Hardcore SARMs โ€“ Review, Products, and Lab Testing

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Hardcore SARMs Review
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Name: Hardcore SARMs

Description: Hardcore SARMs is a web retailer of high-quality products formulated by Hardcore Labs in Texas. This company offers local shipping within Australia and a wide selection of the best SARM compounds. The company promises the "strongest" SARMs on the market, with generous doses.

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Hardcore SARMs is a local Australian source offering high-quality products. They claim to mix their products to the highest concentrations, with US-manufacturing quality. However, there are no lab-tested results available for viewing on the site, so I can not recommend this company in good faith.

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  • Local Australian supplier
  • Generous dosages
  • Good discounts on stacks


  • The site has slow navigation
  • No third-party testing results on the site
  • Crypto-only transactions

Who Is Hardcore SARMs?

Hardcore SARMs is the Australian division of Hardcore SARMs US. This company has no accredited affiliation we can see, but it does claim it sources all products from Hardcore Labs USA, based out of Houston, Texas. As a result, they come with pharmaceutical-grade purity and generous dosages in each bottle.

The company offers competitive pricing on its products, with a large range of all the best SARMs for your research. Hardcore SARMs provide discounts for military personnel, law enforcement, and firefighters.

What Does Hardcore SARMs Sell?

Harcore SARMs offers a range of eight SARMs at the following prices.

GW-501516 (Cardarine)AUD $90.31
LGD-4033 (Ligandrol)AUD $93.05
MK-2866 (Ostarine)AUD $80.74
MK677 (Nutrobal)AUD $99.89
RAD140 (Testolone)AUD $106.74
S23AUD $90.31
SR9009 (Stenabolic)AUD $105.37
YK11AUD $90.31

The prices are excellent and around 30% cheaper than any other local Australian source. However, that sends us mixed messages.

It’s one thing for a company to undercut the competition’s pricing, but such a steep discount doesn’t build confidence in its product quality.

Hardcore SARMs also offers the following ancillary products for your cycle.

Novadex (PCT)AUD $73.86
Tadalafil (Cialis)AUD $73.89
Clenbuterol (Clen)AUD $71.16

The site has excellent prices, and they claim you can apply for a discount if you’re a military officer, firefighter, or part of law enforcement. The site also offers discounts for bulk buys.

Our discount bot will automatically apply our bulk buy discounts at the checkout.

  • Buy two products or more and get a 5% discount
  • Buy four products or more and get a 10% discount
  • Buy eight products or more and get a 15% discount
  • Buy 16 products or more and get a 20% discount
SARMs sold by Hardcore SARMs AU
RAD140, LGD-4033, and GW-501516 sold by Hardcore SARMs AU.

What They Do Well

Hardcore SARMs is a local Australian supplier of SARMs. That means no extra customs charges on your order and guaranteed delivery of your products. This is huge because the Australian government has been cracking down on the industry lately.

The site offers a decent range of eight SARMs, with YK11 and S23 available โ€“ which are harder to find at most other Australian-based sites. Hardcore SARMs is the lowest-cost provider, with affordable products and deep discounts on bulk orders.

The company offers generous dosages, with YK11 dosing at 15mg/ml, where most other products we saw at around 10mg/ml. Couple that with excellent pricing, and you have a real win.

Hardcore SARMs Vs. Other Australian Sources

We decided to compare Hardcore SARMs to other leading Australian suppliers, like Mr SARM and Core Labs AU. It turns out Hardcore SARMs has the most reasonable offer, with average prices saving you 30% on your purchase.

Hardcore SARMs offers better doses than the other two, and they have a better product range. The delivery times are as good as Core Labs AU, with speedy shipping directly to your door, and you don’t need to be at home to receive your parcel.

When it comes to purity, that’s still up in the air, as all three sites claim they use top-quality products. However, none of the three companies include any third-party testing results for customers to view.

This is why I recommend SARMTECH for people who want to have their SARMs shipped to Australia. They stock the best SARMs and offer a triple lab test report for all of their products. In addition, they offer a special “customs proof” shipping option that allows Australian customers to order with peace of mind.

When looking at the Facebook page, we see that the company only opened it in February 2020. Therefore, we assume Hardcore SARMs Australia is a new venture opened this year. The site is out of stock of all products at the moment, but it’s expecting delivery around the 28th of November.

๐Ÿ’ก Always buy SARMs from a reputable source like the ones found on the Source List >>

Bottle Size

Hardcore SARMs offer products in black glass bottles with black and white labels. The company’s branding of black-and-white branding amplifies the “Hardcore” side of the brand’s marketing. It gives the impression of a rugged product that will add slabs of muscle during a bulk or rip away pounds of unwanted fat during a cut.

The compounds come in 30ml bottles, with dosages ranging from 15mg/ml to 30mg/ml, depending on the compound. The bottles also include a dropper-lid for easy administration in your research.

Lab Testing Results

Hardcore SARMs Australia claims that it receives its products from Hardcore Labs in the United States. If that’s the case, then this company is doing something right. They seem to import products for 30% less than the competition using the same business model.

Either they have the best cost-cutting model in the game, or there’s something fishy going on here. The site says that Hardcore Labs in the US produces “Pharmaceutical-grade” SARMs. While that sounds fantastic, there is no lab certificate on the site showing the company’s claims.

