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Unfortunately, Freedom Research fails to provide 3rd party lab test results for their products, despite what their website claims. We can not honestly recommend a source that doesn't honor their commitment to transparency. Stay away from this source.
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  • Nice selection of capsule and liquid SARMs
  • They sell BPC-157
  • No lab testing
  • Limited payment options
  • Lack of customer reviews

Freedom Research Review: Legit or Bunk SARMs?

Freedom Research Review

Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators (SARMs) have gained massive popularity in recent years for their impressive fitness benefits. They’re known to provide steroid-like benefits without the harmful side effects.

But, the quality of SARMs can vastly differ between vendors, and it’s crucial to choose a reliable source. Today, we dive into a detailed review of the Freedom Research SARMs.


What is Freedom Research

Company Info

Freedom Research has positioned itself in the rapidly growing SARMs marketplace. The company’s principal offering consists of Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators (SARMs), performance-enhancing compounds held in high regard in bodybuilding and fitness communities.


What does Freedom Research Sell?


Freedom Research presents a wide range of products, differentiating in composition and method of administration. The company houses an impressive assortment of SARM Capsules, designed for convenient consumption and quick results.

In addition to SARM Capsules, Freedom Research provides SARM Liquids, a perfect choice for those preferring this intake method. The potency of these liquid forms parallels that of their capsule counterparts.

SARM Stacks offered by the company stand out due to their effectiveness. By packaging compatible SARM variants together, the beneficial effects are enhanced while maintaining a balanced risk portfolio.

Lastly, they offer a line of Peptides, smaller proteins that, when coupled with suitable workouts and nutrition, can help in achieving certain fitness goals.


Best Sellers and SARMs Stacks

Best Sellers

Among the variety of products at Freedom Research, some consistently make their mark. TLB-150, S4-Andarine, and S23-King Kong, each with unique attributes, are steady customer favorites.

The Quadstakk – Recomposition Compound is a new addition, becoming popular among fitness enthusiasts seeking advanced muscle toning and fat loss solutions.

Product NameDosage per CapsuleCapsules per BottlePrice
Rad- Rad14010 mg90$79.99
Freak Show – 5 Sarm Stack35 mg90$159.99
Ibuta – Mk67725 mg45$79.99
Cardarine – Enduabol – Gw50151610 mg90$79.99
Osta – Mk286612.5 mg120$79.99
Ligan – Lgd40336 mg60$79.99
Quadstakk – Recomposition Compound30 mg120$149.99
Tlb – 1505 mg90$89.99
Myosarm – Yk115 mg90$79.99
S23 – King Kong10 mg90$79.99
SR-SR900910 mg90$79.99
Osta Shred – Mk2866 + Gw50151615 mg90$109.99
S4 – Andarine25 mg60$79.99
Otr – AC10 mg90$89.99

Pricing and Purchasing Options


Riding on the ethos of affordability and accessibility, Freedom Research’s pricing strategy has been tactfully structured to appeal across several customer segments. Their product pricing, transparent and without hidden costs, is a testament to their commitment towards honest communication with their clients. For every product, whether it’s SARM capsules, SARM liquids, SARM stacks or peptides, the pricing is laid out clearly, enabling customers to make informed buying decisions.

An element that sets Freedom Research apart is its understanding and catering to the diverse budgetary constraints of its customer base. The span of the pricing starts from budget-friendly options that are designed to make the benefits of SARMs within reach for everyone. This extends to high-end premium products for those looking for specialized product combinations and higher value. The audience thus is not just limited to professionals but also includes novices and intermediates trying these performance enhancers for the first time.

Freedom Research’s shrewd business strategy extends beyond just individual purchases. They also offer an enticing bulk buying option. A perk often availed by regular buyers, bulk purchase provides customers an opportunity to accumulate substantial savings over time.


Red Flag Alert: No Lab Testing Available

Lab Tests

Chapter 5: Querying the Testing and Verification Process

In an industry where the well-being of consumers is at stake, the credibility and reliability of the products become a paramount concern. Freedom Research assures that its line of products, covering from SARMs capsules, liquids, stacks to peptides, are all subjected to scrupulous lab-based testing to verify their potency and efficacy.

However, a caveat to this assertion is the noticeable absence of any visible lab results or detailed accounts of the testing process on their site. For a mindful customer, this omission could potentially raise some red flags. Such third-party testing results serve as objective evidence of a product’s quality and safety standards and are a standard expectation from renowned businesses in this sector. Publishing these lab results helps businesses impart transparency and trust among their clientele.

Herein lies the issue with Freedom Research—despite their claim of 100% lab testing, the site does not offer buyers the ability to review these tests themselves. This lack of transparency warrants skepticism and prospective customers might find themselves second-guessing the integrity of the product and the authenticity of the company.

Given this, customers are urged to exercise due diligence in assessing the available products and consider manufacturers who offer complete transparency with respect to quality control and testing. This transparency may take the form of published lab results, well-documented testing process, and readily available safety information; all of which are encouraging signs for customers looking for reliable and safe SARMs. Independent reviews and verified source lists such as the Verified Source List could be used as resources by customers to guide their choice of supplier.


Assessing Customer Service and Contact

Customer Support

The company lists their contact information on their website, ensuring customers can reach them when needed. They offer support via email and phone.


Phone Number: (888) 306-1478


What Payment Methods Does Freedom Research Accept?


If you decide to buy SARMs from Freedom Research, you will have two options available for you to pay for your order.

The first option is with Cryptocurrency. Their shopping cart system accepts crypto payments via Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litcoin.

The other option is to pay with Cash App.


Final Review

Final Verdict

When it’s all said and done, we can not recommend this source. If they decide to upload the supposed lab tests for customers to see, we will update this page. Until then, we recommend that you stick with a reputable source such as Sports Technology Labs or Chemyo.

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Peptides, SARMs


Liquids, Capsules

Payment Methods

Cash App, Crypto

Shipping Options

First Class

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  1. Martin Lopez

    They will take your money and not deliver the full purchase. I used a promo code for BUY 2 GET 2 free, their system screwed up and i ended up getting robbed of $320.

    + PROS: None
    - CONS: Faulty website with faulty promo codes. Worst customer service
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  2. David

    products are okay but I wished I had seen this review first becasue your right they dont put their actual lab test results out which is a big problem in this industry in the future I will be buying my products else where

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