RAD-150 (TLB 150 Benzoate) – Benefits, Uses, Side Effects, and More

What is RAD 150?

RAD 150 is a type of SARM (Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator). It is an anabolic ester that is more stable and potent than its parent compound, RAD 140. By adding an ester to the molecule, it is made more soluble in water and its molecular weight is increased.

RAD 150 works to increase strength, build lean muscle tissue, strengthen bones, and burn fat. It can be taken with or without exercise, however taking it with a clean diet and proper exercise will produce the best results.

What you should know
Although it is a newer drug, anecdotal reports suggest it is approximately 10-15% more powerful than RAD 140. RAD 150 is thought to be safer than testosterone replacement therapy and is used clinically for research and development.

How does RAD 150 Compare to RAD 140?

RAD 140 and RAD 150 are both synthetic compounds that are similar to testosterone and are often used by bodybuilders and athletes to improve performance. They both have been shown to increase muscle mass, strength, and stamina, as well as reducing recovery time after workouts. However, there are some differences between the two compounds.

RAD 140 has been shown to be more potent than RAD 150 and more effective at reducing fatigue and recovery time after exercise. RAD 150 has been shown to be more effective at increasing muscle mass, with participants gaining an average of 5.4 pounds of muscle mass over an 8 week period.

Additionally, RAD 150 is an esterified version of RAD 140, making it more stable and bioavailable, and has a longer half-life. It is unclear how much stronger RAD 150 is compared to RAD 140, but anecdotal reports estimate it to be around 10-15% stronger.

What are the benefits of using RAD 150?

Increased strength and muscle mass

RAD 150 increases strength and muscle mass by activating androgen receptors in the body. Activating androgen receptors targets hormones such as testosterone, which then causes skeletal muscle tissue hypertrophy.

This increased muscle mass is further enhanced by RAD 150’s anti-catabolic properties, which help to shield and protect muscle mass. Additionally, RAD 150 helps to increase energy levels and endurance, allowing for more vigorous and effective workouts. The increased energy and strength can further enhance the effects of muscle growth, resulting in an increased muscle mass.

Increased energy and stamina

Using RAD 150 can increase energy and stamina by providing a boost in strength and aggression, even without much exercise. This is often referred to as the “pump,” which is described as being incredibly intense. As the weeks go by, users can experience an increase in the amount of weight they can lift.

Additionally, RAD 150 has been reported to reduce recovery time, which can be especially beneficial for men over forty who may struggle to keep up their muscle regeneration due to aging or lowered testosterone levels. Finally, RAD 150 is known to help maintain bone strength and quality, improve sexual function, urinary health and lower the risk of cancer.

Burn fat while building muscle

RAD 150 increases weight loss by increasing the metabolic rate throughout the body, promoting dry gains, and aiding in achieving a caloric deficit. It also increases muscle pump and strength, as well as bone strength and quality, which helps to burn fat more efficiently and effectively.

Additionally, RAD 150 increases endurance levels, aggression, and energy, which can be beneficial for those looking to lose weight. With the use of RAD 150, users have experienced a rapid decrease in body fat percentage, with some users losing up to 5-6% of their body fat within 8 weeks, and a gain of 10 pounds of muscle.

Increased sex drive

Using RAD 150 has been shown to improve sexual function due to its ability to increase testosterone levels. This increase in testosterone leads to an increase in libido, or sex drive. Additionally, RAD 150 has been shown to improve motor activity deficits, which can further increase libido by providing an additional source of energy and motivation.

Athletes using RAD 150 have reported an increase in energy levels, which can contribute to an enhanced libido. Finally, RAD 150 can also help reduce recovery time, which can lead to improved stamina and sexual performance while in the bedroom.

Increased athletic performance

RAD 150 increases athletic performance by providing a variety of health benefits. It contains a potent antioxidant called glutathione which is beneficial for fertility, chronic respiratory conditions, and mental health.

Additionally, RAD 150 also contains anti-catabolic properties, which helps to protect muscle mass. This compound also increases androgen receptor activation which helps to increase muscle mass and improve muscle regeneration. Furthermore, RAD 150 provides a surge in endurance which improves athletic performance. All these benefits ultimately lead to improved athletic performance.

Aids in recovery and healing

RAD 150 has been shown to provide a range of health benefits that can aid in recovery and healing. It contains a variety of antioxidants and amino acids that are beneficial for fertility, respiratory issues, and mental health. These antioxidants help to boost the immune system, which can help the body better fight off viruses and bacteria. In addition, RAD 150 contains anti-catabolic properties, which protect muscle mass from breaking down.

