What to Stack With MK 677 For Bulking and Cutting

Studies in the late seventies led to the formulation of a new class of performance enhancers, known as “Growth Hormone Secretagogues.” These compounds mimic the effects of Human Growth Hormone (HGH). MK 677, otherwise known as “Oratrope,” “Nutrobal,” or more commonly, “Ibutamoren,” is a class-leading compound in this category. There are numerous studies on MK 677 stretching back more than two decades.

If you’re looking to get the advantages of Growth hormone in your next SARMs cycle, at a fraction of the cost of traditional HGH therapy, MK 677 presents an interesting alternative. This article will be exploring different MK 677 stacks to achieve the results you’re looking for. If you’re wondering what to stack with MK 677, this is the guide for you!

Key Takeaways
  • πŸ’Š MK-677 is a popular performance-enhancing drug (PED) due to its synergy with other PEDs and its multiple uses for both bulking and cutting.
  • πŸ’ͺ When combined with other PEDs, MK 677 can enhance muscle growth, recovery, and fat loss due to its action on ghrelin receptors, leading to the release of growth hormone and IGF-1.
  • πŸ”„ MK-677 can be used in both cutting and bulking cycles, despite common misconceptions that it’s only suitable for bulking and strength gains.
  • πŸŒ™ To leverage MK-677’s fat loss benefits and avoid hunger, it can be taken a few hours before bed, followed by a period of fasting the next morning.
  • πŸ‹οΈβ€β™€οΈ MK-677 can be continued even after the cycle is over to aid with recovery and help maintain the lean muscle mass gains from the cycle.

What Is a Growth Hormone Secretagogue?

GH Secretagogues

A Growth hormone secretagogue (GHS) is a class of synthetic, non- peptidyl, and non-natural peptidyl molecules. GH-releasing peptides (GHRPs) are the first version of GHS medications, isolated by scientists in 1977.

These GHRPs produce a potent GH-releasing effect in humans, elevating natural HGH excretion from the pituitary. In essence, MK 677 helps your body produce more HGH naturally.

GH secretagogues include GHRH and ghrelin analogs, also known as “GH-releasing peptides” (GHS). The effect produced by GHRPs is not as potent as direct HGH administration, but it does provide noticeable differences in your SARMs cycle.

GHRPs like MK 677 are becoming popular in athlete performance enhancement due to the additional benefit they give to recovery and the lack of detection available in testing.

Diagram showing how MK 677 works in the body

What are the Effects of Using MK 677?

Effects and Benefits

MK 677 closely mimics the effect of the hormone ghrelin. It acts as a neuropeptide in the CNS (Central Nervous System), crossing the blood-brain-barrier.

The stomach lining produces and secretes ghrelin, where it binds to the GHS-R receptor, resulting in increased appetite. MK 677 also aids in the growth of the pituitary gland and hypothalamus.

As growth hormone and insulin-like growth factor levels increase in your blood from MK 677 use, the body adapts to burning fat stores efficiently.

Therefore, you can expect an additional fat-burning effect to your SARMs stack. MK 677 isn’t a SARM, and it makes an ideal addition for anyone completing a precontest dieting stack or from researchers looking to make lean gains on a clean bulk.

Running MK 677 alongside other SARMs gives you the benefits of HGH on-cycle. You can expect the recovery time to be almost instantaneous, and you’ll sleep the best you have in years.

MK 677 is definitely a drug designed to assist with recovery. Every fitness competitor, athlete, or bodybuilder understands the importance of recovery in their training program.

With MK 677, you get the fastest recovery possible, allowing you to reset and rebuild in the gym every day.

MK 677 aids the CNS recover from the stress you put on it with your training, helping you get the most out of every training session while you’re on-cycle.

Is It Safe to Stack MK 677 and other SARMs?

Safety of Stacking MK 677

Stacking is the process of adding several compounds to a cycle. You can design a cycle to meet specific goals like cutting, bulking, or recomping.

MK 677 has mild side effects, and most of them fade in the first week of use. You might notice a slight increase as you elevate the dose. If it’s your first cycle, we suggest only stacking a maximum of two compounds at once so you can gauge how your body reacts.

What are the Top 3 MK 677 SARMs Stacks?

