Andarine Side Effects And How To Identify Them

Are you a new SARMs user? Andarine (S4) offers you the perfect entry-point into performance enhancement. This compound is tried and tested in thousands of research experiments with committed users – and it works.

However, is there any risk involved with Andarine use? What are the side effects that you can expect on-cycle? Do you need a PCT with S4?

We’ll unpack all your questions in our guide to Andarine side effects.

Andarine: Quick History of this SARM

What is Andarine

Developed by GTX and Kaken Pharmaceuticals, Andarine (S4) is a class-leading SARM with a solid reputation. It’s an excellent choice to add to a cutting stack, getting you shredded for the stage.

Andarine is a scheduled medication by the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA). There is currently not approved use for S4 in any medicinal application.

Why do bodybuilders take S4 / Andarine?


Andarine is an oral SARM available in liquid and powder format. Most SARMs producers and suppliers work with this product, and it’s easy to find online.

S4 is a great choice for cutting or recomping, helping you gain lean muscle mass while boosting vascularity and mood while on-cycle.

Andarine side effects can include vision problems.

Andarine provides users with a similar effect as Anavar. It’s a mild SARM often stacked with more aggressive compounds like Testolone (RAD-140) or Ligandrol (LGD-4033).

Andarine has the following benefits and gears towards physique athletes looking for a hardening agent during their contest prep’s final weeks.

Muscle Hardening – The hardening effect of S4 gives your muscles that mature, “grainy” that’s covered by any bodybuilder or physique athlete. S4 dries you out while pumping up your vascularity to insane levels. You’ll get great pumps in the gym, even when you’re running a caloric deficit.

Fat Loss – S4 accelerates your fat loss results. It’s not as potent as clenbuterol or DNP. However, it helps your body speed up the metabolic rate while keeping you in positive nitrogen balance for an optimal anabolic effect.

How to run Andarine without experiencing side effects

Side Effects

Andarine is a mild SARM, and users don’t experience any side effects other than their vision (more on that later). Therefore, it’s a relatively safe SARM to run for newcomers to performance enhancement.

For your first SARMs cycle, sticking with a mild SARM like S4 over a potent one like RAD-140 (Testolone) is a better method of gauging your body’s response to these compounds.

It’s a good idea for beginners to run a short, solo Andarine cycle for their first experience. You could think of it as doing a cycle of oral Anavar tablets, just with less toxicity on your body.

Beginners can follow this protocol for the best results.

  • Week 1 – 25mg per day
  • Week 2 and 3 – 50mg per day
  • Week 4 – 75mg per day
  • Week 5 and 6 (Optional) – 75mg per day (You can try up to 100mg in the last week if sides don’t present)

Advanced users will find it easy to handle S4 in extended cycles up to 10-weeks. It’s a get choice for a “hardening agent” to drop into the last 6-weeks of your contest prep at 75mg per day.

Solo, advanced users, can dose Andarine as high as 125mg a day.

AAS users can try S4 as a replacement for Winstrol, Masteron, or Anavar in their pre-contest stack.

DISCLAIMER: The author and publishing website do not bear any responsibility for your use of SARMs. These scheduled medications do not have approval for human consumption.

Does Andarine cause shutdown of testosterone?


“Shutdown” describes a condition where you experience a slowdown or halting of your body’s natural testosterone production.

Your natural hormone profile relies on the delicate balance of the Hypothalamic Pituitary Axis (HPTA). The HPTA governs your test production, and introducing exogenous AAS like a dose of the hormone into your body, tells the HPTA you no longer need its services.

As a result, many users find they start to experience atrophy of the testes. However, since the blood serum levels of testosterone are high, you feel great.

Andarine does not cause the same shutdown experience that “suppresses” the HPTA. Clinical research shows Andarine has a mildly suppressive effect on the HPTA and minimal impact on prostate tissues.

However, extended use of Andarine for more than 8-weeks can cause a suppressive effect, especially at high doses. Still, it’s nothing like the shutdown caused by AAS.

Is Andarine the same thing as steroids (AAS)?

Andarine and Steroids

“Steroids” is a broad social term for Anabolic Androgenic Steroids (AAS). We would classify SARMs as more of a Performance Enhancing Drug (PED).

In short, Andarine is not steroids. Most AAS, such as Trenbolone, Winstrol, and Anavar, are all “derivatives” of testosterone. Therefore, they all exhibit different levels of androgenic and estrogenic side effects.

Since SARMs are “selective” about the receptors they bind to, there are no estrogenic side effects and minimal androgenic sides.

