AC-262536: A Promising SARM for Muscle Growth and Anti Aging Benefits


Developing your dream physique is demanding. That’s why so many bodybuilders and other serious fitness enthusiasts utilize anabolic steroids. But there’s a safer and equally beneficial way to achieve many of the same weight loss and muscle growth benefits without the long list of negative side effects:


Short for Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator, this new class of performance enhancing drugs is changing the bodybuilding world and fitness industry as a whole.

Though many SARMs are well researched and clinically tested, AC-262536 is a relatively new SARM with promising health and fitness benefits.

Today, I’m going to break down the facts about AC-262536, especially its powerful benefits and any potential side effects, to help you decide whether this SARM is right for your fitness goals in 2020 and beyond.

What is AC-262536?

AC 262 SARM Explained

AC 262536, sometimes shortened to AC 262, is a promising new drug that’s primarily aimed towards muscle growth.

As a SARM, it works by effecting your body’s hormones in a specific, targeted way. It focuses on muscle growth without effecting the rest of your body (like testosterone and other anabolic steroids).

AC-262536 was first developed by Acadia Pharmaceuticals in 2007. Despite the promising muscle growth benefits, relatively little research has been performed into the drug’s uses.

In fact, no human clinical studies have yet to be performed. However, numerous studies have been performed on animals with incredibly promising results.

In addition to muscle growth, these animal studies have shown that AC-262536 also has the potential to lower the risk of prostate cancer and protect against Alzheimer’s disease.

Despite the limited research, many bodybuilders, fitness enthusiasts, and athletes effectively use AC-262536 as part of their normal routine.

That said, it’s important to take any information and reviews about AC-262536 with a grain of salt, until more in-depth studies are performed.


Is AC-262536 safe to use?

Like the majority of SARMs, AC-262536 is said to be safe to use. It doesn’t affect the body’s hormones in the ways that traditional anabolic compounds do, so it proves to be a safe and efficient method of building muscle.

The side effects also appear to be very mild. AC-262536 is a relatively weak SARM with a low anabolic rating compared to RAD 140 or LGD 4033.

For instance, AC-262536 shows approximately two-thirds the anabolic benefits of testosterone with roughly one-quarter the androgenic activity. The lessened activity on the androgen receptors is thought to prevent some of the negative side effects associated with anabolic compounds (

AC-262536, like other SARMs, has also been shown to have no serious risks or long-term side effects. In fact, animal studies have even shown that the drug might be beneficial at reducing the size of the prostate and even protecting the body against Alzheimer’s disease.

Still, it’s important to remember that AC-262536 still hasn’t achieved the popularity or widespread use of other SARMs, so it doesn’t come with the wide range of scientific backing that similar drugs do.


What benefits does AC-262536 offer users?

The powerful benefits of AC-262536 are what are most exciting about this SARM. From the initial studies by Acadia Pharmaceuticals to further animal studies, the results have been exhilarating.

Better yet, you can take AC-262536 on its own, combine it with other SARMs like S23, or even use it with a testosterone cycle.

The exact method in which you take AC-262536 not only dictates the results, but depends largely upon your specific bodybuilding and fitness goals.

Here are the three most important benefits of AC-262536.

#1: Increase muscle mass through Anabolic Effects

The number one reason that most people take this SARM is because of its muscle growth benefits.

Countless studies on animals have shown that the drug equates muscle growth. Not only does it make building more muscle mass easier, but it also promotes quicker recovery after exercise.

Keeping your body in an anabolic stage is important for muscle growth, as we all know. The anabolic effects of this SARM are multi faceted and work on several different pathways.

At the same time, AC262536 does promote fat loss by lowering your percentage body fat, although it doesn’t do this nearly as much as some other SARMs.

#2: Might prevent prostate cancer

An additional benefit of AC262536 that’s important to note is that it has the potential to prevent prostate cancer.

What has been proven is that it actually shrinks the prostate gland by limiting the harmful effects of dihydrotestosterone (DHT) in the prostate.

