SR9009 vs Cardarine: Which Is Better for Cutting and Fat Loss?

Sometimes, it so happens that despite all the blood, sweat and tears, both literal and otherwise, you just don’t see the kind of results you want. You may be working out till you’re ready to collapse or consuming only a miserly number of calories a day (neither of which are healthy or recommended, by the way), and your body may still stubbornly refuse to become what you want.

While there are no shortcuts or magic that will make you go from size 12 to 0 overnight, SARMs come in a pretty close second. Recommended, and more importantly, safe, these compounds are a great way to cut weight and cut stress! Many bodybuilders and athletes swear by SARMs, picking them any day over steroids (and for good reason—steroids can result in liver disease, gynecomastia, cardiovascular issues and even death, in extreme cases).

If you’ve been looking to cut and lose fat using SARMs, you’ve probably chanced upon cardarine and SR9009 (also known as Stenabolic). Many people will claim that these compounds work miracles, but do they really, or are they too good to be true? Are they safe? Are there any side effects? We answer all this and more in our SR9009 and cardarine guide, so read on!

Drug Type:Rev-erb AgonistPPARδ Agonist
Common Usage:CuttingCutting
Side Effects:UnknownModerate
Safe For Women:YesYes
Average Dosage:30mg/day20mg/day
PCT Recommended:NoNo

The main differences between SR9009 vs Cardarine

Main Differences

The main differences between SR9009 and Cardarine are: 

  • SR9009 influences the body’s natural processes to cut fat, whereas cardarine increases strength and endurance and promotes weight loss sans muscle loss. 
  • SR9009 has a shorter half-life than cardarine. Due to this, SR9009 needs to be taken or injected in higher doses or more frequently each day, compared to cardarine.
  • SR9009 is more expensive than cardarine, though the latter produces more obvious results.
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What is SR9009 and how does it work?

SR 9009 Benefits

SR9009, also known as Stenabolic, is a new-kid-on-the-block SARM. Most bodybuilders and athletes face the huge problem of losing muscle while cutting body fat; SR9009 does away with that problem, facilitating weight loss without muscle loss. 

SR9009 works by binding to and activating the Rev-ErbA protein in the human body. This protein is responsible for providing internal fat loss homeostasis and the circadian rhythm. What this means is that even if your body is in its resting state, it’s still doing the fat burning that it would when in the exercising state. Dreams really do come true, folks!

SR9009 also increases the number of mitochondria, the powerhouse of the cell, in the muscle cells. Therefore, you have more energy, which means better muscle strength, endurance, stamina, and increased metabolism, all of which aid in fat loss. 

SR9009 also decreases the stores of cholesterol that your liver has stocked, making fat loss a much easier, faster process. SR9009 also reduces inflammation that results from muscle breakdown, which is why it has also found popularity as a muscle-recovery SARM.

Lastly, SR9009 also improves insulin sensitivity in the body, reducing the levels of plasma glucose and making the body more sensitive to insulin. This, in turn, betters internal nutrient transport. 

SR9009 molecule

Side Effects of SR9009

What sucks about SR9009 is that very few studies exist, especially human trials, around the drug’s side effects. Therefore, it is suggested that if you are going to try SR9009, you do so within the recommended guidelines. Remember that while the drug is not illegal, it is still not FDA approved. 

However, many users who use Stenabolic have stated that they have felt no side effects from using the drug. As long as you stay within the recommended dosage, you’re good. Additionally, SR9009 does not suppress testosterone production in the body—another reason for its popularity!

What is Cardarine and how does it work?

Cardarine Benefits

Cardarine, also known as GW501516, is a non-anabolic SARM that has many folks singing its praises, thanks to its relative safety and superb effectiveness. Cardarine increases the oxidation of fatty acids and not only does it aid in fat loss, but by stimulating glucose uptake in the muscles, has your muscles permanently looking like you just pumped some at the gym!

Cardarine is a popular and effective treatment for obesity, as it helps people regulate their blood sugar levels. It does this by helping the body shuttle glucose and blocking the receptors that store fat cells. This makes it harder for bodies on cardarine to store fat and much easier to melt fat and use it up for energy. Additionally, cardarine doesn’t catabolize muscle tissues like other fat burners do. 

