The Ultimate Guide to SARMs in Australia

Are you searching for top-quality SARMs? With dozens of suppliers online, how do you know which supplier has the best deal and the best products? In this ultimate guide to SARMs in Australia, we’ll discuss how to get your hands on these compounds without getting on the wrong side of the law.

SARMs Disclaimer – SARMs are not legal for human consumption in Australia. This article and the author do not condone or recommend the use of SARMs. All information in this post is for recreational or scientific research purposes only.


Is it legal to buy and sell SARMs in Australia?

Right now, you’re probably wondering if SARMs are legal in Australia? After all, you see influencers using them on Instagram, and you probably overheard some guys talking about SARMs in the gym.

So, are SARMs legal? Can you buy them in Australia?

The answer is no, on both counts. But don’t worry, because there are still some SARMs sources that ship to Australia.

SARMs are scheduled drugs in Australia, and buying, selling, or using them can land you in hot water. The Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) regulates SARMs as Schedule 4 prescription medications.

That means you can’t buy or use them without a doctor’s prescription. Chances are your doctor is not going to write you a script for SARMs unless you are dealing with a serious medical condition – like a muscle-wasting disease.

Penalties for violating Australian drug laws laid down by the TGA are somewhat minor, and they vary from territory to territory across the country. The most severe penalty is in New South Wales, where you could land yourself with a 6-month jail term for using SARMs.

However, there are very few stories of people going to jail for SARMs use, and the cops usually have better things to do than a crackdown on illicit supply and use of SARMs.

🇦🇺 Best Australian SARMs Sources for 2021

Looking to buy SARMs but live in Australia? Check out the Verified Sources list to find a vendor that ships to your area.

Are Cardarine and Stenabolic Legal in Australia?

As of 2018, both Cardarine (GW-501516) and Stenabolic (SR9009) received Schedule 9 status from the TGA. This scheduling means that these drugs are not available for sale or use in Australia, even with a doctor’s prescription.

Strangely enough, that pouts these two compounds in the same scheduling status as cocaine.

However, using SARMs and supplying them within Australian borders is a severe offense. If you land a conviction for selling and distributing SARMs in Australia, you could face an AUD$1-miilion fine and up to 5-years in prison.

There are still a few renegade supplement stores selling SARMs in spots around Australia. These shops are in violation of the law, and some owners might not be aware they’re selling banned SARMs products.

Australian SARM Users

SARMs and Professional Australian Sports Athletes

SARMs are performance enhancers. From increasing strength and lean muscle mass to giving you more focus and energy in the gym and on the sports field – SARMs give you an extra edge. For this reason, they are on the banned substance list of almost every doping agency and sports organization around the world.

However, SARMs and steroids play a massive role in sports. Cyclist Lance Armstrong was the first high-profile athlete to come clean about his steroid and PED use during his career. However, he isn’t the only pro athlete on the sauce.

Take a look at any competitive rugby league game or any pro sports event, and you’ll notice that the athletes don’t look like humans anymore. The fact is that almost all pro athletes are using some form of PED to gain an edge.

Is Israel Adesanya on SARMs?

While we can’t back that claim up with evidence – where there’s smoke, there’s fire. Let’s look at the UFC, for example. Recently, the Kiwi fighter Israel Adesanya caused shock waves with his recent defeat of top contender, Paulo Costa.

While the fight was spectacular, the real incident of the night was the gynecomastia popping up on Izzy’s right pectoral. That’s a clear sign of PED use. When the media pressed Izzy on “#NippleGate,” the superstar champion responded in turn by blaming it on his cannabis use. We plowed through PubMed looking for research on marijuana, causing “gyno” and could find no published info.

However, Izzy did look at least 10 kg heavier on the night, and his kicks were heavier than ever. However, USADA never revealed any testing data on the champ.

Is Israel Adesanya on SARMs? This Kiwi fighter recently showed signs of PED use.
Is Israel Adesanya on SARMs? This Kiwi fighter recently showed signs of PED use.

Keeping it in the UFC, lightweight champion, Jon Jones, tested positive for a metabolite of Turnibol in January 2019. However, Jones was such a valuable asset to the UFC that USADA claimed he tested positive for “Picograms” of the metabolite, giving him no competitive advantage. Despite there being proven research, the performance advantage effects of steroids linger for up to a decade.

