Review – Is This Company Legit? is a SARMs seller that focuses on liquid solutions and blends. Their popular products include "Monster Mass Five", a five sarm blend, and Drift, a CBD + MK677 blend for sleep. Learn the truth about this brand in this review. logo

When it comes to procuring your selective androgen receptor modulators, or SARMs, the process is not nearly as cut and dry as it was even just a year ago.

2018 was kind to SARMs, with new regulations and warning coming out about them all the time. That is why, when you do go online to purchase these products, it is important to know that the merchant you choose to spend your money with is a trusted, reliable source.

This review is meant to be a guide for consumers of all demographics when it comes to shopping for your SARMs online.

By the end of this you should know one way or another if you are going to continue your business with them, or you should pass on ordering from them.

Update April 2021: SarmSource is using “Impulse Analytical”, a known fake lab. We must advise to stay away from this source until they produce verifiable COAs.
SarmSource COAs from Impulse Analytical

First impressions of SarmSource

Initial Thoughts

As soon as I open up the homepage for, I am assaulted by a pop up. While this would normally peeve me to no end, this offers an automatic 15 percent discount, as long as you submit your email address for their mailing list.

If you are going to assault users with a pop up, I assure the only way to not lose customers is for it to include a discount.

Once you submit your email address, you receive a discount/coupon code that can be used on your very first purchase.

Once you get past the pop up, the website is very aesthetically pleasing to look upon. The blue and black color scheme is sharp and clear and adds the perfect amount of contrast against the white backdrop of the homepage.

The homepage contains pictures and links to their top selling products, as well as customer testimonials if you scroll down a bit. The formatting is neat and organized and provides a pleasant browsing experience.


Does SarmSource have good customer service?

Customer Support

Customer service options are the first thing I look for when deciding whether to trust an online merchant with my sensitive personal information and my credit card numbers.

That is a nonnegotiable condition for me.

If this company has not seen fit to invest in a dedicated department meant to help customers and remedy mistakes, then they are not worthy of my precious cash. features boldly on their homepage the claim that they are “always online” and give the “fastest response in the industry.”

Despite this claim, their customer service page is little more than a contact sheet, in which the user submits their personal information and synopses of the problem so that a tech can return their inquiry at his convenience.

While they may be very quick to get back to those inquiries, I expect a company boasting to be “always online” to have a way to start immediate conversation, rather than waiting on a tech to respond to an email.


What is the return policy for

Return Policy

Many websites selling SARMs have very vague, confusing, or stringent return policies.

Typically, what I see is something like:

must be returned within 30 days of delivery, in the original packing, and the product must not be opened.

While that is a pretty rigid policy, at least there was some recourse should something go wrong with the transaction., however, offers no return policy whatsoever.

However, instead of just ignoring this fact, I do appreciate that there is a dedicated link that directs the user to a page explaining why they do not offer returns on their products.

They explain that, due to the nature of the research chemical business, no products can be returned. They go on to state that there are regulations that prevent them from being able to accept product back once it has left their warehouse.

Based on my experience with other SARMs merchants, I do not believe that this is actually true. It sounds like a great reason not to have to grant returns, but a quick search of other sites shows that there any number of SARMs merchants that do grant returns, as long as the strict guidelines are adhered to.

This screams lazy business and is not something I would want to be associated with.


What does sell?

Products Sold

The products offered on are in line with other industry standards. They have a fair variety and comparable prices. Some of the products offered on are:

Should you find yourself purchasing these products in bulk or for an established place of business, offers wholesale prices for those who qualify.

Products available from the SarmSource website

Why do people take’s SARMs?

SarmSource SARMs

One of the main reasons SARMs are not more popular is because they have been poorly associated with body building and the like. However, SARMs were actually developed for patients with bone wasting diseases, like osteoporosis.

Not only can SARMs help maintain bone density and muscle mass, they can physically help to restore some of it that has been lost thanks to the wasting disease, which had never been previously done.

Because of the nature of SARMs and their selective, targeting power, SARMs only affect bone and muscle cells, leaving all other cells to do their thing.

This is why proponents argue that SARMs are infinitely safer that steroids, because steroids affect every single cell they come into catch.

More research would be great to try and get these potentially life-changing substances regulated and on the market saving and helping people.


Is Legit or bunk?

SarmSource Legit?

They were looking pretty good until I got to the payment page. After I clicked on “check out” from my cart, I was directed to a page that tells me “oops, something went wrong,” and that for some reason I am restricted from accessing the payment page.

That is going to make completing my payment pretty challenging. Because of this reason and others, you are much better off shopping with one of these sarm suppliers for now. Every experience with them is a pleasant one.

5Expert Score

SarmSource has been around for a while, but I had to update this review once I saw their COAs. The lab doing their “testing” is not legit and does not exist. I would advise to stay far away from this source.

Product Selection
Payment Options
  • Fun blends including a CBD and MK 677 sleep formula
  • Good selection of products
  • COAs are most likely fake
  • Very high prices
  • Limited payment options
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