With increased oxidation of fatty cells thanks to cardarine, you also always have great energy levels, helping you perform better, especially those who are involved in stamina-requiring activities such as swimming, cycling, kayaking and the like. 

Additionally, cardarine transports cholesterol within the body and can help raise good cholesterol levels while lowering the bad. Cardarine also helps combat the difficult, troublesome issue of inflammation, generally caused by pushing your body before it can fully recover from a previous session. Cardarine works to reduce this level of exercise-induced inflammation. 

Enhanced Athlete Cardarine bottle

Side Effects of Cardarine 

Like SR9009, only a few clinical trials have been performed on cardarine. Whatever studies have been conducted show that cardarine has no major harmful effect on users. While this may seem like good news, it only shows that there is insufficient data to show that the drug is safe for human consumption and use, or is completely free of side effects. 

Therefore, till today, no known side effects exist for cardarine use. Cardarine, unlike a majority of the fat-loss drugs out there, doesn’t stimulate the nervous system. However, if taken in larger doses than recommended, it could be potentially carcinogenic

SR9009 or Cardarine for losing fat?

Fat Loss Comparison

SR9009 and cardarine share a lot of similarities. Both are SARMs, at the end of the day. SR9009 works through the Rev-Erb ligand to increase lipid and glucose metabolism, control fat-storing cells and influence the body’s circadian rhythms, all while increasing endurance and decreasing fats.

SR9009 is also capable of inducing muscle hypertrophy while simultaneously aiding in weight loss and increasing endurance and strength. Additionally, it may also have benefits such as neutralizing sugar in the bloodstream and lowering blood pressure.

SR9009’s sibling, cardarine, increases fat burn while keeping your muscles intact, enhancing your endurance levels and strength. Though it isn’t catabolic in nature, Cardarine melts fat like a boss. 

Here’s how the two compare against each other on a few other parameters: 

  • Half-Life: As mentioned earlier, cardarine has a longer half-life, so you only have to take it once a day to feel it work its magic on you, unlike SR9009 (it only last 4-6 hours, so you’ll need to take it at least thrice a day to feel the effects). 
  • Bioavailability: Cardarine has better bioavailability than SR9009, unless the latter is taken orally—if you can survive the ensuing bad taste, that is. 
  • Endurance: Cardarine and SR9009 kinda draw on this one, but many users report better endurance on cardarine.
  • Energy: Again, this could vary from user to user, but since SR9009 is able to directly impact the mitochondria in your cells, you may have better energy on it than cardarine.
  • Inflammation: Cardarine quells inflammation like it’s nobody’s business. Even after hard sweat sessions, you won’t feel any inflammation, though you may feel a little with SR9009.
  • Weight Loss and Fat Cutting: This again varies from user to user, and an equal number of folks support both drugs for weight loss. We would give SR9009 the cup here, since it aids in better endurance and therefore, can keep you going at the gym longer, aiding in better weight loss. 
  • Better Rest: SR9009 gives you better sleep quality than cardarine. It also eases up any anxiety and stress.

Final verdict on Cardarine vs SR 9009

Final Verdict

As mentioned, both cardarine and SR9009 are extremely similar, with regard to their effects. Both drugs let you burn energy, increase strength and endurance, and have you cutting weight like a hot knife through butter! 

If you’re looking for something that is easier to intake, pick Cardarine. You only need to take it once a day for results, unlike Stenabolic. If you’re the type that forgets to take their medicines or can’t adhere to a schedule at all, cardarine is a better option. If weight loss and fat loss is your priority at all costs, opt for Stenabolic. The drug gives you more ancillary benefits that will aid your weight loss than cardarine.

Therefore, you can pack on the muscle thanks to increased energy and hours at the gym, as a result. Cardarine, on the other hand, is better for lean mass, keeping down body fat without losing any muscle. SR9009 may also be more appealing to you if you’re someone who deals with anxiety and erratic sleep patterns.

Ultimately, both drugs work almost equally, giving you the desired results in their own ways. Prioritize what you want or need to decide which one to go with. For endurance and lean mass, consider choosing cardarine. For better energy, sleep, reduced anxiety and fat loss, consider choosing SR9009.

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