We’re not trying to slander the champ or Jon Jones here; we’re making a point. Pro athletes are all looking for that edge, and SARMs present them with a means to an end. The Australian Anti-Doping Association (ASADA) collects a record of banned athletes.

Simon McCoy from the Australian Weightlifting Federation (AWF) tested positive for a metabolite of LGD-4033, earning him a 4-year ban from September 2018 to September 2022. ASADA has a zero-tolerance policy for testing positive, and if you pop for any compound, you get a 4-year ban.

The reality is, professional sports are dirty, and there are plenty of athletes using any compound they can to get an edge. From mixed martial arts to soccer or rugby league, dozens of Australians use PEDS and SARMs to gain the competitive advantage they need.

Aussie Influencers on SARMs

Do Australian Fitness Influencers Use SARMs?

If you’re wondering about the legality of SARMs, and whether you should add them to your research, we don’t blame you. No-one wants to end up on the wrong side of the law.

However, if you spend a few hours scrolling through social feeds of top fitness influencers on “the Gram” or Facebook, you’ll find loads of them talking about their SARMs use.

We’ve even seen Australian influencers’ Instagram stories promoting and punting SARMs on their feeds and in their bios. These influencers aren’t going to jail, and no-one’s talking about the police beating down their door.

The reality is the cops have better things to do than chase your SARMs use. They’re looking for cocaine and meth dealers, and they aren’t interested in your bottle of Ostarine that winds up going through the Australian postal system.

We’re not saying that you can’t get in trouble for using SARMs, and as we mentioned in your disclaimer, we aren’t condoning the use of these compounds. However,

An example of influencers promoting SARMs use is “Chestbrah,” the brother of the legendary fitness influencer, “Zyzz.” Chestbrah owns “Shavershian fitness,” He goes into extensive conversations about SARMs aesthetic uses with other influencers on his channel and Instagram Live posts.

Chestbrah and Zyzz are both Australian, and they are deep in the fitness culture. Currently, Chestbrah has 315k followers on Instagram and 78k subs to his YouTube channel.

Aziz "Zyzz" Shavershian and Chestbrah Shavershian are rumored to have used SARMs.
Aziz “Zyzz” Shavershian

Buy SARMs in Australia

How Do I Choose a SARMs Supplier to Australia in 2021?

Choosing a SARMs supplier is challenging. As a newcomer to the scene, you have no idea of knowing what’s bunk and which sources offer the real deal.

At, we realize this is a problem. We want our readers to have a comprehensive resource of credible suppliers at their fingertips.

That’s’ why we introduced the Verified Source Program.

With our guides, you get the insider scoop on the best SARMs suppliers online. We bring you updates as we get close to the ban hammer falling, and we’ll always have the best sources recommended for our readers.

At, we want our readers to know they’re getting a quality product. The SARMs industry has plenty of scammers and people selling other bodybuilding drugs in the guise of SARMs.

Consuming SARMs from an unverified source could be hazardous to your health, and that’s why we put such a stringent requirement on independent, third-party lab testing results for all SARMs batches sold by suppliers.

Why Is Third-Party Lab Testing Important?

When it comes to selecting a SARMs supplier, we believe the most critical aspect of your assessment needs to be with the company’s third-party testing results. Some suppliers, especially Australian-based vendors, don’t offer on-site lab results for its products.

That needs to be a huge red flag for your assessment of a company or brand. Lab testing is a critical component of selecting the right SARMs supplier. Without lab testing, you have no way of verifying the source of the raw materials used in the production of your SARMs.

Therefore, the company could be selling you anything, from SARMs to steroids or prohormones. Many of these sites offer you “the highest purity” or “99% purity” in their marketing claims. However, they don’t have a shred of evidence to back up their claims anywhere on the site.

Since suppliers would likely be jumping at the opportunity to show you its lab certs, the fact they aren’t on-site is a concern. The top companies selling SARMs online all have the third-party lab results posted on the product page.

When it comes to the documents required for third-party lab testing, look for the following.

RAD 140 lab tested from SARMTECH, a verified source that ships to Australia.

