SR9009 Stacks For Dummies: Cutting, Bulking, and Strength

Are you thinking about trying a SARMs stack for your next cycle? If you have the experience to start stacking SARMs, Stenabolic (SR9009) makes an excellent choice for your next cycle.

SR9009 is a potent muscle-builder and fat-burning compound, and many fitness athletes and bodybuilders use it for cutting.

If you’re looking to shred for the stage, SR9009 is a fantastic choice to strip away body fat, leaving you in the best condition of your life.

Professor Thomas Burris from the Scripps Research Institute gets the credit for formulating Stenabolic (SR9009).

Despite research on its effects in improving patients suffering from the impact of a muscle-wasting disease, the compound never made it to market.

What are the effects of using SR9009 in a stack?

Stacking Effects

Stacking is the activity of adding multiple compounds to your cycle. Stenabolic is a great addition to a cutting or recomping stack. This compound improves your endurance in the gym, allowing you to spend that extra time on the cardio machines when you’re prepping for a show.

SR9009 also has a potent fat-burning effect. If you’re already lean, SR9009 can help you get into show conditioning in a few weeks.

This compound doesn’t hold any water, meaning you get a drying effect on your physique, showing every muscle fiber in your body.

With SR9009 stacks, you can build around the characteristics of this SARM with other compounds. The goal of stacking is combining SARMs with similar properties to create a synergistic effect with your cycle.

Using the right combination of SARMs in your SR9009 stack is critical to achieving your physique goals. This post examines the best options for SR9009 stacks. We’ll look at the safety and efficacy of running these compounds in your next cycle.

Is it safe to stack SR9009 with other SARMs?


SR9009 is one of the less-toxic SARMs available for use in your stack. The compound has next to no impact on liver enzymes and a mildly suppressive effect at moderate doses.

Therefore, it makes a great accompanying compound in any SARMs stack. SR9009 doesn’t use the same pathways as Anabolic Androgenic Steroids (AAS), so it’s also a good accompaniment for a conventional steroid cycle.

Stacking SR9009 with other compounds requires a certain level of experience with SARMs. If you have never stacked before, you better have some experience with a few SARMs before stacking them together.

Stacks can increase side effects in some users. If you’re new to SARMs, then you’ll find it challenging to put your finger on which compound is responsible for the sides.

As a result, you might have to cut your cycle short. This experience is enough to pout most users off experimenting with SARMs research in the future.

By adopting a sensible approach to your SARMs use, it takes longer to start stacking, but you get better results when you do.

It’s important to focus on longevity with your SARMs use. Would you rather run one or two large cycles and ruin yourself, or two moderate cycles a year for ten years? We thought so.

It’s also important to match your dose to your experience level and the other compounds you’re using. In our cycle examples, you’ll notice we pyramid and taper our dosing guidelines.

This strategy helps your body build into the dose, rather than shocking it all at once. If you start to feel side effects at any point in the cycle, stop increasing the amount and back off to the previous dosing level.

Wait to see if the change makes any difference in your condition, and they make your evaluation from there.

By using a moderate dose, you ensure you get a better experience with your stack. You’ll see fewer side effects and excellent results, especially when cycling multiple compounds.

Don’t be a hero and try to take the largest dose possible. Most people respond well to moderate amounts. Running heavy doses on long cycles affects the recovery of the HPTA and your potential for using future stacks.

Example SR9009 stacks for bulking, cutting, and hardening

SR9009 Stacks

SR9009 is a potent SARM, and it lends well to contest prep and recomping cycles. SR9009 is a great choice to add to your stack if you’re looking for a non-suppressive SARM when running other, more aggressive compounds – like YK-11 or S23.

We curated this list of our top three SR9009 stacks. Our choices for running mates with SR9009 vary depending on your goals.

We stuck to the guidelines of not exceeding more than 30mg per day of SR9009 in your stack. Cycle length is limited to 10-weeks and 8-weeks with specific compounds.

Each of our three cycle options has a specific physique goal in mind. Choose the cycle that meets your needs, and prepare yourself for a wild ride.

πŸ’‘ Top SR9009 Sources in 2024

Make sure you get your compounds from a reputable source. Check out the Verified Source list to find the best deals on high purity SR 9009, GW 501516, Ostarine, and more.