MK 677 Stack Templates

MK 677 shines with bulking or cutting stacks. It’s the ideal way to help you come off a cycle, assisting with recovery after achieving your cycle goals.

If you’re running a PCT for your cycle, add four weeks of MK 677 after finishing your last week.

MK 677 doesn’t have a specific bulking or cutting effect like SARMs compounds. Instead, it provides a supporting role in your stack. This strategy helps you unlock the synergy of the other compounds.

MK 677 + RAD 140 + YK11 Bulking Stack

Let’s talk about the potent bulking stack. We recommend trying the myostatin inhibitor, YK-11, combined with the dry-gains potential of RAD-140. MK 677 helps with your recovery, allowing you to lift heavy in the gym every day without wearing out your CNS.

Advanced users can add Ligandrol to this sarms bulking stack for unlocking the mass monster within. LGD 4033 and MK 677 are a great pair when stacked together. If you’re looking to gain muscle, try the following cycle.

  • MK 677, RAD 140, YK 11
  • Additional for Advanced Users: LGD-4033

MK 677 + YK11 Stack

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WeekYK11RAD-140MK 677LGD 4033

MK 677 + SR 9009 + S4 Cutting Stack

Contest prep is brutal on the CNS and every biological system in your body. With limited calories available for recovery, many competitors find they feel lethargic during the day because they can’t sleep at night.

As you get leaner, your body releases less ghrelin because it thinks you need less sleep. It doesn’t understand that you’re killing yourself on the cardio machine for your show.

By introducing MK 677 into your pre-contest stack, you get all the HGH advantages for your diet. Improve your mood, deepen your sleep, stimulate fat loss, and enhance your recovery.

However, it’s important to note that MK 677 might cause slight levels of water retention, so make sure you discontinue use at least a week out from your show.

Here is our top pre-contest SARMs stack. Advanced users can add Cardarine for an enhanced fat-burning effect on-cycle.

MK-677 and PPAR inhibitors offer an intriguing partnership. Boosting growth hormone and IGF-1 levels, MK-677 actively aids in the growth and recovery of muscle, promotes restful sleep, and contributes to an increase in lean body mass. Conversely, PPAR inhibitors function as metabolic accelerators, assisting in fat burning, stamina amplification, and enhancing the body’s insulin response for optimal metabolic health.

MK 677 + MK 2866 + RAD 140: Ultimate Recomp Stack

Recomping is one of the hardest things a newbie lifter or athlete can do. Recomping involves shedding body fat while building muscle – something that’s impossible to achieve naturally.

By adding MK 677 into your Recomposition stack, you get the benefits of faster recovery and an enhanced fat-burning effect.

We recommend relying on Ostarine and RAD-140 to do the hard work stripping the fat, while MK 677 plays a supportive role. Advanced users can add Andarine to their cycle for an extra fat-burning effect.

  • RAD-140, Ostarine, MK 677
  • Additional for Advanced Users: Andarine

Ostarine + RAD140 + MK677

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WeekMK 677RAD 140Ostarine
125 mg7.5 mg25 mg
225 mg7.5 mg25 mg
325 mg7.5 mg25 mg
425 mg7.5 mg25 mg
525 mg7.5 mg25 mg
625 mg15 mg25 mg
725 mg15 mg25 mg
825 mg15 mg25 mg
925 mg15 mg25 mg
1025 mg15 mg25 mg

Can I Stack MK 677 with Anabolic Androgenic Steroids or Prohormones?

Stacking With AAS

MK 677 works in the same manner as HGH. Therefore, it’s a great addition to your AAS cycle, provided you aren’t using too many orals in your cycle. AAS compounds and prohormones tend to come with 17-aa methylation. This formulation allows the AAS to achieve optimal bioavailability in your body.

17-aa methylation dramatically increases the toxicity of these drugs, which is why Anadrol and Winstrol users are at high risk of liver damage from extended cycles at high dosages.

Adding MK 677 into your cycle along with these AAS compounds could further increase liver distress. If you’re running a straight testosterone cycle, MK 677 is a great addition to mimic the effects of HGH.

What Results Can I Expect with MK 677 SARMs Stacks?