These three independent tests form the holy trifecta of lab testing results for SARMs products. The only supplier we recommend that offers this triple-Lab certification process is SARMTECH.

SARMTECH is the leading supplier of encapsulated SARMs products. This US-based company produces some of the most high-quality products in the industry, and they have the triple-certification for all products on the site.

When you purchase from SARMTECH, you can rest assured that you’re getting the best SARMs available. This US company ships to Australia, and they guarantee delivery on all products.


Does Your SARMs Supplier Offer Refunds?

When choosing a SARMs supplier, it’s vital that you check if they accept returns and refunds. If it’s not available, then that’s another red flag to add to your supplier assessment.

A refund policy is not just some customer service gimmick. It’s how the company can put its brand and confidence behind the product, showing its customers that you’re getting a fair deal.

As a buyer, any company offering a money-back guarantee or free return is a good sign that you’re dealing with a legit source.

We found a few local companies offered returns in as little as a week or as long as 30-days. Liquid products typically come with no return policy, and you’ll have to live with it if you’re not happy with your purchase.

SARMTECH offers its products in encapsulated format. The powder in the capsules is more stable than the properties of the liquid SARMs found at many local suppliers.

Liquids can denature during transport, especially in the Australian summer heat. Therefore, using encapsulated powders is the best way to get an optimal shelf life of your SARMs when shipping.

SARMTECH has plenty of reviews from satisfied Australians discussing the quality and shipping convenience on offer from SARMTECH.

Shipping Times

What Shipping Times Can I Expect on My SARMs Order?

Shipping times are important for Australians. We live pretty far away from western countries, and logistics can be a nightmare on international orders. The last thing you need is to wait a month for your SARMs to arrive.

We live in an age of instant gratification, and we all want our products as soon as possible after checking out.

When ordering your SARMs, you have options to work with local suppliers of SARMs, or international companies. Local suppliers typically have the product on hand. They assume the risk of importing into the country and distributing within Australia’s borders.

Sure, they’re breaking the law, but it gets you your products quicker. The issue with local suppliers is credibility and product quality. If you research local Australian suppliers, there are a handful that offers shipping in three days.

However, with the Coronavirus pandemic sweeping the world, many local suppliers are out of stock. When ordering with local suppliers, you’re paying a premium over what you pay with other international suppliers. The local businesses put the shipping into their costs, and they must make a markup.

As a result, you end up ordering the shipping costs and the supplier’s markup. In the end, you’ll save anywhere up to 20% ordering internationally.

Many local suppliers purchase products in bulk and re-bottle here with their company branding. As a result, you have no idea of knowing the real source of the product. All the Australian suppliers we looked at promised 99% purity, or “the purest products,” but not one of them had a lab cert anywhere on the site.

With international SARMs suppliers like SARMTECH, the shipping might take two weeks, or maybe a bit longer. However, you get a guaranteed delivery, and you’re saving $20 to $30 on your order. In the grand scheme of things, we think you’ll feel good about saving money and getting a guaranteed delivery of the purest SARMs from a global leader in SARMs science.

SARMs shipped to Australia via USPS priority usually arrive within 7 to 10 days.
SARMs shipped to Australia via USPS priority usually arrive within 7 to 10 days.

Australian Customs

What Do I Do If Customs Seize My SARMs Order?

Since SARMs are illegal, there’s a chance that the Australian Customs Service may intercept your package in transit. Chances of seizure are slim, with more than 99% of all parcels making it to the delivery address.

However, due to the legality of SARMs in Australia, many Australians are hesitant to order them from overseas suppliers. Is there any logic in this? It seems reasonable; after all, won’t the government come after you for importing illegal medications?

The reality is that Customs receive thousands of parcels every day, and they’re more interested in finding hard drugs like heroin and cocaine. That said, if a Customs agent comes across your package, they will confiscate it.

From there, the Customs agent must follow protocol. That involves issuing a letter to your address, stating that Customs seized a package coming to you because it contained SARMs or steroids. According to information in forums, a few SARMs users had this unfortunate circumstance happen to them. Their response to the letter was to ignore it.

Unless you’re really unlucky, the government will leave you alone. We couldn’t find any cases anywhere online involving Australians’ arrest after Customs seized a parcel containing SARMs.