Therefore, we would say Andarine is definitely not steroids. However, it has all the characteristics of a PED.

S4 bottles from Chemyo

Do I need PCT for an Andarine only cycle?

Post Cycle Therapy

Since Andarine is not AAS or a prohormone and has little to no suppressive effect on the HPTA, it won’t cause the dreaded “shutdown.” Therefore, there’s no need to run a post-cycle therapy (PCT).

AAS users require PCT to reduce estrogen levels to near-zero, jumpstarting the HPTA. Users take the PCT drugs, like Nolvadex and Clomiphene, for 4-weeks until they stabilizer testosterone levels at baseline.

The only way to check if your body “recovered” from the cycle’s effects is through bloodwork analysis.

With Andarine, there’s no need for PCT. However, adding a natural test-booster product into your supplement stack for two to three weeks helps speed any suppressive effect on the HPTA.

Some advanced users stacking multiple compounds will require a form of PCT, especially after extended cycles over eight weeks.

However, the only way to check if you need a pharmaceutical PCT like Nolvadex or an OTC supplement like a test-booster is through your bloodwork results.

If you don’t have access to a doctor that can run a bloodwork analysis, stacking multiple SARMs is risky.

Does Stacking Andarine Increase Side Effects?


In most cases, stacking SARMs does increase your risk of experiencing side effects on-cycle. However, it’s not as high as the risk of estrogenic and androgenic side effects found in AAS and prohormones.

Andarine users stacking compounds might experience sides, especially in the first week and last two weeks on extended cycles.

Common Andarine side effects involve your vision. Users report the following experiences.

  • A yellow tinge to your vision in sunlight and well-lit areas.
  • A loss of peripheral vision in low-light settings.
  • Difficulty transitioning from dark to well-lit areas.

Andarine is a “softer” SARM, and many users decide to stack other compounds with it to increase the efficacy and results of the drugs.

Some of the common SARMs or SARM-like products stacked with Andarine include the following.

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Is Andarine liver toxic in humans?


There is no data to suggest that Andarine has a toxic effect on the liver and kidneys. Unlike prohormones or oral AAS that often feature methylation to increase oral activity, SARMs don’t use this formulation.

Since there is no 17-aa methylation in Andarine, there is little to no liver or kidney distress reported by users of S4.

However, if you have a concern about taking an oral performance enhancer like S4, there is a solution. Using milk thistle or milk thistle extract 12-hours apart from your Andarine dose helps your liver cope with toxicity issues.

Milk thistle contains silymarin. The concentrated extract cleanses your liver, and we recommend looking for a liquid-based product for optimal delivery and bioavailability.

Is Andarine safe to use?


There is currently no evidence suggesting Andarine is not safe for use. However, there is little clinical data available on the long-term use of S4.

Medical research suggests Andarine could be a possible replacement therapy for people dealing with low hormone production.

Does the FDA Regulate Andarine?

No, Andarine does not have approval for human use in any form. The FDA strongly advises against the use of SARMS.

Andarine is a scheduled drug by the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA). While scheduled, doctors won’t prescribe it for use in any medical setting.

While there’s some clinical evidence suggesting the ability of Andarine to reverse conditions like muscle-wasting, it’s not a conventional therapy. Doctors prefer to rely on trusted legacy medications, such as Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT).

Can I Use Andarine as a Performance Enhancer in Sports?

Yes, many athletes use Andarine in sports to gain lean muscle mass and boost explosive strength. However, S4 is a banned substance under WADA rules, and athletes caught violating these regulations risk a ban.

Where to buy quality Andarine / S4

Where to buy

It’s challenging finding a reputable SARMs supplier online, especially one offering shipping to Australia. Two issues face an Australian researcher looking to purchase SARMs online.

The first is the guaranteed delivery of SARMs from other countries. If Australian Customs seize your order, you need a supplier willing to take the risk and guarantee delivery. If the government intercepts your order, they ship another to you.

The second issue involves the legitimacy of the product and the supplier or brand. Since SARMs aren’t a regulated product, there’s no way to test the purity and efficacy of the Andarine. Many brands use raw materials in their SARMs from sources like China.

If you’re ordering SARMs online and spending your hard-earned money, you need to know that you’re getting your products from verified, credible sources.

Our Verified Sources Program gets you in touch with the information you need to make an informed purchase. We take a hard, critical look at the world’s top SARMs suppliers and brands in our reviews.

If you’re thinking about researching with Andarine, check through our list of verified SARMs sources before you place your order.

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