That’s a massive red flag for us. If we speculate, the low cost and lack of testing certificate could mean the raws are coming from outside the United States โ€“ we’ll give you one guess of the origin.

We’d like to see testing results made public. It’s hard to recommend this company over someone like SARMTECH who does three tests on every single one of their products:

Lab testing done on australian SARMs

Guarantee and Return Policy

One of our pet peeves navigating this site is its optimization. It’s slow at opening any page on the site, and everything loads slow as well. (We were using a 100MB dedicated fiber line when viewing the site)

The site does not offer refunds or returns, and all sales are final. That’s not something that we like to see with any retailer. However, we think it’s a good idea. SARMs can break down during transport and storage, losing potency. By eliminating returns, customers can be sure they’re getting a fresh product and not a repacked one.

The company will replace lost or damaged items, but you need to notify the customer service team within 7-days. The company says you need to send a photo of the damaged goods, and they’ll issue a replacement.

The customer service er on the site seems good. While there’s no live chat, they seem to be on the ball with email support.

Payment Methods

One of the most interesting features about Hardcore SARMs Australia- is the payment methods available on the site. You only have options to pay with crypto for your orders. There are no options for e-wallet payment services like PayPal and no credit or debit card option.

Therefore, if you have no experience using cryptocurrency, you might find the site’s payment methods confusing and frustrating. However, if you pay in crypto, it offers you total anonymity from anyone intercepting your transaction.

The site accepts the following cryptos for payment on orders.

  • Bitcoin
  • Litecoin
  • Bitcoin Cash
  • Ethereum

Hardcore SARMs only accepts these four leading cryptos. After placing your order, the site issues you with a wallet address to make your payment.

Payments typically take a few hours to confirm. After receiving your payment, you’ll get a confirmation email on your order status and updates when it ships.

Shipping Policy

Hardcore SARMs states it tries to get orders out for shipping in 24-hours. However, if you place an order on the weekend, it will only go for shipping on the following Monday.

All products ship in unmarked boxes for your safety and privacy.

Do I Get Tracking Info?

Orders take two days to ship to locations across Australia, and the company emails you with tracking information after sending your parcel.

How to Get Hardcore SARMs Discount Codes

Hardcore SARMs Australia offers discounts on bulk orders directly on its site. The Facebook page had a 20% discount code, but we doubt that’s still available.

However, the site does have the best pricing in the game, and you can prick up products for great prices, with savings of up to 30% on competitor product listings.

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LGD 4033 is a reliable bulking agent that can help you pack on dry mass. It has very little side effects and can be ran for 8 weeks at a time. It stacks well with other SARMs and can be used to preserve mass while on a cut. Stack with RAD 140 for huge gains or with Cardarine to help melt off some extra fat while you bulk.
Your Result: RAD 140
RAD 140 is arguably the most powerful bulking SARM that currently exists. It does have a higher side effect profile than Ostarine or LGD 4033, but many feel that it is worth it. It is a staple in the advanced bulking stack. You can take it alongside LGD 4033, MK 677, and YK 11 to gain serious amounts of lean body mass in minimal time.
Your Result: Cardarine
Cardarine is not actually a SARM, but it is often referred to as one. It's main ability is to encourage rapid loss of bodyfat and increased endurance. It is a staple for many bodybuilders who are prepping for a show and need to lose excess body fat. Cardarine is best for those who are already doing cardio and want the ability to feel like they can go forever. Since it doesn't have any androgenic effects, females can safely use it.
Your Result: MK 677
This growth hormone secretagogue is a must add to any bulking or cutting stack. MK 677 increases the amount of HGH and IGF-1 that your body produces. Since it works by helping your body increase it's natural levels, you do not need to cycle off MK 677. It has zero notable side effects other than water retention. MK 677 works best when stacked with SARMs such as RAD 140 and LGD 4033 for a bulk, and Ostarine / Cardarine for a cutting cycle. MK 677 really shines in older users who have started to experience lower HGH levels. It can also be used by women safely.
Your Result: SR 9009
SR 9009 is a powerful SARM that has the ability to rapidly melt away excess bodyfat. It works by simulating your body's response to exercise. Users typically result large amounts of weight loss with an increase of body fat. Stack it with Cardarine for the ultimate cutting stack or use with Ostarine to lean bulk.

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What People Are Saying

It’s challenging to find out what people are saying about Hardcore SARMs. The company’s only social marketing comes from its Facebook account. The page has 166-likes and 177-followers, and that’s not what we would call a large audience.

Browsing through the social posts, we see there’s no engagement. There are two or three likes on each post, and we assume that’s from friends of the company or the company managers themselves.

There are no testimonials on the Facebook page or the site, and we guess you’ll have to take this company at its word.

The Verdict

Overall, we feel that Hardcore SARMs is one of the better local offerings for the Australian market. If the company’s claims of pharmaceutical-grade products are true, then they offer one of the best places to get your SARMs in Australia.

However, the lack of third-party testing results on-site and the rock-bottom pricing make this site somewhat suspect, and we’re uncertain of whether to recommend it for your SARMs purchase. Overall, go with SARMTECH or any of my other recommended SARMs suppliers.

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