If you do receive a letter saying Customs got their hands on your SARMs, drop an email to the customer service team at SARMTECH. SARMTECH offers all its Australian customers guaranteed delivery. You get a 100% satisfaction guarantee, and SARMTECH will ship your order again, for free.

There are local SARMs suppliers based in Australia, offering SARMS to local addresses. That seems like the best way to send SARMs around the country, with guaranteed delivery. However, the issue is that we already vetted these local companies. Not one of them offers third-party lab certificates on their site.

That’s a huge problem for us. Without the lab certs and independent testing, you have no way of knowing the origin of the raw materials used in the product’s formulation. Trading local shipping and a faster delivery time for safety is not an option for anyone using these compounds.

Chances are, local suppliers with no lab certs on their sites – are getting their raws from China.

Guaranteed Shipping

Do I Need Guaranteed Shipping on My SARMs?

Sure, you could order locally and receive shady products in a few days. However, if you’re already planning a cycle, then you’re probably a patient person. We understand you want to start your cycle right away and that time waits for no-one when it comes to achieving your physique and performance goals.

With SARMTECH, you might have to wait a few extra weeks for delivery, but you get a top-quality product you can trust. SARMTECH understands the issues involved with Customs in Australia. That’s why they offer guaranteed delivery to any Australian address.

If customs seize your order, you just call SARMTECH customer support and request to resend the package. SARMTECH won’t ask any questions, and they’ll immediately dispatch your order.

However, SARMTECH is 99% sure you’ll receive your product without any hassle. The company claims it hardly ever gets any requests for resends, and they have plenty of Australians reviewing SARMs on the official SARMTECH website.

With SARMTECH, guaranteed shipping comes as a free service for Australians. There are no extra surcharges.

Aussie Availability

What are the Other Types of SARMs I Can Buy in Australia?

SARMTECH is our leading choice for the best supplier for Australians. This company has the best range of SARMs, as well as recommended SARMs stacks. SARMTECH is one of the few sites offering all eight SARM products.

SARMTECH offers you the best range, with excellent prices, and guaranteed delivery of your order. The site offers a 100% money-back guarantee, and all batch certificates are available for viewing for each compound.

What Is the Future of SARMs in Australia?

We doubt that the Australian government or sporting associations will make SARMs legal for use any time soon. At the moment, we think SARMs will remain listed as schedule-4 prescription medications only.

We may also see the scheduling of other newer SARMs like YK-11 and S-4 as researchers publish more studies on the compounds. There is practically no chance of SARMs being available over-the-counter in Australia in the future.

We will see continued interception of parcels from SARMs suppliers at Australian customs. With international shipping slowing, we expect customs authorities to increase their confiscation rate at customs ports.

We also see the industry moving away from legit products, with more underground labs (UGLs) popping up offering bogus products on fancy websites.

If you want to order SARMs in Australia, we recommend going with SARMTECH for all your future purchases. SARMTECH is the only company offering high-quality products to Australians. The company lists all third party lab certificates on-site, so you know what you’re buying.

SARMTECH also offers you guaranteed delivery and a 100% satisfaction guarantee on your purchase.

SARMs Vs. Steroids – Which Is More Effective?

Steroids are effective for building muscle and shredding fat. There’s a reason why steroids are so popular in bodybuilding and professional sports – it’s because they work. Give anyone that’s a top-tier athlete a steroid cycle, and they increase performance, sometimes by as much as 20% or more.

There’s no discounting the efficacy of steroids. However, we feel it’s an outdated product, offering too much risk. Australians that want to use steroids risk their freedom and their health. There is little to no information online from doctors on how to successfully administer a steroid cycle.

As a result, you end up relying on “Bro-science,” and that can cause severe adverse side effects on your health. Steroids can cause a permanent shutdown of the Hypothalamic Pituitary Testicular Axis (HPTA). They also lead to androgenic side effects like male-pattern baldness, and estrogenic side effects, like gynecomastia.

Playing around with steroids is not safe, and unless you are under doctor supervision, it’s a bad idea to play with your life.

SARMs are the new evolution of steroids. With SARMs, you get steroid-like results without the risk to your health. SARMs have little to no effect on the HPTA, reducing the need for estrogen management on cycle.

