Elite SARMs Review Updated For 2023 With Lab Testing

Everyone wants to better themselves, especially when it comes to the gym and your performance there. One way people do this is through the use of SARMS. According to the Operation Supplement Safety organization, SARMS are products that give similar effects to testosterone when ingested.

Finding good quality SARMS is a bit of a challenge. There are several online retailers that provide high quality products, but the state of SARMS legality makes it difficult to reach everyone.

There are certain restrictions placed on American websites as to what they can and cannot say when advertising SARMS sales. This further impedes their ability to be upfront with their client in giving them important information.

When you’re new to the SARMS world, you need all the help you can get about how to use different products and which ones are best for your needs.

While some websites offer great materials, but can’t showcase them well, there are others that just offer plain awful stuff. They don’t have SARMS of a high grade, and ill-informed consumers literally consume those harmful substances.

But knowledge is power, and this is where this Elitesarms.com review comes into play. By reading this review you can learn if this company is reliable or if it’s a scam.


Elite SARMs 3rd Party Lab Testing Results

Lab Tests

Elite Sarms provides COAs for all of their products in their store. However, we can not validate whether or not the COA is real or fake. The document appears to be free of any lab testing company. It’s essentially just a document that says it was tested and not by who.

This is alarming, and it makes us question whether or not this company is legit. This wouldn’t be the first time a company has posted fake COAs. Take a look for yourself:

Certificate of Analysis found on the Elite Sarms website.

Initial thoughts and website review


The Elitesarms.com website is a bit different from other SARMS websites for one very big reason. They can actually advertise what they’re selling. In countries where the use of SARMS is banned, SARMS merchant sites have severe restrictions on how they sell their products online.

Because they are located in Australia, they don’t have to deal with these restrictions and as a result, their website is more informative and appealing to new SARMS users than others are.

Aside from the big plus for having more information that other websites, Elitesarms.com also has the benefit of having a very well-planned website. The layout of materials is easy to understand and simple to use, even if you’ve never been on the site before.

You can also read customer reviews directly on their site, although we can’t vouch for the authenticity of them.

Elite Sarms customer reviews
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What does Elite Sarms sell?

Products Available

Part of what makes them legit is the quality and amount of products they have available for purchase. They have several different substances that you can use, but where they really shine is in their stacks.

They have pre made stacks that you can sift through based on what your workout goal is. Elite Sarms even includes a description of what you can achieve if you use that stack or product. Again, this boils down to being able to advertise your products properly. That’s a huge plus you won’t find in many SARMS websites because of the mentioned restrictions. The products they have for sale include

Elite Sarms recomp stack
Recomp stack available from Elite Sarms

What payment methods does Elite Sarms accept?

Payment Methods

There are few different ways you can pay for your products on Elitesarms.com. For one, they take Paypal payments. This is probably the easiest way to get your SARMS quickly and efficiently.

You can also use an E-transfer to pay for your products. While this isn’t an ideal method of payment, it gets the job done. Being the only two methods of payment, that quickly takes out a lot of the convenience in online shopping.

While their company has a lot of good qualities, increasing the methods of payments they have is certainly one they can improve on.

One good thing that consumers can take away from using this website is the available discount and coupon codes. As a returning customer, you can apply your code to your cart during checkout to receive a value off of your full price.

This coupon is reoccurring, so every time you make a new purchase, you receive a new coupon.


What are the shipping and return policies?

Shipping / Returns

Considering that the warehouse or physical location of Elite Sarms is in Australia, the shipping rates for this company are through the roof. If you live in America, it’s just not worth it to have your products shipped from so far.

You end up paying more in shipping than you did for the product itself! If you don’t live as far as America, you might find that these shipping rates are more tolerable for you.

On top of these high shipping rates, the actual speed of shipping is also lacking.

This makes sense because if you live as far away from Australia as Americans, the amount you’re going to wait for your package is definitely going to be longer than others. The shipping experience overall isn’t the best with these guys.

It’s not the worst possible, but it’s definitely something they can work on improving.

The return policy for Elite Sarms is a bit more forgiving than others. As with many SARMS companies, there are specifications that you need to follow to have your item returned.

If it’s past a certain date or if your product has been tampered with or opened, you likely won’t receive a refund for it. This is pretty standard in the SARMS world due to the nature of the products.

It’s also important to consider that if you live farther away from Australia, your wait time for sending and receiving your refund might be a lot longer than others, as well. Here’s a screenshot showing their exact policy:

Elite Sarms return policy

Does Elite Sarms offer good customer service?

Customer Service

Right off the bat, it’s easy to notice that the customer service provided by their company is some of the best. There are several great reviews left by customers that are, for the most part, happy with their buying experience.

Elitesarms.com has a ‘Contact Us’ section that consumers can use to convey messages to the company or to discuss any concerns. They also give links to their social media sites, including Facebook and Instagram, making it even easier to connect with them. Here is their contact info in case you are looking for it:

Contact info for Elite Sarms customer support

Elite Sarms offers a good service when it comes to buying SARMS. But there are certainly aspects that are lacking or way behind where they should be for a SARMS merchant.

If you want an excellent SARMS buying experience, you should check out this list of where to buy sarms for your next purchase.

7.5Expert Score
Elite Sarms

Quality source that has made a lot of improvements to their product line since we initially reviewed them.

Product Selection
Payment Options
  • Large selection of SARMs and prohormones
  • Multiple payment options, including c
  • Definitely on the more expensive side for US shoppers.
  1. Tried the ligandrol – by taste it’s just olive oil. $150 for a tiny tab of olive oil.

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