Moreover, RAD 150 can also help improve recovery times, according to user reports. This is especially seen in men over the age of forty, whose muscle regeneration process slows down with age due to lowered testosterone levels. RAD 150 can also help to increase endurance levels in skeletal muscles, allowing for more vigorous physical activity. Lastly, there is anecdotal evidence that RAD 150 therapy can help improve bone healing in elderly male rats with osteoporosis.

Therefore, RAD 150 appears to provide a range of benefits that can aid in recovery and healing. While further research is needed to confirm its efficacy and safety in humans, it is worth considering for those looking to improve their overall health and wellness.

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RAD 150 Side Effects

Increased Hair Loss

The use of RAD 150 can cause hair shedding due to its maximum aromatizing action, which leads to an increase in estradiol levels in the body. This can cause subcutaneous water retention and loss of muscle definition, and because RAD 150 has an extended half-life, it can also lead to insomnia. Thus, users of RAD 150 may experience hair loss, but this should be temporary and the hair should grow back once the cycle has been discontinued.

Increased Appetite

When using RAD 150, some of the side effects related to increased appetite may include extended health, headaches, subcutaneous water retention, and loss of muscle definition. Additionally, users may experience insomnia due to the extended half-life of the compound, and some may suffer from elevated levels of estradiol. To avoid these side effects, it is advisable to stick to the recommended dosage and to take breaks between doses.


The side effects of using RAD 150 for acne include subcutaneous water retention, loss of muscle definition, extended health, headaches, insomnia, and potentially increased risk of cancer. Additional side effects may include increased estradiol levels in the body, which could lead to an increased risk of breast cancer in women and prostate cancer in men. In addition, the extended half-life of the compound can cause insomnia, so it is recommended to take fewer doses or skip days between doses if this is a concern.

High Blood Pressure

The side effects of using RAD 150 for high blood pressure include an increase in blood pressure by 15-25 points in some weeks, which can worsen hypertension. Other potential side effects may include increased risk of cancer, lowered bone strength and quality, reduced muscle mass and strength, impaired urinary health, and lower sexual function. Additionally, Vitamin E in the compound may help to prevent oxidation of LDL cholesterol and inhibit atherosclerotic plaque development.

How to use Rad 150 to build lean muscle mass

Step 1: Choose your dosage and cycle length

The first step to choosing your dosage and cycle length for RAD 150 is to determine your goal. Are you looking to build muscle, lose fat, or a combination of both? Depending on your goal, you may need to adjust the dosage and cycle length accordingly.

The recommended cycle length for RAD 150 is 8 weeks at 10mg/days. However, some people prefer to start with lower dosages (5mg and 7.5mg) for the first two weeks and then increase to 10mg. Depending on your goal and experience, you can adjust the dosage accordingly.

Once you have determined your dosage, you can then choose your cycle length. Most people cycle RAD 150 for 8 weeks, as this is the most commonly used cycle length. However, some people prefer to cycle for 6 weeks, claiming that the gains tend to drop off after week 6. Ultimately, it is up to you to decide what works best for you.

Step 2: Start your SARMs cycle

Starting a SARMs cycle should be done carefully and with the help of a qualified physician. Before beginning a cycle, make sure to do your research on the various compounds and stacks available, as well as the potential risks associated with each.

Before beginning a SARMs cycle, the first step should always be to consult with a qualified doctor or medical professional. Your doctor can provide advice on the best SARMs for your particular situation, as well as any necessary precautions or side effects to be aware of.

Once you have consulted with a medical professional, the next step is to choose a compound or stack of compounds that you wish to take. Research different compounds to see which might be the best fit for you, taking into account factors such as the goal of the cycle, your experience level, the dosage required, and any potential risks.

When starting a SARMs cycle, it is important to begin with a low dose and then increase it gradually. For esterified SARMs, such as RAD 150, the recommended dose is typically between 5-10mg per day, split into 2-3 smaller doses throughout the day. Talk to your doctor to determine the best dose for your needs.

Step 3: Take your SARM regimen every day

SARMs are typically taken in cycles that last between two and three months, depending on the compound or stack. It’s important to remember that SARMs can suppress natural hormone levels in the body, so it may be necessary to take post-cycle therapy (PCT) or liver protection shortly after consumption in order to reduce the risk of side effects.

