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SarmsPharm doesn't offer anything particularly special, but they don't have to. They have lab tested products at a fair price, and have a solid reputation. Although you won't be "wowed" by this source, you also won't get scammed.
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  • Company has been around a while
  • They sell other "non sarms" products (DMAA)
  • Lab testing available
  • Some people have claimed their sarms are bunk
  • Limited payment options
  • No blends or stacks for sale

SarmsPharm Review, Coupons, Discount Codes, and more

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6/13/2023 – Update

Sarmspharm is no longer in business. Watch out for imposters claiming to be Sarmspharm. We will update this page with their official URL if they do decide to reopen.

In recent years, Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators (SARMs) have surged in popularity in the bodybuilding community. However, their reputation often sparks divergent viewpoints. According to the United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA), SARMs offer the muscle-enhancing benefits of steroids without many of their adverse effects. Yet, they remain in a gray area due to a lack of comprehensive scientific research and bans in various countries.

Undeniably, opinions about SARMs are polarized. Some users staunchly defend them, citing minimal side effects, while others denounce their use based on adverse effects. Amidst these debates, several online platforms are selling SARMs, one of them being SarmsPharm.


First impressions with SarmsPharm

Company Info

When you first enter the website, it has a different feel from other websites. Oftentimes, other websites showcase bodybuilders who are in the middle of an intense workout session, while has a very professional look to it.

It seems that they’re more focused on reaching their researching clients. They give a focused vibe and seem to really back the product they’re selling in a variety of ways.

Beyond that, using the site itself has a very simple design and is easy to use. has easily identifiable links that lead to different areas around the site.

Pages include information about SARMS in general, as well as specific links for powder and liquid versions of the chemicals. There are heaps of customer reviews that appear to be written by real consumers, and they have an impressive ‘Contact Us’ page to direct buyer inquiries and concerns.

Overall, has a very thorough website and includes all of the important information you need to purchase SARMS right at your fingertips.


What does SarmsPharm sell?

Ligandrol, cardarine, and testolone from the SarmsPharm online store.
Liquid SARMs for sale in the SarmsPharm store.

Having a good website isn’t the only thing that’s required for running a successful business. It doesn’t really matter how well you’ve designed a website if your supplies aren’t up to par.

Looking into the chemicals available from, they have a pretty good selection of products. Most SARMS companies carry several of the same products, so fits right in with the rest of the market. They carry several chemicals, including offers both liquid and powder versions of their products. Other websites either focus on just one form of the chemical or have a big difference in between their forms. You can see that they focus on liquid over powder or vice versa.

However, with Sarmspharm this isn’t the case. They have a good hand on both of their product types, so that’s a big plus in proving the legitimacy.

Another important point to make here is that purity of their products. While the products offered through Sarmspharm are pure, their potency is somewhat lacking.

Other chemicals from various websites seem to give consumers more bang for their buck, so to speak. While this isn’t a very big issue, considering that they still get the job done, it’s definitely one to consider if you’re buying a product in bulk for research.


3rd Party Lab Testing Results

Lab Tests

The most important aspect of a sarms supplier is whether or not they provide 3rd party lab testing on their products. SarmsPharm gets a gold star in this area. They provide frequent lab testing results from Colmaric Analytical.

Here are the lab tests from July 2020 for LGD 4033:

Granted, this is just HPLC testing on a raw powder sample, but it’s still much better than what a lot of companies are offering.


What payment methods does SarmsPharm accept?


When it comes to payment methods, has a few different ones to offer. They accept VISA and Mastercard credit cards, although they have a $345 cap on orders purchased through this method. Update: As of August 2020, SarmsPharm no longer accepts credit or deibt card payments.

If you’re using these products for research, it might be difficult to buy a reasonable amount of product for just that much money. Sarmspharm also accepts Zelle and Bitcoin payments.

Both of those are rare methods of payment, but they seem to work fine for their consumers. There aren’t many who have complained about using these unorthodox methods of payment, so all is well in that respect.

Customers can also take advantage of a discount/coupon code when making their payment. This can be applied at the checkout screen right before submitting your order.

These coupons are presumably given to returning customers, as well as customers who have created an account.


What are the shipping and return policies

Shipping / Returns

The shipping rates are some of the better ones. They offer free shipping for orders over $100, which should be easy to reach if you buy these items in bulk.

They also have a decent shipping time, and you can expect to get your items within a few days.

Although the shipping rates are commendable, the same can hardly be said for the return policies. Their site has a confusing return policy, with specifications for almost every item. It seems to be a bit of a waiting game.

Contact image from SarmsPharm

You can return your item only in certain conditions, and you find out if your return in accepted and refundable after they examine your product. It takes a couple of weeks for this to pan out, so that means a longer wait time to get your money refunded, if they decide to refund it at all.

However, Sarmspharm seems to take customer service seriously, so how your situation turns out depends on the individual case.


Does Sarms Pharm have good customer service?

Customer Service

Speaking of customer service, Sarms Pharm has a lot of different ways to connect with customers. On their website, they have an email form you can fill out to inquire about shipping needs or just general consumer issues.

They don’t have a phone number or physical address included, so that leaves it a bit incomplete.

However, they provide links to their Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn accounts, making it easy for clients to connect with them and stay updated on news from them. The level of customer service you receive from them just depends on how much you use social media.

This and other aspects of Sarms Pharm can give you a good SARMS buying experience. You should also check out our full list of sarms sellers. Have you had an experience with this seller? Tell us about it in the comments section below!

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