SR9009 Dosage and Stacking Guide

SR9009, otherwise known as “Stenabolic,” is not a SARM; it’s a Rev-erb-α agonist. Professor Thomas Burris from the Scripps Research Institute developed the compound to treat patients suffering from the effects of metabolic diseases, such as muscle-wasting and cardiovascular problems.

SR9009 is an “exercise mimetic,” activating ‘Rev-erb-α,’ proteins (1) that regulate cell oxidative function and mitochondrial energy production. Medical science hopes to resolve issues like chronic obesity and congestive heart failure using these Rev-erb-α agonists.

By altering protein levels, Stenabolic mimics the effects of exercise, enhancing mitochondrial function in muscle tissue. (2) The compound increases mitochondria production in cells, phasing out damaged mitochondria in a rejuvenation process that heightens energy levels.

SR9009 is a great choice for a cutting cycle, supporting your fat loss. Stenabolic also makes for an excellent stacking compound with other SARMs. In this post, we’ll unpack the specifics around dosing and stacking SR9009.

What is the proper dosage of SR9009 for increasing fat loss?


When it comes to establishing a dosing protocol for SR9009, there is no scientific evidence available or published literature on the subject. Instead, we have to go along with some broscience from experienced users of Stenabolic.

According to reviews on the compound, Stenabolic is a potent drug, and only requires minimal doses for an effective biological response. When dosing SR9009, the issue with the compound is its half-life. Stenabolic comes with a 4-hour half-life, meaning it fades from your bloodstream really fast.

To make any drug work properly, you need a sustained serum level of the compound over time. Therefore, if it’s leaving your system every 4-hours, your body is going to have a tough time maintaining an active dose.

With this in mind, we’ll build a protocol around beginner, intermediate and advanced doses of SR9009.

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Beginner Dosing Guide

Week 1 to Week 4 – 10mg per day, split into two doses of 5mg in the morning and before bed

If you have the option of splitting your dose into 4 x 2.5mg throughout the day, spaced 4-hours apart, that’s even better. However, unless you’re getting a powder supplement in raw format, you’ll probably have to deal with 5mg tablets or pills.

Week 5 to Week 8 – 15mg per day.

Add an extra 5mg dose during midday.

Intermediate Dosing Guide

Week 1 to Week 4 – 15mg per day.

Split the dose into the morning, midday, and evening. If you’re using raw powder, try to split the dose into four doses of 4mg spaced evenly apart.

Week 5 to Week 6 –  20mg per day.

Week 5 to Week 6 –  30mg per day.

Advanced Dosing Guide

Week 1 to Week 4 – 20mg per day (four doses of 5mg spaced evenly apart)

Week 5 to Week 8 – 30mg per day

(Optional) Week 9 to Week 12 – 40mg per day

Example cycles for beginners and advanced users


The cycling process refers to the length of time you spend using SR9009, or any other SARM or AAS. Our body works in natural cycles called circadian rhythms, so it makes sense that our use of SR9009 would fall around these cycles for optimal administration and benefits of the drug.

You’ll feel great when using SR9009. Smashing PRs in the gym and revealing your abs from under that layer of body fat is a confidence-inspiring experience for your training and lifestyle. However, you can’t stay on forever. As much as we all want to feel like Superman 24/7, the party has to stop sooner or later.

If you’re trying to stay on too long, it results in an increase in side effects and diminishing returns from the drug’s benefits. Therefore, cycling your use of SR9009 is vital if you want to make the most out of the experience.

The following cycles apply to beginner, intermediate and advanced users of SR9009.


Plan on four to six weeks in total for your cycle. Start slow and build into your dose. A 10mg starter is more than enough to feel the effects of SR9009. Increase your dose for two weeks at the 4-week mark to 15mg per day. If you experience any side effects after the first week, back off your dose by 5mg.

Intermediate Cycle

Intermediates can run SR9009 for up to eight weeks for the best results. Start with 15mg per day, and increase the dose to 20mg per day on week 5. For the last two weeks of your cycle, bump the dose to 30mg per day.

Advanced Cycle

Advanced users can start with 20mg from week-1 to week-4. Increase to 30mg per day in week 5 to week 8, and 40mg per day in week 9 to week 12.

SR9009 Stacks

“Stacking” describes combining two or three compounds to achieve a synergistic effect that boosts your results. Stacking is not for newbies. As a newcomer, you should get a firm understanding and experience from all the compounds before combining them in a stack.

If something goes wrong with a beginner stack, you want to ensure that you know which compound is disagreeing with your body. Advanced users who have a good understanding of SARMs and PPAR agonists’ effects on the body can start thinking about stacking.

There are two types of stacks suitable for SR9009.

SR9009 Advanced Cutting Stack

Week 1 to Week 4

Week 5 to Week 8

  • 30mg SR9009
  • 30mg Ostarine
  • 50mg Andarine

Week 9 to Week 12

  • 40mg SR9009 only

SR9009 Advanced Mass Stack

Week 1 to Week 4

  • 20mg SR9009
  • 10mg YK11
  • 20mg Ligadrol

Week 5 to Week 8

  • 30mg SR9009
  • 15mg YK11
  • 30mg Ligadrol

Week 9 to Week 12

  • 40mg SR9009 only

In Closing & FAQ


SR9009 is a potent Rev-erb-α agonist that can help you achieve the results you want for your physique in the gym. Stenabolic enhances workout performance, boosting strength and endurance while ramping up metabolic rate. As a result, you get PRs in all your lifts and fat loss, even when bulking.

SR9009 is a great choice for stacking with other SARMs. This compound comes with no suppressive effect on the Hypothalamic Pituitary Testicular Axis (HPTA). 

As a result, you don’t get any shutdown of your natural testosterone production. SR9009 actually helps the body with recovery from other SARMs and AAS cycles. Stack SR9009 for bulking or cutting, and get the results you want from your cycle.  

Experienced users can dose SR9009 as high as 40mg per day. However, you’ll need to split up the dose due to the compound’s short half-life. Stenabolic has a 4-hour half-life, meaning you’ll need to take a dose every 4-hours throughout the day to maintain stable blood levels of the drug.


Do I need a liver supplement when stacking SARMs?

SARMs and SR9009 are not methylated compounds. Therefore, they have low toxicity compared to traditional oral AAS. When taking a liver supplement with your cycle, don’t take it with your dose. The liver supplement will interfere with the absorption of the compound. The cleansing effect makes it challenging to use a liver supplement with a compound like SR9009. SR9009 requires regular administration throughout the day due to its short half-life, and a liver supplement might interfere with your dosing protocol.

Can I stay on SR9009 year-round?

No. It’s a good idea to cycle off Stenabolic after a 4-week to 12-week cycle, depending on your experience level with these compounds. Staying on for too long brings diminishing returns and amplifies the mild side effects of the drug. Time off allows your receptors to reset. This strategy ensures you get another positive experience from your second cycle, with a low risk of side effects.

Is SR9009 better as an oral or Injectable?

There is some debate around the bioavailability of SR9009. Research suggests that subcutaneous injection is better than oral administration for Stenabolic. However, injectables bring more risk to your cycle. Infection at injection sites is the number one concern for injectable use. If you’re going this route, make sure you follow all safety protocols during administration.  

DISCLAIMER: The author of this post and the publishing website do not endorse the use of SR9009. This post is for educational and informational purposes only.


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