Of course, this particular benefit must be taken with a grain of salt as clinical studies into AC 262536 are fairly new and have yet to examine its long-term benefits.

AC-262536 molecule

#3: Might prevent alzheimers

Another promising “side-benefit” of AC-262536 is its potential for preventing Alzheimer’s disease, or at least reducing its harmful effects.

In recent tests on animals, the application of the SARM actually helped recover some of the cognitive abilities of the effected animals.

Most notably, AC-262536 was administered to mice who then showed a large increase in their spatial memory.

Side Effects

Does AC 262536 cause side effects?

Most SARMs, AC-262536, do not have any side effects, at least not those commonly associated with anabolic steroids.

In fact, the side effects of anabolic steroids are one of the number one reasons why bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts are hesitant to take them in the first place.

This makes AC262536 an excellent alternative. It provides many of the same powerful benefits of anabolic steroids without the notable side effects.

Most notably, this SARM doesn’t affect the testes. Anabolic steroids, most notably testosterone, can cause prostate enlargement and testes shrinkage.

AC262536 does neither. In fact, at the same time that it keeps the testes normal, it actually has the potential to shrink the prostate.

Though the short-term side effects of AC 262536 have been proven mild, it’s still unclear what the long-term side effects, if any, might be, thanks to the lack of long-term research.


What is the correct dosage protocol for AC 262536?

One of the most important aspects of taking any SARM is taking the correct dosage.

Unfortunately, there is no exact information on the correct and safe dosage of AC 262536 available because of the lack of clinical trials on humans.

With that in mind, there are a lot of AC 262536 users out there. They have been experimenting with the drug for a long time to find a safe and effective dosage.

It appears that most men should take approximately 10 milligrams to 30 milligrams of AC-262536 per day.

Like all almost all SARMs, it’s beneficial to take AC262536 in a post cycle therapy (PCT) style.

A PCT is basically taking the SARMs for a specific period of time, say 12 weeks, and then going for the same length of time, so another 12 weeks, without taking the SARMs.

Because SARMs do not affect the hormones in the same way as anabolic steroids, you do not have to cycle them in the traditional PCT manner.

Instead, most users report that a break of roughly 4 weeks after 12 weeks of use is smart to see how AC-262536 is affecting your body.

Taking a break for 4 weeks will also help you explore your baseline to ensure that your hormone levels are balanced.

Because all SARMs effect each person differently, it’s best to be safe and slow, especially if this if your first time using AC-262536.

Where to Buy

Where can I find a legit source of AC-262536?

AC-262536 is slightly more difficult to find for sale than other more popular SARMs.

However, it is for sale on numerous websites and online vendors from our Verified Source program.

When you buy through some other online stores, especially those with bargain basement prices, you run the risk of buying a SARM that isn’t pure and is spiked with fillers that weaken their benefits. There are plenty of quality sarms sources out there that have adequate testing and business standards, and we try to keep an active list of all of them.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does It take for AC262536 to kick in?

You will probably first start to notice the benefits of AC 256536 in as little as two weeks. It takes some time for the levels of the SARM to build up in your body as well as a little more time for them to start to make changes. Though the muscle growth benefits are gradual, you will almost assuredly notice changes after your first month of use.

Does AC 262536 require a PCT?

As we outlined above, AC 262536 and other SARMs do not require a PCT. It’s safe to take them continually as long as you are taking time off between cycles. We recommend 8 weeks on, 12 weeks off.

How long should my AC-262536 cycle last?

We recommend using this SARM in 8 week or 12-week cycles. Some have extended their cycles up to 20 weeks or even 24 weeks without ill effect. The key is to experiment with small doses and cycles of AC262536 to ensure that you know exactly how it will personally affect your body.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully my guide to AC-262536 has been helpful in educating you about the SARM. If you have any questions about this SARM, or any other SARM, please reach out to me for advice. And, as always, I want to hear about your personal experiences with SARMs. Please leave a comment below if you’ve used AC-262536 before.

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