For RAD 150, the recommended dose for men is 10-20 mg per day, preferably with meals in a cycle of 12-18 weeks. For women, the recommended dose is 5 mg per day, preferably with meals in a cycle of 8-12 weeks. RAD 150 has a half-life of approximately 48 hours, so it should be taken once or twice daily in order to maintain its potency throughout the day.

It is important to follow the recommended dosage for any SARM regimen in order to minimize potential side effects and maximize results. Additionally, it is important to research potential side effects of any SARM before taking it, and to consult a doctor if necessary.

Step 4: Watch out for side effects

The use of Rad 150 can cause some side effects, including subcutaneous water retention, loss of muscle definition, extended health, headaches, insomnia, prolonged erections, raised aggressive feelings, and increased estradiol levels in the body.

It is important to note that these side effects are more likely to occur if the recommended dosage is exceeded. There is currently no definitive evidence that Rad 150 causes liver toxicity, though research is ongoing.

Step 5: Eat clean and stick to your routine

Eating clean and sticking to a regular routine can help you use Rad 150 more effectively because it ensures that your body has the energy and nutrients it needs to make the most of the supplement.

When you’re eating a balanced diet and maintaining a consistent exercise regimen, you can ensure that your body is in the best condition to take advantage of the supplement’s effects.

Additionally, Rad 150 is known to increase aggression in the gym and provide an intense pump. Eating a clean diet and sticking to a routine can help you better control and manage the surge in aggression, as well as make the most out of the pump.

Step 6: Check your bloodwork

Step 1: Visit your doctor and request a blood test to check your bloodwork after using RAD 150.

Step 2: Explain to your doctor that you have been using RAD 150 and would like to have a blood test done to measure its effects on your body.

Step 3: The doctor will draw a sample of your blood and send it to a laboratory for analysis.

Step 4: Once the laboratory results are back, the doctor will be able to tell you your bloodwork results and determine whether RAD 150 has had any adverse effects on your body.

Step 5: If the results are concerning, the doctor will recommend further tests or treatments to address any issues. Alternatively, if the results are good, you can continue to use RAD 150.


The recommended dosage of RAD-150 (TLB 150 Benzoate) is 10mg per day, taken every 48 hours. It is important to note that as RAD 150 is still a relatively new research chemical, there are no definitive studies on the precise frequency suggested dose and timing of dosing. It is therefore advisable to consult with a qualified medical professional before beginning any treatment protocol.

What is the half-life of RAD-150 (TLB 150 Benzoate)?

The half-life of RAD-150 (TLB 150 Benzoate) is currently unknown, but it is estimated to be around 60 hours, which is the same half-life of its parent compound RAD-140. Although some websites claim the half-life to be 24 or 48 hours, until we get a scientific study that shows the pharmacokinetic properties of RAD 150, it’s best to assume that it has a half-life of 60 hours. RAD 150, also known as TLB 150 Benzoate, is a newly synthesized SARM that has been esterified to extend its life and solubility in the bloodstream. This process, called esterification, increases the potency and effectiveness of the drug with minimal side effects.

Is RAD-150 (TLB 150 Benzoate) a steroid or an anabolic steroid?

RAD-150 (TLB 150 Benzoate) is not a steroid or an anabolic steroid, but it is a Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator (SARM). It acts similarly to a steroid, but without the adverse effects associated with anabolic steroids.

RAD-150 is an esterified version of RAD 140 and has a much quicker result and increased bioavailability due to its extended half-life of 48 hours. It is considered one of the most potent and beneficial anabolic esters and it works by mimicking the role of natural testosterone in the body.

Unlike anabolic steroids, RAD-150 is not associated with any androgenic side effects, such as increased baldness or aggression. It is also generally considered to be much safer than anabolic steroids.

In conclusion, RAD-150 (TLB 150 Benzoate) is not a steroid or an anabolic steroid, but it is a Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator that provides a host of benefits without the negative side effects associated with anabolic steroids.

What time of day should I take my RAD 150?

It is recommended to take RAD 150 with meals, so it’s best to take it during or after meals. Depending on your routine, you could take it in the morning, afternoon, or evening. However, one should take RAD 150 at the same time every day in order to maintain its efficacy. It is also important to note that RAD 150 should not be taken on an empty stomach as it may cause nausea or stomach discomfort.

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