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SarmKing Review: Another Bunk European Source? review

Have you been hitting the gym consistently, putting in the effort to get the body results you want, but don’t see them? This type of situation starts to wear you down quickly, and you lose your motivation to spend hours and hours in the gym.

Sometimes, you put in the work, but just need a little extra assistance in getting the specific cuts or muscle definition you’re looking for.

That’s where SARMs come in. According to Bhasin and Jasuja, SARM stands for ‘selective androgen receptor modulator’ and works a little like testosterone does. It helps your body use androgen substances more efficiently and helps you get the results you need.

There’s a debate on the positive effects of SARMs, and for this reason, personal consumer use is banned in some countries. This makes it hard to find SARMs sellers that give you legitimate products. It also doesn’t help that some SARMs websites blow up the prices of their goods to extreme values.

Luckily, this SarmKing review is here for you! Read on to understand factors like shipping rates and product availability, among others, and determine if there’s a scam you should be wary of.


First impressions with the “SarmKing”

Company Info

The first thing to look at when you’re determining the validity of a SARMs website is how user-friendly it is. If there are too many ads and suspicious looking links, chances are you’ve stumbled upon a SARMs trap and should leave the site immediately.

The good news is that this isn’t the case for SarmKing. When you enter their website, you find a polished and sophisticated domain for their products. There’s no ad, unusual pictures, or scientific jargon in sight.

To add to the user-friendly quality of the site, it has helpful and working links to different areas on their site. They also have a link to a company blog, something that’s not found on many SARMs websites.

Most websites focus solely on selling their goods and give off a don’t-ask-don’t-tell vibe about their products. But when you’re on their website, they seem to really know what they’re selling and wholeheartedly back their products without being fishy.


What does SarmKing sell?

Products Available

SarmKing is doing pretty good in terms of the products they sell. Most SARMs companies have a similar product list and their site matches most of what is sold across the board for SARMs merchants.

They have each product clearly labelled and also give a small description on what the product is and what its capabilities are. The substances that you can find at SarmKing include

Some SARMs companies sell their products in a capsule form, but SarmKing only sells liquids. This is both a good and a bad thing. Companies who sell their SARMs in capsules are ultimately trying to reach consumers who use them for personal gains through ingestion.

Because they only sell liquids, they can advertise their products for researching clients better because they won’t be penalized for breaking ban rules. On the other hand, they have less variety in their goods and don’t get as much revenue from single-use clients.

This is good for a consumer because at least it shows that they are law abiding and answers the question of “Is SarmKing legit?”


What payment methods does SarmKing allow?

Payment Methods

The company gives their consumers lots of options for payment methods. When you look closely at the bottom of their web pages, they include icons informing you of the acceptable payment forms. These include Paypal, Visa, Mastercard, Bitcoin, and several other options. Having all of these choices is not only more convenient for consumers, but it again shows the legitimacy of them with connection to other vendors.


Where can I find coupon and discount codes?

Coupon Codes

Speaking of payment methods, you can even snag a SarmKing discount/coupon code from their website. They have a specific tab just for current promotions they have going on. On top of that, they offer special discounts to members of their email and newsletter list.

Depending on how you look at it, it’s a great incentive to get you to keep buying.


What are Sarmking’s shipping / return policies?

Shipping / Returns

After the order has been placed, all that’s left to do is to wait for your package. Shipping rates for Sarmking are pretty standard. In a worst case scenario, you have to wait about a week before receiving your items.

They also have different shipping rates depending on where you live. Calculating this can get a bit confusing because other SARMs companies offer a flat rate fee for all items, regardless of where it ships to. You can receive free shipping if you accumulate an order of around $150.

As SarmKing is a company based out of Europe, this price changes for orders overseas. Again, figuring out the specific rates for your state or country in a challenge the first time you order.

If you’re unhappy with your order, they offer a 14-day return limit. If you choose to return your items within 14 days, they give you another 14 days to ship it back. However, the shipping costs to send them back are your responsibility.

Another problem is that they don’t refund any orders that get lost in the mail or are stopped at customs. While this is a rare occurrence, if it does happen, you won’t receive any refund or a new order at the expense of their company.

It’s not a very friendly way to handle something out of your control, but it is company policy to protect them in the case of customs issues.


Does SarmKing have good customer support?

Customer Service

If there comes a time you want to contact Sarm King about an order or issue, they have an electronic form that you can fill out and send to them online. They also have their physical address included in their ‘Contact Us’ section. No phone numbers or direct email addresses are given. So, their customer service methods are okay at best.

Our biggest recommendation is to check out one of these sources. SarmKing can give you a good experience when buying SARMs, but if you have a problem with your order, it seems like you’re on your own.

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