Since the suppression with SARMs is low, you get faster recovery without the need for a PCT. SARMs offer you the best of what steroids have to offer, without the health issues and side effects.

With SARMs, there’s no effect on your mood and no chance of developing estrogenic sides like gynecomastia.


Do I Need a Post-Cycle Therapy (PCT) with My SARMs Cycle?

Post-Cycle Therapy is another term developed by bodybuilders. During the contest season, the pros like Dorian Yates would take a serious contest stack, involving several Androgenic Anabolic Steroids (AAS). Testosterone and its derivative compounds, like trenbolone and Winstrol, cause suppression of the Hypothalamic Pituitary Testicular Axis (HPTA).

Suppression is a medical term describing the body’s shutdown of the HPTA and natural testosterone production. When the body detects exogenous sources of testosterone entering the body, it stops producing its own.

The body is always looking to return to “homeostasis.” In homeostasis, there is an even balance between anabolism and catabolism. Steroids change that homeostasis, allowing you to remain in an anabolic state. Therefore, when you stop the steroid cycle, your body no longer has any test to work with for managing metabolic and physiological processes.

The result is a massive crash in hormone levels as you wait for your body and brain to “recover” from the cycle’s effects. In some users, suppression can extend for years after a cycle.

To combat suppression, bodybuilder introduced the concept of PCT. Post-cycle therapy involves products that reduce your estrogen levels, forcing your brain to reactivate the HPTA.

However, PCT typically involves dangerous drugs like Clomiphene and Nolvadex.

With SARMs, there is less suppression of the HPTA, and you get a much faster recovery. Therefore, a PCT is not always necessary, especially for a light cycle using one product. SARMs like Ostarine have hardly any suppressive effect, and there’s no need for PCT.

PPAR agonists like MK-667 (Ibutamoren) work with the HPTA, causing no suppressive effect and no need for PCT.

If you’re running a stack, SARMTECH offers an AI-estrogen inhibitor that helps your HPTA get back on track after a stack.


What Is a SARMs Stack?

A stack is a term used to describe a cycle containing two or three SARMs, PPAR inhibitors, or the like. It’s a term that comes from bodybuilding, where pros would “stack” steroids during the contest season to get ready for the stage.

Stacking also applies to SARMs, and by taking a stack, you can benefit from the numerous advantages of several compounds. As a result, you achieve your physique and training goals faster. SARMTECH is the best online source for stacks.

The company offers you a combination of stack choices, and they all come with a decent discount. Some stacks available from SARMTECH include the following.

  • RAD-140 Anabolic Stack (Lean Gains)
  • LGD-4033 Anabolic Stack (Bulking Stack)
  • S-23 Anabolic Stack (Cutting Stack)
  • S-4 Anabolic Stack (Cutting Stack)
  • GW/MK6 (Cutting Stack)
  • GW/SR (Cutting Stack)
  • MK2/GW (Maintenance Mode Stack)

Buy Stacks

Where Can I Buy A SARMs Stack in Australia?

SARMTECH offers you the best deals on SARMs stacks, cycle support products, and PCT. Australians need guaranteed delivery and a trusted source for their SARMs. With SARMTECH, you get the best quality SARMs and an extensive range of stacks on the site.

If you’re buying a stack, SARMTECH offers you discounts of up to 30% on your order, depending on the products you choose. The site also has a rewards program, where you can earn points for your purchases.

Are SARMS Stacks a Good Idea for New Users?

If you’re planning your first SARMs cycle, it’s vital you stick to one compound for your introductory course. Many newcomers think they need to jump right in at the deep end, running as many compounds as possible at high doses.

That strategy is dangerous, and most newbies will see severe physiological and psychological side effects. Stick to one compound, and take notes on your experience. After gaining experience with two or three cycles, you can start stacking or playing with cycle lengths.

SARMs stacks take a harder toll on your body, and you’ll probably need a PCT, depending on the compound you’re running. A PCT helps your body recover from the effects of your cycle, bringing you back to baseline while preserving your gains.


FAQ about Australian SARMs

Buying SARMs as an Australian is a complicated and risky process. You need to work with a trusted provider of top-quality, third-party-tested compounds. SARMTECH offers you the best quality products on the market, at great prices.

