SR9009 For Fat Loss: How Much To Take To Burn Fat Fast

Are you planning a cut for the beach? Maybe your thinking about getting ready for the stage this year? Whatever your motivation for fat loss, SR9009 can help you achieve your goals. This Rev-erb-α receptor agonist helps regulate the circadian rhythm, otherwise referred to as your “biological clock.”

With Stenabolic, you get a notable increase in your resting metabolic rate, with some lifters calling SR9009 “exercise in a bottle.” The compound binds to specific protein receptors, lifting metabolism while enhancing endurance and muscle conditioning. (1)

If you’re looking for a potent compound to help with your body transformation, SR9009 will get you there. This Rev-erb-α receptor agonist improves mitochondrial function, increasing energy production at a cellular level. (2)

With SR9009, you can power through on low-calorie days, without feeling the energy crash associated with a deficit. In this post, we’ll unpack everything you need to know about using Stenabolic for fat loss.

How does Stenabolic work in the body?

How SR9009 Works

In a similar mechanism to Cardarine, SR9009 binds to the Rev-erb-α proteins, signaling the body to increase mitochondria count. This action enhances activity at a cellular level, with the mitochondria releasing energy, increasing basal metabolic rate.

Essentially, your body turns on the furnace, mimicking exercise’s effects, even while you’re at rest. (3) The results are dramatic fat loss experience, with minimal side effects. Some users refer to SR9009 as producing steroid-like results without the sides.

You get a boost in cardiovascular performance and endurance, allowing you to push those intense cardio sessions to peak performance.

Stenabolic (SR9009) dosage for burning fat

Fat Loss Dosage

Your dose of Stenabolic depends on your experience with the compound. If you’re a newbie to SR9009 and SARMs, you’re going to need different dosing guidelines to advanced users with multiple cycles under their belt.

This section will look at the best SR9009 cycles for beginner, intermediate, and advanced users. Beginners need to stick to the dose to get an amazing first experience with Stenabolic. Advanced users have more freedom to play with the dose, provided they have a good understanding of the drug’s impact on their body.

Before we outline the ideal dosing protocols, it’s important to note that SR9009 has a half-life of only 4-hours. That plays a significant role in how you dose the product. If you have a raw, powder format product, weight out your dose using a gram scale, and divide it into four during the day.

Consume a dose every 4-hours to ensure you have stable blood levels, especially around your workouts.


  • Week 1 to Week 4 – 10mg SR9009 per day, taken in four doses of 2.5mg
  • Week 5 to Week 8 – 15mg SR9009 per day, taken in four doses of 4mg

You could also run a longer 8 week cycle like this:

  • Week 1 to Week 4 –16mg SR9009 per day, taken in four doses of 4mg
  • Week 5 to Week 6 –20mg SR9009 per day, taken in four doses of 5mg
  • Week 7 to Week 8 – 32mg SR9009 per day, taken in four doses of 8mg

Notes: we prefer rounding up to the nearest mg for each dose during the day – it makes things more convenient.

Advanced Cutting Cycle

  • Week 1 to Week 4 – 20mg SR9009 per day, taken in four doses of 5mg
  • Week 5 to Week 8 – 32mg SR9009 per day, taken in four doses of 8mg
  • Week 9 to Week 12 – 40mg SR9009 per day, taken in four doses of 10mg

Best stenabolic stack for cutting


Are you an advanced user and have experience with SARMs and SR9009? You can “stack” products together to enhance your results in the gym and the mirror. 

Stacking involves using one or two compounds alongside your SR9009, helping you reach your goals faster. It’s a popular method used in contest prep for bodybuilders and fitness athletes looking to hit the stage.

If you want to step up your SR9009 cycle, try the following super-cutting stack, featuring Stenabolic.

Week 1 to Week 4

  • 20mg SR9009 per day, spaced in 4 doses
  • 25mg Ostarine per day, spaced in two doses
  • 10mg Testolone per day

Week 5 to Week 8

  • 30mg SR9009 per day, spaced in 4 doses
  • 30mg Ostarine per day, spaced in two doses
  • 10mg Testolone per day

Week 9 to Week 12

  • 40mg SR9009 per day, spaced in 4 doses
  • 30mg Ostarine per day, spaced in two doses
  • 15mg Testolone per day

Week 13 to week 16

  • 20mg SR9009 only, spaced into four doses of 5mg, four hours apart

Some people like to stack Cardarine and SR9009 together. That is an option as well if you do not want to take anything that suppresses your HPTA system.

Using SR9009 during PCT

Post Cycle Therapy

One of the most appealing features of SR9009 is its low impact on the HPTA. This compound does not interfere with the normal cycle of the Hypothalamic Pituitary Testicular Axis (HPTA). As a result, you avoid the dreaded “Shutdown” associated with anabolic steroid use. Some SARMs have a suppressive effect on the HPTA, so that’s something you need to consider when stacking compounds.

With SR9009, there’s no need for a Post-Cycle Therapy (PCT). There is no impact on the HPTA, so your natural testosterone never experiences a slowdown like a test cycle. There are also no estrogenic side effects associated with the use of SR9009.

This compound does not bind to androgen receptors or aromatase into estrogen. Therefore, there are no estrogenic sides like gynecomastia to worry about.

It might surprise you to learn that SR9009 is actually a beneficial compound to include in a PCT protocol for AAS. The Rev-erb-α receptor agonist properties of SR9009 help speed up the recovery of the HPTA after finishing a cycle of AAS.


SR9009 is a potent Rev-erb-α receptor agonist capable of producing the results you need in your next cutting cycle. Stick to doses in this guide relative to your experience level, and you should have a great experience with this drug.

Stenabolic works to change the way your body uses fat. In conjunction with a ketogenic diet, with pronounced effects in as little as 4-weeks. Your results with this drug depend on the state you’re your physique when starting.

Those users starting with a fairly lean physique around the 10% mark can expect a hardening effect, with a grainy look and vascularity everywhere. SR9009 is not suppressive and will not slow down your body’s natural production of testosterone, due to it having no interaction with the Hypothalamic Pituitary Axis (HPTA). It suits cycles of up to 12-weeks, and there’s no PCT required when coming off.


Can I inject SR9009 subcutaneously?

Research shows that oral administration of SR900 only yields a bioavailability of around 2.2% in mice or approximately 24% in humans. However, injectable use of SR9009 yields a 100% absorption rate. Therefore, injectable use would seem better on paper.

However, injecting yourself up to 6-times a day and measuring the dose to ¼- of what you would use orally can be tricky. There’s a risk of infection with injectables, and you should always follow proper medical precautions using this administration method.

Does SR9009 have any liver toxicity?

SR9009 is not a methylated compound like other AAS. Orals like Winstrol V, Anavar, and even injectables like Trenbolone and Testosterone come with an elevation in liver enzymes. However, SR9009 has no toxicity on the liver, making it suitable for longer cycles when cutting. With less stress on your liver, you stay healthy during your prep.

What is “Peri-workout” dosing?

Peri-workout dosing refers to the administration of your dose around the training window. Since the half-life of SR9009 is only 4-hours, taking a dose the hour before your workout and the hour after your workout, theoretically improves performance and recovery.

DISCLAIMER: The publishing website and author do not endorse the use of SARMs or SR9009. The information in this article is for informational and educational purposes only. We bear no responsibility or liability for your use of any compound.

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