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Olympic Labz, which has closed, was a SARMs vendor with limited payment options, higher prices, and strict return policies. Despite some concerns over product safety, it should be acknowledged that their absence of extensive customer support contributed to the company's overall challenges as a popular SARMs supplier.
  • None, it appears that they shut down
  • Limited payment options
  • Purity issues
  • As of 2023 they appear to have shut down

Olympic Labz SARMs is Closed For Good

6/20/2023 – Update

Olympic Labz has shut down and is no longer in business. Find an alternative from the Verified Sources List and be wary of imposters claiming to be affiliated with Olympic Labz. We recommend Chemyo, Sports Technology Labs, and Paradigm Peptides. We will continually update this page as more information comes out.

Olympic Labz review

If you were to Google “SARMs” (selective androgen receptor modulators), in under one second you would be inundated with no less than 5,930,000 results under the “all” tab. In those millions of results, you can inevitably find articles about the products themselves and any number of websites claiming to be the end all be all when it comes to purchasing your SARMs.

Olympic Labz is among those merchants, and they make bold claims stating they are the best in the business and are among the cutting-edge sellers of products that can help you “stack for bulking, cutting, mass, or building results.” Those claims are all well and good, but this Olympiclabz.com review is here to tell you if there is any validity behind those claims or if this is nothing more than a Olympiclabz.com scam.


About Olympic Labz


Olympic Labz has made sure to capitalize on the fact that their products have been mentioned on some big name, reliable media outlets. The first thing you see when visiting their site is them name dropping Buzzfeed, The Huffington Post, Gold’s Gym, Inc. Verified, and TED.

Just under that, they claim to be the number one choice for body builders, competitive athletes, endurance athletes, sprinters, cyclists, cross fitters, power lifters, and any regular Joe that is looking to build muscle mass and drop fat.

While there are a few “customer testimonials,” they look fabricated, and only touch on the product themselves, not the purchasing experience.


What is it like buying from Olympic Labz?


Like most SARMs merchants, Olympiclabz has a wide variety of products offered:

These are typical of what you can find on most merchant websites offering SARMs, so what is the actual purchasing experience like?

The website is stark and unappealing to look at, but the shop itself is straight forward. One major downfall of Olympic Labz is that they only accept credit cards, whereas many other sites find success in offering multiple payment methods, like checking accounts, bitcoin, and PayPal.

With so many people doing business online these days, you would be hard pressed to find a person that does not have and use a PayPal account, so not offering any of those alternate payment methods seems very short-sided.

Their prices also tend to run a bit higher than some other merchants, begging the question as to why anyone would choose to pay more for the same product. Don’t forget to look for a Olympiclabz.com discount/coupon code before hitting “check out!”


What are the shipping and return policies?

Shipping / Returns

Olympiclabz.com does rather set themselves apart in this category, as they offer their customers a 30-day return policy. However, they then fall into the same boat as all the others when they state that the product must be unused and returned in the same condition it was received, AS WELL as be returned in the original packaging.

They are banking on customers ripping open the packaging as soon as they receive the product and only then realizing that they have been given the wrong supplement.

They redeem themselves only slightly by offering partial refunds for products that are not returned in accordance with these strict guidelines. They also offer partial refunds for product returned after the 30-day window.

Be wary of purchasing any sale items, because only products purchased at full price are subject to be refunded; but at no time, no matter how much you paid for any given product, is your shipping and handling refunded. In fact, you are required to pay it again to have the product returned.


Why are people using Olympic Labz SARMS?

SARMs Benefits

There has been controversy surrounding SARMs for years. The “are they or aren’t they” argument regarding their safety has been waged ad nauseam and still no one seems to have come to any sort of agreement on the matter.

Health nuts love them because they produce stellar results without the side effects of anabolic steroids… or so they want you to believe.

According to the New York Times, the Food and Drug Administration, or FDA, has released a warning against SARMs, stating that they are often mislabeled and filled with any number of harmful substances and can lead to increased risk of stroke, liver toxicity, and heart attacks.

Advocates argue that these warnings are given simply because there hasn’t been enough research done on SARMs, meaning there have been no regulations set on them and their contents.

The main appeal of SARMs is that they typically yield similar results to anabolic steroids, but without all the terrible side effects.

Some of the more common side effects of steroids include heart disease, severe and chronic acne, kidney disease, hair loss, sterility, and many other terrible byproducts. This is because anabolic steroids alter a person’s body by affecting every single cell they meet.

SARMs, however, have a targeting power that allows them to only alter bone and muscle cells, leaving our other crucial cells alone to do their thing. SARMs have also been proven to drastically improve the quality of life of people with bone wasting diseases, such as osteoporosis.


Olympic Labz customer support

Customer Support

The customer support information on the Olympiclabz.com site is virtually nonexistent. There is a “contact” tab, but it directs to a seemingly blank page that upon closer inspection references an email address only.

There is no phone number, and no expectations for the customer as to what is to follow once they send an email. No time frame, no thank you for contacting us, nothing. As far as customer support goes, this does very little to assuage any concerns customers may have should they find themselves in need of assistance of any kind, not just with completing returns.

Dedication to customer service goes a long way in making Olympiclabz.com legit, as far as consumers are concerned.

When it comes to purchasing SARMs, your experience with Olympiclabz.com is likely to be moderate at best, and that is barring any customer service emergencies. If you are looking for a reliable, trusted, verified source to fulfill all your SARMs needs, check out these sources.

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