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Narrows Labs Review
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Name: Narrows Labs

Description: Narrow Labs is a US-based SARMs supplier. The company’s principles are to provide affordable, high-quality products and excellent customer service. They claim to be the number one source for performance, enhancement and research in the SARMs industry.

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  • Selection
  • Affordability
  • Payments
  • Reputation


Narrows labs is one of the larger companies out there, and they have developed a massive following. We really like their product selection, but were let down by their payment options. They push out a quality news letter and have great marketing.

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  • Large selection of products
  • Multiple different SARMs formulas to choose from
  • Good deals on bundles and stacks


  • They no longer sell Ostarine
  • Some question the legitimacy of their products
  • No money-back guarantee

In our SARMS blog, we dissect the product offerings from the top supplement websites and SARMs manufacturers. In this post, we’re unpacking the product offering from Narrows Labs.

There are products out there worth avoiding, and we aim to provide you with an honest review of the best place to buy your research materials.

Does Narrows Labs live up to its reputation as one of the best places to buy SARMs online? Our review will help you decide if it’s a site you want to do business with for your next research project.

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Who is Narrows Labs?

Narrows Labs are a team dedicated to improving performance. This website offers all the classic SARMs and research materials like LGD 4033, Andro products, TUDCA, and more. With Narrows Labs, you get the option of purchasing in capsules, liquids, or powders, with an extensive range of products.

What SARMS Do They Sell?

Narrows Labs sells all types of SARMs, with products in powder, liquid, or capsule formulation. If you’re looking for classics like Ostarine, or new-age SARMs like Testolone, Narrows Labs has a product for you.

They also sell SARMs bundles like these:

Sarms bundles for sale from Narrows Labs.
Narrows Labs sarms bundle package

What We Like

Narrows Labs sells high-quality SARMs, with a good reputation for its products online, thanks to its legion of Facebook fans engaging with the #TransformationNation research project.

Also, their company offers a wide range of research solutions, powders, and capsules. However, you can’t get everything in one or the other. For instance, there is no Ostarine in powder format.

How They Stand Out

Narrows Labs stands out from other research companies in that it advocates for male transformations. Narrows Labs wants to work with you. Narrow Labs feels your next research project can shine with its help.

The company offers support with your research, giving you a chance to lead the #TransformationNation.

With Narrows Labs, you can use your research program to get a foot in the door with supplement companies and other industry connections in health and fitness. The ambassador program is essentially an affiliate program.

The company awards you for participating, you get store credit, and discount coupons for purchases, with savings of up to 25% or more.

To sign up for the program, you have to note your aspirations for your research project. You’ll need to log everything in YouTube videos and send in monthly submissions to your account manager to qualify for payouts.


Narrows Labs know how to run the branding game. The capsule products come with many combinations and flashy labels promising gains for research projects. However, the company takes a different approach to its branding for powders and solutions.

The Stenabolic powder we got was in a clean white bag with the company logo and branding on the bag. It’s a clean look, without any excess color use. The liquids come in blue bottles with black caps, and you get a separate syringe for taking accurate doses from your dropper bottle. 

Lab Tests and COAs

Narrows Labs excels in the third-party testing of its products. We all want effective SARM products for use in our research projects, and Narrows Labs has an excellent range to suit the needs of any project requirements. You get a certificate of Analysis with every batch provided by Narrows Labs. 

Narrows Labs COA showing cardarine purity.

Refund Policy

Yes, Narrows Labs offers a full money-back guarantee on all its products. However, there is so much social proof to back up this brand.

You’re sure to get a good-quality product with your purchase. Whether you’re ordering a batch of S4 or YK11, Narrows Labs has plenty of options in all delivery systems, from powders to liquids and capsules. 

Payment Methods

Payment methods are where Narrows Labs starts to fall off the map. The company doesn’t offer any debit/credit card payments, and there’s no PayPal option.

If you want to pay for your order, you’ll have to do it with the CashApp, or with Zelle (you get an 8% discount), or with Connexus, or Cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency payments get a 15% discount, with multiple cryptos supported.

Narrows Labs Discount Codes

When signing up for the Narrows Labs email list, you get a 15% coupon you can use on your first order. There are plenty of promotions, and discount codes shared on the Facebook page.

Let’s not forget about the discounts you get for signing up to be a brand ambassador with the #TransformationNation research project.

Real Customer Reviews

Narrows Labs have a good following on Facebook, but there’s low engagement on the companies posts. Most of the social posts are your typical adverts, with plenty of the #TransformationNation promotional posts, including ads for all the products, from Cardarine to S23

The Facebook page is the best place to find out about new products, and the people who use them.

The #TransformationNation challenge has tons of user reviews of all different Narrows Labs products. The company is a marketing genius, and it’s the best way to provide social proof that’ its products work. There are dozens of stories from satisfied customers, and it’s by far the biggest customer review platform of any SARMs producer online. 

Does Narrows Labs ship internationally?

Yes, Narrows Labs ships its products internationally via USPS. You choose between USPS Express for faster shipping or USPS for free shipping on orders over $50 in the US.

What is the return policy for Narrows Labs SARMs?

They offer a money back guarantee for their SARMs products, provided you follow the steps outlined in their return policy.

What payment methods does Narrows Labs accept?

They currently accept crypto (bitcoin and others), bank transfers through Connexus, and various social payment apps like Cash App and Zelle.

The Verdict on Narrows Labs

Narrows Labs is one of the better SARMs providers out there. They offer quality products at affordable prices. The third-party testing on products is reassuring, and they have a solid reputation online.If you’re looking to find the best SARMs at the best prices, check out our blog, and our reviews on the best places to buy SARMS for your next research project. 

Have you ordered from Narrows Labs? Let us know about your experience with its products; we want to know! Leave a comment with your thoughts. 


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