RAD140 vs Ostarine Comparison: Which SARM is Best For Your Cycle?

If you’re new in the world of SARMs, you know hard it is to decide on which one to use for your cycle. While SARMs in general will carry a lot of the same characteristics, it would be a huge mistake to assume they are all basically the same.

A great example of this is when we look at RAD140 and Ostarine together. Both are SARMs, but both have different side effects, results, and dosage recommendations.

In this post, we are going to compare the two and show you which one to take based on your goals.

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The Main Differences Between RAD140 Vs Ostarine

The main differences between RAD140 vs Ostarine are:

  • RAD140 is recommended for advanced users, whereas Ostarine is suitable for beginners
  • RAD140 is a better bulking SARM, whereas Ostarine is more well rounded and can be used for cutting
  • RAD140 has a higher chance of side effects, whereas Ostarine is generally well tolerated
RAD140 vs Ostarine comparisons
RAD 140Ostarine
Common Usage:BulkingCutting
Side Effects:ModerateMinimal
Safe For Women:Not RecommdedYes
Average Dosage:10mg/day25mg/day
PCT Recommended:YesNo
Anabolic Ratio:90:110:1

RAD140 Key Points

RAD 140, sometimes known as Testolone, was first studied as an oral male contraceptive. It’s most commonly known as a “bulking sarm” that shines when combined with a high calorie diet. It is highly anabolic as well with an estimated 90:1 anabolic ratio.

The most common uses of RAD 140 are for bulking, gaining weight, and increasing strength. It is not commonly used during cutting cycles or by those aiming to lose weight.

This SARM does have a potential for side effects, which we will discuss below. It’s important that you let that weigh in your decision of which one to take.

Ostarine Key Points

Unlike RAD140, Ostarine is appropriate for all types of cycles. Users can use it to bulk up, or to maintain (and gain) muscle mass while on a cutting cycle. It is a very versatile compound that has a lot to offer.

In addition, it is widely considered to be the most mild SARM that one can take. You are not likely to experience side effects when using Ostarine assuming you using it correctly.

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Which One Is Better For Gaining Muscle

If you’re number one goal is to gain size and strength, then RAD140 is the much better option. Compared to Ostarine, it is the more effective compound for gaining muscle and size.

You can expect to gain 8-12lbs over the length of a RAD 140 cycle lasting 6 to 8 weeks. Ostarine users tend to gain around 5lbs of muscle over the same length of time.

Which is Better For Cutting

Ostarine is the better SARM for cutting and losing fat. As we have covered many times before, SARMs are very effective tools for losing body fat when combined with a low calorie diet. Ostarine is the gold standard, because it is very dry and can be ran safely for long periods of time.

RAD 140 on the other hand is probably the worst pick for a cutting sarm since it can cause water retention.

Which is Better For Strength Gains

No doubt, RAD140 much better when it comes to gaining strength. Powerlifters and those who compete in strength based events will benefit a lot more from RAD 140 than Ostarine.

You might still want to consider Ostarine if you are competing in a sport that has strict weight classes. MMA fighters are a great example of this which is why athletes such as Sean O’Malley often test positive for it.

Comparing Side Effects

SARMs in general typically don’t have many side effects when used correctly. Out of all of the SARMs out there though, RAD 140 is more likely to cause issues than others. It’s a very anabolic compound, and some suspect that its androgenic effects are understated.

Women should avoid RAD140, but Ostarine is a great pick for females since it won’t cause viralization or masculinizing effects.

Both sarms will cause some degree of elevated liver enzymes (no more than drinking alcohol).
If you are mostly concerned about side effects, then you should pick Ostarine and not RAD140.

Comparing Dosage Protocols

Ostarine is commonly used in doses around 25mg per day for males, and 10 to 15mg a day for females. It can be cycled for up to 16 weeks at a time, with most users finding that 8 week cycles work best. PCT is not required for ostarine but it also does not hurt to use one following a cycle.

RAD140 is much stronger on a milligram to milligram level. The recommended dose is between 5 and 15mg per day for men, and it’s not recommended for women who don’t have prior experience with SARMs or steroids. Female bodybuilders will commonly use 1 to 5mg per day.

PCT is a good idea after using RAD140 since it is suppressive to testosterone levels. Four weeks of Tamoxifen (nolvadex) is enough to give the HPTA system the kickstart that it needs.

You should wait around 8 weeks after your PCT before starting another cycle. If you do not do a PCT, you should wait 12 weeks between cycles. This goes for both Ostarine and RAD140.

Stacking RAD140 and Ostarine

It is completely safe to stack these two SARMs together, but most experts (including myself) don’t recommend it. You won’t see any real benefits from combining these two together that you can’t get with them individually.

Stick with one compound or look into other stacks instead. Ostarine is great for cutting, especially when combined with Cardarine.

RAD140 can be stacked with MK677 and YK11 for a powerful bulking stack. Stacking with RAD140 and RAD150 together is not recommended.


Can I stack RAD140 and Ostarine together?

It is safe to stack them together, but it is not recommended. These two SARMs are not synergistic, so you will not experience any extra benefit from using them together. You should instead use a specific bulking or cutting stack depending on your goals.

Which one causes more suppression?

RAD 140 is much more suppressive than ostarine is and should only be used when you can have a PCT on hand and ready to go should you need it. The recommended PCT protocol for RAD 140 is 20mg of tamoxifen per day for 4 to 6 weeks.

Which one is better for total body transformations?

Ostarine the better option if you plan on being in a caloric (to lose fat) while on cycle. A 16 week cycle of 25mg per day is optimal for body recomposition, as shown in our SARMs for recomp guide.

Which is better for beginners?

Ostarine is the best sarm for those who new to SARMs and performance enhancing drugs. It has less side effects than other options and is able to be used for bulking, cutting, and recomp cycles.

The Verdict: Which One is Best

Ostarine is the better SARM for all around performance benefits, which is why I recommend it over RAD140. Since it is so versatile, it makes a great addition to any hardcore fitness regimen.
I’ve seen great results with using ostarine to bulk, even though it is less anabolic than sarms such as RAD 140 and LGD 4033.

With that being said, RAD 140 will always reign supreme when it comes to muscle gains. Out of all the SARMs in existence today, it is one of the strongest. It’s also the only SARM that is being studied as a replacement for Testosterone Replacement Therapy.


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