Expected Results

When you add MK 677 into your SARMs stack, it has a similar effect to adding HGH to a stack consisting of traditional AAS (Anabolic Androgenic Steroids).

HGH provides an enhancing effect on the AAS, allowing you to get more out of your cycle. MK 677 is a suitable replacement for HGH. It’s a cheaper compound, and it produces the same effect in your body, boosting HGH production and the hormone ghrelin.

You get all the benefits of HGH without the expensive price tag. Black market HGH is also likely bunk, and the only real source you’ll find is your life extension clinic.

However, conventional HGH treatments through an anti-aging practice are incredibly expensive, and you have no say in administering the dose or the quantities used in the treatment.

With MK 677, you get all the advantages of HGH, including the following.

  • Better Sleep – Sleep like you were 18 again.
  • Faster Recovery – Get less sore after workouts and increase your stamina.
  • Better Insulin Sensitivity – Improve the way your body handles carbs and stores fat.
  • Injury Healing – Recover faster from injuries like a torn biceps tendon.
  • Hair Gains – Ibutamoren improves hair quality and follicle regeneration.

By the end of the first 10-days, you’ll notice all of the benefits of the compound in full swing.

It’s a good idea to keep the MK-677 going into the first two weeks after finishing your cycle using the base compounds.

MK 677 helps with your androgen receptors’ recovery and any effect on your Central Nervous System (CNS).

What are the Side Effects of Running MK 677 SARMs Stacks?

Side Effects

There are several side effects involved with using MK 677. However, none of them present a severe adverse complication to your health and most o them fade after a few days of use.

Many of the side-effects associated with the use of MK 677 are similar to what users experience when using growth hormone (HGH).

Some of the side-effects caused by MK 677 include the following.

Water Retention and Bloating

The increase in growth hormone adds a slight elevation in subcutaneous water levels, causing some bloat in the first week of use. As the body adjusts to the dose, these symptoms subside.

Numbness or tingling in the hands

This side effect occurs as a complication of water retention. The water retention might push down on the nerves in the shoulders, causing numbness or tingling. These symptoms fade as water retention subsides.

Insulin management

Some users report insulin sensitivity improves, and they feel dizzy or lightheaded after eating a carb-heavy meal, like their post or pre-workout shake.

The effect on your insulin profile means diabetic individuals should avoid using MK 677 in their cycle structure.

Increase in Appetite

The activation of ghrelin causes a large spike in hunger. While this boosts metabolism and accelerates fat loss, it makes you feel incredibly hungry.  

The longer 24-hour half-life in MK 677 might over-stimulate ghrelin production, making you feel hungry at random times, especially a few hours after taking your dose.


We release HGH naturally when we sleep as part of the body’s recovery cycle. By introducing MK 677 into your stack, it’s like taking a dose of GH.

Therefore, it’s better to use this product in the evening before going to bed. Taking it during the day might make you feel sluggish and unproductive.

Do I Need a PCT when Stacking MK 677 with other SARMs?

Post Cycle Therapy (PCT)

Most SARMs have a slightly suppressive effect on the Hypothalamic Pituitary Testicular Axis (HPTA). As a result, it might take a few weeks for your body to come right after running a stack of multiple compounds.

However, the suppressive effect is nothing life what AAS users experience, and most SARMs users find they can get away with a PCT containing OTC testosterone boosters.

The only way to be sure if you recovered from your cycle is through a bloodwork test with your doctor. Your doctor looks at your hormonal markers like estrogen, free and total testosterone, cortisol levels, and FSH/TSH.

Since SARMs don’t create estrogenic activity, and they don’t cause a “shutdown” of the HPTA. Using Nolvadex and Clomid should not be necessary to make a speedy recovery.

However, each case is different, and the only way you can know where your body is at in the recovery phase is through bloodwork.

How Many Times Can I Run a MK 677 SARMs Stack Each Year?

Year Round Cycling

MK 677 has no suppressive effect on the CNS or the hormonal system. Since it doesn’t have a suppressive effect on the HPTA, there’s no need to run a PCT if you’re using a solo MK 677 cycle.

However, as with all SARMs and AAS, you’ll reach a point where you start to experience diminishing returns from your use. You begin to require higher and higher doses to see the same results. At the same time, side effects start to increase.