Bulking Stack

SR9009 is not the best choice for a muscle-building SARM. However, it can work in a bulking cycle plan design with the right planning. SR9009 is more for drying you out and leaning down, helping you preserve muscle mass.

However, if you’re willing to try a clean and lean bulk, it’s a great addition to your cycle. Adding in YK-11 for its myostatin inhibiting properties and Ligandrol for insane growth, we expect you’ll make lean gains using this strategy.

Advanced users can add MK 677 into the cycle. This GH secretagogue aids in recovery, and we recommend running it throughout your cycle for its supportive effects.

It’s important to note we drop out the YK-11 and Ligandrol in weeks nine and ten. These compounds can be somewhat suppressive, and running them for extended periods isn’t a good idea.

Using this stack, we can expect the average user to gain 6 to 8-lbs of lean muscle mass in 10-weeks. Depending on your bloodwork results, you might need a pharma-grade PCT for recovery.

  • You will need: SR9009, YK-11, Ligandrol
  • Additional for advanced users: MK 677

Week 1 – 10mg SR9009 / 10mg YK-11 / 10mg Ligandrol / 10mg MK 677

Week 2 – 10mg SR9009 / 10mg YK-11 / 10mg Ligandrol / 10mg MK 677

Week 3 – 20mg SR9009 / 15mg YK-11 / 10mg Ligandrol / 20mg MK 677

Week 4 – 20mg SR9009 / 15mg YK-11 / 10mg Ligandrol / 20mg MK 677

Week 5 – 20mg SR9009 / 15mg YK-11 / 20mg Ligandrol / 20mg MK 677

Week 6 – 25mg SR9009 / 20mg YK-11 / 20mg Ligandrol / 20mg MK 677

Week 7 – 25mg SR9009 / 20mg YK-11 / 20mg Ligandrol / 20mg MK 677

Week 8 – 30mg SR9009 / 20mg YK-11 / 20mg Ligandrol / 20mg MK 677

Week 9 – 30mg SR9009 / 30mg MK 677

Week 10 – 30mg SR9009 / 30mg MK 677

Dieting / Contest Prep

Contest prep is where SR9009 shines. This SARM provides a hardening and drying effect to your physique that gives you that grainy look under the stage lights.

SR9009 solo is a great choice for anyone under 12% body fat, helping you get into the best condition possible in your peak week.

We recommend adding S23 and Cardarine to your SR9009 stack. The S23 acts like a supercharged version of Andarine, only four-times as selective.

S23 provides additional strength gains while giving you excellent pumps in the gym, even during a caloric deficit. It’s also important to note we stop using S23 in weeks nine and ten due to its aggressive suppressive effect on the HPTA.

Adding Cardarine into the mix lets you take advantage of this “exercise mimetic,” increasing your fat-burning capability, even when you aren’t on the treadmill.

Advanced users can benefit from the supporting role of adding MK677 into the cycle. Ibutamoren provides a GH-like effect that helps your body recover faster.

  • You will need: SR9009, S23, Cardarine
  • Additional for advanced users: MK 677

Week 1 – 10mg SR9009 / 10mg S23 / 10mg Cardarine / 10mg MK 677

Week 2 – 15mg SR9009 / 10mg S23 / 10mg Cardarine / 10mg MK 677

Week 3 – 20mg SR9009 / 10mg S23 / 10mg Cardarine / 10mg MK 677

Week 4 – 20mg SR9009 / 20mg S23 / 10mg Cardarine / 10mg MK 677

Week 5 – 20mg SR9009 / 20mg S23 / 10mg Cardarine / 20mg MK 677

Week 6 – 25mg SR9009 / 20mg S23 / 20mg Cardarine / 20mg MK 677

Week 7 – 25mg SR9009 / 20mg S23 / 20mg Cardarine / 20mg MK 677

Week 8 – 25mg SR9009 / 25mg S23 / 20mg Cardarine / 20mg MK 677

Week 9 – 30mg SR9009 / 20mg Cardarine / 20mg MK 677

Week 10 – 30mg SR9009 / 20mg Cardarine / 20mg MK 677

Recomp Stack

If you’re a bit out of shape and looking to recomp, SR9009 is a fantastic compound for helping you preserve lean muscle mass while dieting.

