How to PCT After RAD 140 – Keep Your Gains!

When the reviews said RAD 140 would be the best steroid-free gym experience of your life; they weren’t lying. Over the last six to eight weeks, you’ve probably made more progress with your workouts than you did since your first started training.

SARMs are the real deal, they boost performance and enhance growth, with real-world results you see under the iron, and in the mirror. Testolone (RAD 140) is a powerful compound. It’s popular for dieting if you were getting ready for the stage or the beach during your cycle, it’s likely you noticed you hardly lost any muscle mass during your fat loss.

RAD 140 is ideal for a “recomp,” and if you’re already lean when using it, you’re going to get some amazing results as everything tightens up. Six weeks in, you’ll notice the enhanced vascularity and endurance in the gym, with workout performance soaring. During the final weeks, your muscles start to develop that hard, grainy look.

Do you have to come off? What does it feel like when you do?

Coming off RAD 140

The reality is you can’t stay “on” forever. SARMs like RAD 140 aren’t as suppressive as traditional anabolics like testosterone, but they still provide a low level of “shutdown.” Shutdown occurs in the use of Anabolic Androgenic Steroids (AAS) (1), where the body experiences a disruption in the hypothalamic Pituitary Testicular Axis (HPTS).

Exogenous AAS use halts the body’s natural production of testosterone, breaking the rhythm of the HPTA. During your AAS cycle, you feel like a million bucks. You’re hitting PRs with every workout because you’re enhancing your Test levels with injectables or oral steroids.

After a “cycle” of six to ten weeks (advanced bodybuilders can cycle for up to 24-weeks, using a blast-and-cruise” strategy with HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy), where they never come off) You’ll need to recover your natural test production by restarting the HPTA.

To do this, you’ll need the use of either Tamoxifen (Nolvadex) or Clomifene (Clomid), depending on the type of AAS in your cycle. Some users might also introduce hCG (Human chorionic gonadotropin) to stabilize and boost LH (Luteinizing hormone) during and after-cycle.

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These drugs form the basis of a Post-Cycle Therapy (PCT) protocol. The duration and dosages involved with AAS PCT vary from person-to-person, depending on the compounds used, cycle length, and existing conditions.

Without PCT, it takes your body longer to “recover” and restart the HPTA. Some individuals may never fully recover or not recover at all, resulting in a condition known as “Hypogonadism.” Hypogonadism refers to a situation where you can no longer produce testosterone. As a result, you need Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) for the rest of your life.

It’s for this reason that first-time users of AAS should limit cycle length to 10-weeks maximum, use as low a dose as possible, and always do PCT (preferably with an hCG protocol during and post-cycle)

Do I need a PCT protocol for RAD 140?


Now for some good news. SARMs don’t cause the same level of shutdown as AAS (2). If you compare the effect on the HPTA between an oral steroid like Dianabol (Metandienone) to RAD 140, it has vastly different results.

With Dianabol, the HPTA experiences a fast and hard shutdown, whereas RAD 140 does not suppress the HPTA at all. Some users report minimal to no suppression with doses as high as 15mg to 20mg per day. However, everyone has a different response to drugs. Where some individuals may see no sides, others might experience sides at smaller doses.

There is some indication that large doses of RAD 140, taken in extended cycles, can cause suppression (3). However, in most cases, it’s not a total shutdown, and recovery is easier with OTC supplements.

Individuals that experience a hard shutdown from a long cycle, or “Stacking” Testolone with other SARMs, might benefit from a drug-based PCT protocol. Using Nolvadex or Clomid to restore the HPTA might work, as will other aromatase inhibitors.

However, undergoing a self-prescribed PCT is never a good idea. Always consult with a medical professional for advice when attempting a drug-based PCT protocol. Drugs like Nolvadex feature in studies for male castration and the last thing you need is an inaccurate PCT dose.

What is the best RAD 140 PCT protocol?


If you stuck to a sensible dose during your cycle, you shouldn’t have any issues with “coming off.” Most users start a cycle with a 5mg dose to test the waters. If no sides present after 3-days, boost it by 5mg. In the second week, check how you feel, and up the dose again to the 15mg mark.

Most new users of Testolone don’t need to go higher than 20mg. However, you might want to kick things up a level in the last week or two of your cycle and attempt the 20mg per day limit on this drug. Read my guide to dosing RAD 140 for a more detailed explanation, or the my article on stacking RAD 140 for multi-compound cycles.

It’s time to start your PCT after finishing your cycle. PCT typically lasts four weeks, and you’ll need to take time off after you conclude the protocol. Starting another cycle directly after completing PCT is a bad idea. Chances are you won’t see the same results, and sides will be worse the second time around.

A good PCT for RAD 140 would include a test boosting product designed to enhance natural test production. Look for formulations that include arachidonic acid (AA), as well as long-jack, Yohimbe bark, ketosterone, and Urtica dioica.

Take this formula every day, and have a doctor check your bloodwork 4-weeks after completing PCT. If your hormone panel comes back as normal, you can start planning your next cycle.

Closing & FAQ

Final points and common Testolone PCT questions

Your RAD 140 cycle was probably the best training experience of your life. The PRs in the gym, the size, and definition in the mirror – everything is paying off. If you want to keep your gains, you need to cycle off the compound the right way.

Even though RAD 140 is mildly suppressive, you’ll still need cycle support and a PCT featuring OTC products. After completing your PCT, take 12-weeks off before starting your next cycle. This period gives your HPTA a chance to stabilize, ensuring you get as much benefit from your second cycle as you did from the first.

With the right PCT, you’ll keep more than 90% of your gains, and the results will stick. However, negating a PCT results in a slower recovery, and you’ll watch your gains disappear in the mirror as fast as they arrived.

Testolone PCT FAQ

Why can’t I stay on RAD 140 or other SARMs?

As mentioned, it’s all about managing the function of the HPTA. Some users don’t experience any shutdown on as much as 20mg of testolone. Other people experience total shutdown on the same dose.

For most, the shutdown is mild, and you can recover your HPTA function fast. However, prolonged cycles can damage the HPTA and the hormonal system, reducing the chances of making a full recovery. Stick to the protocol of 8-weeks on + 4-weeks PCT + 12-weeks off, before starting your next cycle.

Can I use RAD 140 with AAS?

Yes, you can use SARMs in bulking or cutting cycles along with other AAS. SARMs don’t have the same liver toxicity as oral AAS drugs like Dianabol, Anadrol, or Anavar. The non-methylated formulation of SARMs makes them an excellent option for replacing these harmful drugs in your next cycle.

Does an AAS and SARMS cycle require a PCT?

Yes. If you’re using AAS like testosterone, you’ll shut down the HPTA. Therefore, you’ll need a PCT. Some users state that SARMs are a good idea to use during PCT. However, you’ll do better with a proper PCT protocol designed by an anti-aging clinic.

DISCLAIMER: The author and the publishing website bear no responsibility for your use of SARMs. This post is for informational and educational purposes only. We do not condone or recommend the use of SARMs or any other research chemicals for human use.

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