Therefore, taking a break equal to your cycle length is the best option to prepare yourself and set a blank slate for your next cycle.

Legal Status

You can purchase the mk-677 stack for research purposes in the United States. 

It’s also possible to access MK 677 from any life extension clinic or medical practice. These institutions are allowed to offer treatments like testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) and HGH anti-aging. MK-677 is often provided as part of peptide therapy.

However, for athletes, there is no current testing procedure for detecting GHRH analogs in serum. They differ slightly from the structure of GHRH, making them undetectable to modern doping tests.

The GH isoform test cannot detect MK 677 use in athletes, which is why it’s such a popular drug in sports. However, WADA banned the use of this compound, and athletes caught using it face suspension.

Should I Use Capsules or Liquids for My MK 677 SARM Stack?

Capsules vs Liquids

Some users claim that liquids provide the best efficacy for your SARMs stack. However, there’s no real evidence backing these claims. If you are ordering from overseas, however, you might want to stick to ordering capsules.

During the transport of your parcel from the US or EU source, the products undergo extreme temperature swings. As a result of the rapid changes in climate conditions, there is a high risk of denaturing your SARMs in liquid format.

As a result of the denaturing of the SARMs, they become less potent, affecting the results of your SARMs stack.

Choosing products in pill, capsule, or raw powder format ensures you get a high-quality product with the best potency. These formats are stable under all temperature conditions, and you won’t have to worry about a drop in potency in your SARMs stack.

Unless you have experience working with raw materials, it’s a better idea to go with an encapsulated product for your research.

However, if you have experience working with powders, you can always order the raws and dilute them into a liquid yourself using bacteriostatic water.

MK 677 + RAD 140 Stack

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Where can I purchase legit MK 677 stacks from?

Where to Buy

You’re not going to pick any of these compounds up on the shelf of your local store. To get your stack, you’ll need to turn to an online vendor.

When searching for your SARMs source, make sure you focus on sites offering third-party testing results, not claims. The provider needs to clearly display the certificate of analysis (COA) from the third-party lab responsible for the testing.

If the company doesn’t display the certificate on its website, consider it a huge red flag. Without a COA, you have no idea of the origin of the raw materials, their purity, or efficacy.

Right now, you’re probably wondering how you’re going to find a source?

Relax, we did the hard work for you. Our Verified Sources Program takes an in-depth look at all the SARMs suppliers on the internet. We discuss the product range and third-party testing of the leading brands and suppliers online.

Check out our Verified Sources Program before you place the order for your SARMs stack.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is the best way to enhance your fitness routine with an MK 677 stack?

If you’re committed to improving your bodybuilding results, stacking MK 677 with other selective androgen receptor modulators (SARMs) can help. Pairing it with substances like RAD-140 or LGD-4033 can support muscle growth, fat loss, and improved recovery times.

How does stacking MK 677 influence workout recovery times?

When incorporated into a fitness regimen, an MK 677 stack can expedite workout recovery. This is primarily due to its ability to stimulate the release of growth hormone and IGF-1, which are key to muscle growth and recovery. Pairing it with SARMs such as Ostarine can further enhance these benefits.

What are the potential side effects of stacking MK 677 with other SARMs?

While stacking MK 677 can optimize bodybuilding outcomes, it’s crucial to be aware of possible side effects. These may include mild water retention, increased appetite, and, in rare cases, lethargy. Proper dosing and post-cycle therapy can help manage these side effects.

How do I start stacking MK 677 with other SARMs for optimal fitness results?

Starting an MK 677 stack involves careful planning. It’s vital to determine your bodybuilding goals, establish appropriate doses of each SARM, and monitor your body’s response. As always, consultation with a healthcare professional is advisable before starting any new supplement regimen.

What should I know about the legality and safety of stacking MK 677 for bodybuilding?

The use of SARMs, including MK 677, in bodybuilding isn’t universally legal, and it’s critical to research your local laws. Moreover, while many users report positive results, SARMs are not approved by the FDA for muscle building. Therefore, the safety and potential long-term effects are not well-established.

Can I use natural supplements to enhance the effects of my MK 677 stack?

Absolutely! Combining your MK 677 stack with natural supplements like creatine or branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) can further enhance muscle growth and recovery.


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