LGD 4033, MK 2866, GW 501516, and MK 677 to give you a powerful SARM.

It puts all of the major SARMs in one capsule, so you don’t have to buy them separately. Although this product cost double the amount of the others sold on their site, it’s apparently worth it because it’s very highly rated.


What payment methods do they accept?


While the list of products available at Infinity Labs is impressive, the payment methods they offer are not. There’s only one way to get your hands on their SARMs and that’s through Bitcoin.

They do give you a step-by-step guide on how to get into cryptocurrency, exchange cash for Bitcoins, then transfer the Bitcoins to their email, but it’s a lengthy process. Online shopping is made for convenience, and that’s definitely missing here.


Is there any way to get a discount code?


Sadly, there’s no Infinity Labs discount / coupon code you can use on their site. This is a surprise because almost every website, SARMs related or not, gives their customers a little treat for their next purchase.

It’s an incentive to keep them coming, but it also leaves customers a bit more money in their wallet. Infinity Labs doesn’t mention coupon, nor do they offer email/newsletter sign up discounts.


What are the payment and shipping methods offered?

Shipping / Payments

This is where things get very dicey. Where other SARMs websites give some information about how long it takes to get their products to you, Infinity Labs has nothing. Not one page or even section is dedicated to shipping or return policies.

No information is given, leaving the customer in the dark. How long should it take to get your SARMs? What should you do if you want to return something? No one knows, and unfortunately, there’s no way to find out through the Infinity Labs website.

On top of that, your order needs to be a minimum of $500 before they process it. That’s a very steep price considering most minimums are around $100. When it comes to shipping fees, the prices are also through the roof.

There’s a minimum of $30 shipping on all orders, with more added if you live in a different country. It just seems like there’s a lot of money involved for very little security about receiving the product or a refund.

This is something that Infinity Labs could definitely improve on to make for a better customer experience.


Does Infinity Labs have good customer service?

Customer Service

Customer service methods is another place where Infinity Labs takes a hit. There’s a very poorly designed electronic form you can use to get in touch with the company about your order. Aside from that, they’ve got nothing.

No phone number, no physical address, no direct email, everything else is missing. There’s no time frame given as to when you should receive a reply, so again, this makes for poor customer service.

With all of these factors combined, it doesn’t seem like you can expect much from your Infinity Labs purchase. They have a good website, but the things needed for a good SARMs buying experience are just not there. If you want a great experience every time, have a look at these sources instead.

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