Everyone knows shipping is the biggest bottleneck and risk in receiving your SARMs order. SARMTECH has a track record of successfully supplying the Australian market, with guaranteed delivery on your order.

SARMTECH brings you a range of stacks, with discounts to suit your budget and potent formulations to suit your physique and performance goals.

Is SARMTECH legit?

Yes, SARMTECH is a legit company, operating out of the United States, shipping SARMs worldwide. SARMTECH offers a money-back guarantee, with safe and secure shipping. The company processes around 200 orders per day and has a wealth of feedback from real users.

Are SARMTECH user reviews legit?

SARMTECH has nearly 4,000 positive user reviews on its site, with many of them from happy Australians receiving their order. All reviews on the site are from verified users, with no fake comments or feedback.

Does SARMTECH ship to Australia?

Yes, SARMTECH ships to Australia, you might have to wait up to two weeks for your order, but you know you’re getting the best-quality SARMs available online. SARMTECH offers guaranteed delivery on your order and a free resend if customs seizes your order.

Are SARMs Harmful to My Health?

No, and yes. If you’re planning to run cycle after cycle in a back-to-back strategy, you’re asking for problems. Eventually, you reach a point of diminishing returns where your body no longer responds to the compound, regardless of the dose.

If this is your first cycle, we recommend sticking to 6-weeks, followed by a 2-week PCT/recovery period, and a minimum of 6-weeks off before starting your next cycle (10 is better.) Using this strategy, you’ll never hit a point of diminishing returns.

How Long Is a SARMs Cycle?

The average SARMs cycle for a beginner is between 4 to 6-weeks. The length of the cycle has to do with the person’s tolerance of SARMs, the side effects presented by their training experience, and many other factors.

If this is your first SARMs cycle, we recommend sticking to 6-weeks max. Stay at the low end of the dose range, and only increase in the second half of your cycle.

Can I buy SARMs in brick-and-mortar supplement stores in Australia?

No, it’s against Australian law for any supplement store, gym, or private person to sell SARMs in Australia. You need to rely on internet sources that ship straight from the United States. Many supplement stores might claim they’re selling SARMs, but it’s bunk, or they’re doing it illegally.

Buying from local Australian suppliers is also shady, and you never know what you’re getting. We looked at sources like Mr. SARM, Hardcore SARMs, and Core Labs AU. All of them promise top-quality purity – but none of them have lab certificates on the site to prove it.

Therefore, we think most of these companies are importing from China and issuing fake claims that it’s a US-grade product.

Do SARMs have side effects?

If you’re new to SARMs, and this is your first cycle, you might experience a few slight side effects in the initial weeks. Depending on the compound, you could experience anything from numbness in your hands to slightly elevated blood pressure levels.

However, in most cases, the side effects fade in the first week, and if they persist, adjusting your dose usually does the trick.

Q: When should I consider using SARMs?

If you’re signing up for the gym and looking to get in shape for the summer – you don’t need SARMs. You need a good diet and plenty of hard work in the gym. SARMs are for physique athletes, bodybuilders, and sportspeople looking to take their physique and performance to the next level.

After you build a solid base and increase your strength in the gym, you’ll hit a plateau. SARMs can help you break through those plateaus, allowing you to keep the gains coming.

Will I test positive for steroids if I’m using SARMs?

Yes, it’s possible you’ll pop for steroids if your employer tests you. SARMs like RAD140 and Ostarine elevate testosterone levels in your body. If the employer is testing your hormone panel, they might find you have a high epitestosterone ratio with elevated free testosterone.

Most SARMs are in the USADA and ASADA testing databases, and the metabolite detection is sensitive, down to the picogram level. Therefore, there’s a good chance you’ll pop on a test. If you’re working in a job that requires testing or competing in sport, make sure you understand the ramifications of being caught with a positive test.

Where can I purchase SARMS in Australia?

We recommend SARMTECH as the best online source for Australians. You get a third-party tested and verified product, with generous dosages, at affordable prices. SARMTECH has the best product range, with every SARM available through its store.

SARMTECH offers you discounts on stacks and various other supplements and PCT products to support your cycle.

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