We can build on this effect using Ostarine and RAD-140. Testolone (RAD-140) provides muscle-gaining properties to your cycle, enhancing the dry gains.

Stacking it with Ostarine improves strength and explosive performance in the gym. Users can expect to feel stronger, even though they’re eating a caloric deficit.

Pumps are good, and the fat melts away while you stay the same weight on the scale. Advanced users can add MK 677 to their stack for its supportive features.

  • SR9009, Ostarine, RAD-140
  • Additional for advanced users: MK 677

Week 1 – 10mg SR9009 / 25mg Ostarine / 10mg RAD-140 / 10mg MK 677

Week 2 – 15mg SR9009 / 25mg Ostarine / 10mg RAD-140 / 10mg MK 677

Week 3 – 20mg SR9009 / 25mg Ostarine / 15mg RAD-140 / 20mg MK 677

Week 4 – 20mg SR9009 / 25mg Ostarine / 15mg RAD-140 / 20mg MK 677

Week 5 – 20mg SR9009 / 25mg Ostarine / 15mg RAD-140 / 20mg MK 677

Week 6 – 25mg SR9009 / 35mg Ostarine / 15mg RAD-140 / 20mg MK 677

Week 7 – 25mg SR9009 / 35mg Ostarine / 20mg RAD-140 / 20mg MK 677

Week 8 – 25mg SR9009 / 35mg Ostarine / 20mg RAD-140 / 20mg MK 677

Week 9 – 30mg SR9009 / 35mg Ostarine / 20mg RAD-140 / 20mg MK 677

Week 10 – 30mg SR9009 / 35mg Ostarine / 25mg RAD-140 / 20mg MK 677

A 60ml bottle of liquid SR9009

Can I stack SR9009 with steroids or prohormones?

SR9009 With Test

Sure, you can stack SR9009 with AAS and prohormones. Since SR9009 does not have 17-aa methylation like Anadrol or Superdrol, it has next to no impact on liver enzyme levels.

SR9009 is suitable for use with a pre-contest stack. The drying and hardening effect of SR9009 makesΒ it ideal for leaning out in the last 6 to 8-weeks of your contest prep.

SR9009 adds more vascularity, increasing your pumps in the gym, even with low-carbs and a calorie deficit holding you back.

What results can I expect with SR9009 stacks?

Stacking Results

If you decide to run a solo cycle of SR9009, you’ll notice the hardening and drying effect of this compound after six to eight weeks on cycle. You can expect increased vascularity and more endurance to help you through your cardio sessions.

It’s a great choice for dieting, and we think it ideally suits cutting and recomping cycles more than bulking. However, when you stack SR9009 in combination with other SARMs and SARM-like drugs, you get a synergistic effect that’s unlike any performance-enhancing experience.

There are several ways to stack SR9009, and we covered three ways to do it in this post. Choose the stack that suits your physique goals, and place your order with your online source.

At the end of the day, you can expect to lose around 2lbs a week while stacking SR9009 with other diet drugs like Clen, T3, Cardarine, etc.

Should I worry about side effects from stacking?

Side Effects

In most cases, users report a side-effect free experience using SR9009 as a solo product. Some users say they have issues with falling asleep, or their sleep cycle shortens.

We assume this side effect occurs due to an increase in metabolic activity when cycling the drug.

Fortunately, there’s no liver toxicity to worry about and no reports of male pattern baldness. It’s important to note that side effects are mostly dose-dependent in SARMs.

Therefore, back off your dose for a few days to see if things calm down if you start experiencing side effects.

Stacking SARMs with SR9009 might increase the possibility of sides, but most of them will likely come from other compounds. For instance, adding YK-11 or S23 into your cycle can lead to the emergence of side effects and the need for compounds like AIs to manage the estrogenic effect.

Do I need to take an AI while on a SR9009 stack?

Aromatase Inhibitors

Typically, a solo SR9009 cycle displays no estrogenic side effects in users, even at elevated doses. Therefore, there’s no need to run an Aromatase Inhibitor (AI) with your cycle.

