Side Effects of LGD 4033: 7x Symptoms to Watch Out For (With Fixes)

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Watch out for these LGD 4033 side effects

Are you about to start your LGD 4033 cycle? If this is your first SARMs experience, you’re in for a wild ride over the next six to eight weeks. Ligadrol (LGD 4033) is a pharmaceutical compound no classified as a research chemical. SARMs offer you all the muscle-building and fat-burning benefits of Anabolic Androgenic Steroids, without the unpleasant estrogenic side effects.

However, SARMs raise androgen levels in the body, and you only have so many receptors available. Therefore, it’s easy for newbies to find themselves stepping up the dose on their first cycle, into the risky zone, where side effects start to present.

We’ve all been there where we want to push the bar. Even when we’re experiencing outstanding results, we always want more – it’s the nature of bodybuilding and fitness. If you’re starting a cycle soon, you need to learn about the possible side effects associated with Ligandrol.

What are the Common Side Effects of LGD 4033?

Ligandrol is a SARM, and SARMs are not steroids. However, they still come with a level of risk associated with its use. Provided you stick to a recommended beginner protocol for your first cycle, and keep the dose low, you shouldn’t experience any sides. (1)

However, some users might be more sensitive than others. As a result, you experience a few side effects in the first week of your cycle. These sides fade as the body starts to adjust to the effect of the Ligandrol.

Some users might throw caution to the wind with their first cycle, chasing outrageous gains. However, upping your dose will certainly affect your body, and it might not all be positive.

Advanced users stacking SARMs or using higher doses will almost always experience some side effects. It’s a good idea to get your doctor to check your blood work before and after every cycle.

Back off your dose and wait three days to see if things calm down if you experience any of the following side effects.

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Water Retention

Water retention in the first week of use is common, producing sides like elevated blood pressure. However, these effects fade after a few days. If the water retention persists, back off your dose.

Elevated Blood Pressure

A rise in blood pressure typically comes with additional water retention from LGD 4033 in the first week of use. This side effect fades after the water retention subsides.


Headaches are another side effect associated with an increase in blood pressure and water retention. This side, too, will pass.

Increased Liver Stress

Some studies show the use of Ligadrol causes an increase in liver enzymes, even at low doses. (2) However, we can’t trust that the patient was using this dose as it was not a controlled study. If you notice signs of jaundice or experience pain in your lower abdomen on the right side, stop the use of LGD 4033 and seek medical attention.

Possible Gynecomastia?

Ligandrol is a potent SARM, attaching to androgen receptors in muscular and skeletal tissues. However, there are only so many receptors in your body. Flooding them with exogenous androgens means your natural testosterone has nowhere to go.

As a result, the testosterone aromatizes into DHT, causing estrogenic side effects like gynecomastia. This side effect only occurs at high doses, and you can control it with an AI like Aromasin or Armidex.

Mild Suppression of the HPTA and Testosterone Production

LGD is somewhat mildly suppressive on the Hypothalamic Pituitary Testicular Axis (HPTA). However, at higher doses, it can attribute to the shutdown of your natural testosterone production. (3) As a result, recovery from your cycle is harder and might require assistance with PCT drugs like Nolvadex or Clomid.

Reductions in HDL Cholesterol Profile

While you won’t feel this side effect, LGD 4033 alters your lipid profile, reducing HDL. A drop in HDL exposes you to cardiovascular disease.

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Tips for Managing the Side Effects of Your LGD 4033 Cycle

If you’re new to SARMs and looking to ensure you get the best first experience possible, stick to these rules.

Don’t Up Your Dose

People get effective results from as little as 5mg of Ligadrol per day. Increasing your dose is only necessary when your progress starts to plateau.

Don’t Extend Your Cycle

Don’t stay on too long. It’s tempting to keep the gains coming. However, the longer you go, the more sides increase. The HPTA will be harder to recover in PCT, and you might lose more of your gains. Staying on too long eventually leads to finishing gains and higher health risks.

Use Cycle Support

Remember to include cycle support like milk thistle supplements for your liver and kidneys. The more you can do to prevent side effects, the better.

Remember Your PCT

After wrapping up your first cycle, remember to use your PCT. PCT helps you cement your gains, bringing your HPTA back to full strength in as short a time as possible.


Ligadrol is a potent SARM, with outstanding results. A six-week to an eight-week cycle of this compound can change your physique, adding more lean muscle while stripping body fat. Doses as low as 5mg give proven results in the gym and the mirror. However, advanced users can push the dose to as high as 20mg to 30mg per day, depending on their experience.

LGD 4033 stacks well with other SARMs, and it’s a popular choice as a base drug when stacking. Ostarine and Testolone stack well with the drug, producing a synergistic effect.

However, it’s easy for newbies to overdo things with their first cycle. As mentioned, Ligadrol is powerful and may present side effects in some users. High doses and prolonged cycles are the most common cause of side effects showing up.

By managing your cycle length and dose per your SARMs experience level, you’ll ensure yourself a safe and effective cycle with this compound.

LGD 4033 Side-Effects FAQ

What do I do if side effects start showing up on my cycle?

Sides are pretty common in the first week as your body adjusts to the drug’s effect. However, if they persist past the first week, you might be running a higher dose above the 10mg range.

If you experience side effects, pull back on your dosage. More is not always better – there are plenty of athletes and bodybuilders making gains on as little as 5mg per day.

Do I need Nolvadex or Clomid for my PCT?

No, these drugs are not necessary for your recovery. LGD 4033 has a light suppressive effect on the HPTA. Therefore, your natural testosterone production never fully shuts down. Using an OTC test-booster, you’ll bring your HPTA back online to full capacity in a few weeks.

Individuals that run long cycles or high doses may experience a more pronounced suppression of the HPTA. If that’s the case, they should visit an anti-aging clinic and consult with a doctor. The doctor will analyze your bloodwork to see if your hormones need assistance with recovery after your cycle.

What is the best support-cycle stack to run for liver health?

If you’re going to use Ligadrol for cycles over 4-weeks, it’s going to raise liver enzymes. You can offset this effect on the organ by using a liver support supplement. There are numerous options out there but focus on a product that builds the formula around milk thistle as the primary ingredient.

Consuming your liver support with your LGD 4033 could affect the bioavailability and absorption of the compound. Therefore, it’s a better idea to take the liver support at 12-hour intervals after your dose of LGD 4033.

DISCLAIMER: The publishing website and author bear no responsibility for your use of Ligadrol (LGD 4033) or other SARMs. This post is purely for educational and informational use only.


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