Andarine Results – What to Expect from This SARM

Are you looking to shred for the stage? Andarine (S4) can help you enhance your performance in the gym and harden your physique.

This guide gives you everything you need to know about what to expect with an S4 cycle.

A brief history of Andarine and the company who created it

What is Andarine

Andarine is a SARM developed by GTX Pharmaceuticals. Kaken Pharmaceuticals in Japan also lay claim to developing Andarine (S4). Andarine never received FDA approval, and it’s currently a scheduled drug.

Andarine is the ideal starter-SARM, and it’s a great choice for enhancing the effects of a diet. If you’re prepping for a show or just want to look good on the beach, Andarine can help you achieve your goals.

Andarine has a lighter effect than other SARMs, and many users incorporate it into stacks for a synergistic effect when cutting.

Is Andarine Legal?
Andarine is not a scheduled compound and is therefore legal to buy and possess in the United States.

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Dosage and cycle length for new and advanced users

Dosage / Cycle Length

It’s a good strategy to “cycle” SARMs use. Cycling is a practice forming a set structure for the administration of the drug. It’s important to understand the specifics of cycle length before you order and use your SARMs.

New users to SARMs and Andarine should always focus on safety rather than results. For new users, starting at a low dose mitigates the appearance and prevalence of side effects.

New Users

  • Week 1 – 25mg per day
  • Week 2 and 3 – 50mg per day
  • Week 4 – 75mg per day
  • Week 5 and 6 (optional) – 75mg per day, 100mg per day on the last 5-days.

Advanced Users

  • Week 1 – 25mg per day
  • Week 2 and 3 – 50mg per day
  • Week 4 and 5 – 75mg per day
  • Week 6 and 7 – 75mg per day
  • Week 8 – 100mg per day
  • Week 9 – 100mg per day
  • Week 10 (optional) – 125mg per day

It’s important to note that cycle length and dosage are an individual preference, it’s your party, and no-one can give you accurate advice to suit your body.

These dosages and cycle lengths are guidelines for administering S4.

What Results Can I Expect for My Andarine Cycle?

Andarine Results

DISCLAIMER: The author and publishing site bears no responsibility for your SARMs research. We don’t condone the use of SARMs or any performance-enhancing drugs.

Andarine isn’t a potent compound like some of the other SARMs. It’s better a better choice for users that are looking to recomp or cut for the stage.

If you’re looking for Andarine to add slabs of muscle to your frame, you’re better off going with a Testolone, Ligandrol, or YK11 cycle.

However, if you want to get that stage conditioning, and you need to win shows, Andarine is a good alternative to the hardening and cutting AAS compounds like Anavar, Masteron, Winstrol, and Proviron.

πŸ’‘ Top Andarine Sources in 2024

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First-time users looking to harden up will experience bets results if they start with lower body-fat levels around the 12% mark. Taking Andarine if you’re over 15% body fat won’t produce the desired results.

Here’s the expected outcome for various physique goals. We’ll assume the research candidate is starting their cycle 6-weeks out from a show, with body fat levels of 12%. The candidate is eating a caloric deficit and training four to five times a week with daily cardio sessions.

We also assume that all other aspects of diet, recovery, and training are on point.

During the initial two weeks with a solo Andarine cycle, you’ll hardly notice the effect of the SARM. However, as you get leaner at 3-weeks out, the hardening effect becomes visible.

Your muscles feel fuller after a workout, and pumps are off the chain, even with a caloric deficit. Your recovery should be instant, and vascularity is starting to show.

Two weeks out from the show, you’ll notice a pronounced amplification of the benefits of using Andarine. At this stage, you can decide if you want to up your dose.

By the end of your cycle, enhanced vascularity is noticeable, you’ll feel dry, and there’s a slight “grainy” effect to a lean physique.

Advanced users can run cycles up to eight to ten weeks. It’s important to note that most users start reporting diminishing returns from Andarine use after eight to ten weeks.

Diminishing returns describes when you start to see reduced results, even when increasing the dose. Sides also become prevalent and enhanced.

Andarine is the ideal compound for cutting. Its mild effect and minimal side effects make it suitable for a starting compound for first-time users.

Advanced users will enjoy the way S4 enhances the hardening and drying effect on cutting cycles. Advanced users also have the benefit of adding S4 to stacks containing multiple compounds.

Can I Stack other SARMS with Andarine?


SARMs users will rarely run Andarine in solo cycles. It’s popular in stacks where users benefit from an enhanced effect from other cutting compounds. Here are our top stacks for Andarine.

Muscle building

Andarine (50mg per day) stacked with Testolone (10mg per day) for six to eight weeks.

Andarine (50 mg per day) stacked with Ligandrol (10mg per day) for three to four weeks.

Dieting/ Fast Loss

Andarine (50mg per day) stacked with Cardarine (20mg per day) for six to eight weeks.

Recomposition/ Muscle Hardening

Andarine (50mg per day) stacked with Ostarine (25mg per day) and Cardarine (20mg per day) for six to eight weeks.

What can I expect from stacking S4 with other SARMs?

Stacking Results

Andarine is a great stacking compound to add to dieting protocol. If you’re using other SARMs like Ostarine and RAD-140, Andarine makes an excellent addition to your protocol for enhanced results with your cycle.

Watch out for side effects from stacking Andarine

There are a few side effects involving Andarine. The first and most common side reported in users is disruptions and changes in vision. Andarine can cause the following vision side effects.

  • A yellowish tinge on your vision in well-lit places.
  • The development of light sensitivity when transitioning from light to dark rooms.
  • A loss of peripheral vision in dark rooms.

The severity of your sides seems to be dose-dependent. However, many users report these sides with doses as low as 25mg per day. It appears that the use of 50mg or more daily induces the most severe cases.

However, many users report no side effects with their vision. It’s a user-dependent thing. If you develop side effects with Andarine use, they fade away gradually over 5-days after discontinuing administration.

Some users state the 5:2 protocol helps in reducing side effects. Take your daily dose for 5-days, and then take 2-days off.

Do I Need a PCT for Andarine?

Post Cycle Therapy

If you’re a beginner running your first cycle, chances are you’re using doses between 25mg to 50mg daily. You’ll also be using moderate cycler lengths between four to six weeks.

At these dosages and cycle lengths, there’s little evidence to suggest Andarine causes much of a suppressive effect on the Hypothalamic Pituitary Testicular Axis (HPTA).

The HPTA governs and regulates the production of testosterone in your body. AAS like Anavar shut down your HPTA, requiring the use of post-cycle therapy (PCT) products to jumpstart tour normal hormone production, bringing your testosterone back online.

However, with Andarine low-suppressive effect at minimal dosages, you’ll “recover” your natural production to optimal levels in a few days, rather than a few weeks.

The result is stable mood levels and less of a rebounding effect where you lose the gains you made on-cycle. Andarine users report average gains of up to 6-lbs on cycle lengths of 6 to 8-weeks. Most users also report little to no suppressive effect, and they keep their gains – impressive, right?

Therefore, using a PCT product like Nolvadex or Clomid for PCT isn’t necessary with Andarine use. An OTC test booster product is all you need to recover fully from a cycle.

Where to find high quality Andarine online?

S4 For Sale

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