However, stacking is a different deal. If you’re stacking SR9009 with compounds like S23 and YK-11, there’s a good chance you’ll experience a shutdown of the HPTA to a significant extent.

YK-11 is more half-steroid/half-SARM, and it has a suppressive effect on the HPTA (more on that later). S23 is another extremely aggressive SARM that suppresses HPTA function at high doses.

Including these SARMs in your stack exposes you to the risk of shutdown and the need for post-cycle therapy (PCT).

Do I need a PCT when stacking Stenabolic?

Post Cycle Therapy

SR9009 is not an aggressive SARM. In contrast, it does cause some level of suppression on the endocrine system and HPTA; it’s nothing like what you get from a prohormone or AAS cycle.

Typically, recovery from a solo SR9009 cycle would take a week or two, and you won’t need a pharmaceutical-grade PCT unless you run high doses for extended cycles.

However, stacking other compounds with SR9009 increases the suppressive effect on the HPTA. While SARMs don’t work on the same pathways and mechanisms as AAS, an increased androgenic activity might spark changes in estrogen levels, introducing side effects.

Therefore, you might need to take a pharma-grade PCT after your SR9009 stack, especially if you’re using compounds like S23 and YK-11.

Pharmaceutical PCT drugs include Nolvadex and Clomid. These drugs help to reduce estrogen serum levels to zero, restarting the HPTA.

Typically, a PCT cycle involving these drugs would look something like this.

  • Week 1 and 2 – Nolvadex 50mg per day
  • Week 3 and 4 – Clomid 50mg to 100mg per day

You’ll run the PCT drugs for at least three to four weeks after completing your stack. Two weeks after finishing your PCT, visit a doctor or life extension clinic for bloodwork analysis.

Bloodwork is the only way to know for sure if you recovered from the effects of your stack. Getting your bloodwork done before your cycle also helps your doctor identify your hormone baseline before using your stack.

Without getting your bloodwork analysis, there is no way to find out if you recovered from the stack’s effects.

At that point, you’re thumb-sucking your best guess, and that results in disaster for your endocrine system later down the line.

How many times can I cycle SR9009 in one year?

However, we expect you could do two to three SR9009 SARMs stacks a year, depending on your bloodwork results.

Stenabolic liquids vs capsules

The whispers around the gym tell you that liquid SARMs provide the best bioavailability, and your cycle is nothing if you’re not using liquids.

The reality is international researchers will do better with powders, pills, and encapsulated products. During the transport process from the US to overseas, your liquid undergoes tremendous temperature fluctuations.

During the shifts in temperature, liquid SARMs run the risk of “denaturing.” As a result, they lose potency, ruining your cycle.

Pills, powders, and capsules are stable at all temperatures, and they don’t experience the same denaturing process as liquids. Therefore, if you’re ordering from an international source, consider skipping the liquids.

Where can I find premade SR-9009 stacks for sale?

Where to Buy

All SARMs, including Stenabolic, are legally available for sale as research chemicals in the USA and EU. This is not true for Australians, however.

Australians ordering from these international sources face a few issues with their purchase.

The first problem is with the delivery of your order. The Australian customs division processes millions of parcels each day. However, they have one of the best drug detection squads in the world. If the customs team intercepts your package, they’ll seize it and send you a notice of seizure.

Therefore, you need an international source offering guaranteed delivery. With Guaranteed delivery, the source reships your Stack if customs intercept it.

The second issue facing Australian SARMs buyers is purity. All SARMs sources claim they offer the highest quality product at the best prices. However, the reality is few of them offer you a credible deal.

Regardless of which country you live in, you need a credible source with an established reputation. The source should complete third-party testing on all its products with an independent lab.

Check to make sure the company offers a Certificate of Analysis on its website for your review. The COA authenticates the lab results regarding the purity and efficacy of the SARM. More importantly, it shows that the product you’re purchasing is what it says on the bottle.

Companies that don’t make this information available are a huge red flag, and you should avoid purchasing your stack from these sources.

Where Can I Find the Best Source for My SR9009 Stack?

Check out our Verified Sources Program. We curated a list of international and domestic US SARMs suppliers for you to choose from. We offer a deep-dive into the offers of the best and worst SARMs suppliers online.

Our program makes it dead simple to find a reputable source that will deliver to your area!

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