YK11 SARM Stacks to Crash Myostatin and Make Big Gains

Are you looking to add slabs of lean muscle to your frame? It turns out your genetics are holding you back from achieving your physique goals. If you want to become a ripped mass monster, YK-11 can help you overcome your genetic limitations.

YK-11 is a steroidal selective androgen receptor modulator (SARM) with myostatin inhibiting properties. This compound got its claim to fame from inducting supra-physiological serum levels of Follistatin. Some even claim that YK11 stacks are more powerful than traditional anabolic steroids.

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Follistatin helps to neutralize the effect of myostatin on limiting muscle hypertrophy and size. Therefore, you circumvent your body’s genetic roadblocks holding you back from gaining size.

However, it’s important to note that YK-11 is unique to all other SARMs. We can classify it as both a SARM and an anabolic androgenic steroid (AAS) due to its chemical structure.

YK-11 uses the same backbone as Testosterone and DHT for its chemical structure, making it more suppressive and potent than many other muscle-building compounds.

This post gives you everything you need to know about using YK-11 in your next stack. We’ll provide you goal-specific cycle examples later to suit your physique requirements.

Adding YK11 to your cycle


YK-11 acting as a solo compound produces outstanding results in users. The compound provides massive gains in a short period.

However, unlike other AAS compounds like Anadrol that produce massive gains fast, YK-11 doesn’t add any water retention on-cycle.

That’s good news because it keeps your blood pressure down, a common side effect involved with Anadrol, Superdrol, d-Bol, and other oral AAS use.

The bid proponent of YK-11 that attracts so many new users is its myostatin inhibition effect. This compound suppressed myostatin by increasing Follistatin expression in the body.

Essentially, YK-11 turns off the genes limiting the size of your muscular system. As a result, you can literally “change your genetics” to let you stack on more mass.

YK-11 is a popular drug for bulking, and it’s also useful in cutting or recomping, thanks to its lack of water retention in users.

YK-11 is a potent SARM, and stacking it with other SARM compounds provides impressive results.

Stacking YK11 with other compounds


Suppose you’re a new user to the SARMs scene; it’s better to start your experience with YK-11 using a solo cycle. Adding YK-11 into a stack for your first SARMs experience is a bad idea.

You’re likely going to feel some side effects of taking this many drugs if you aren’t an experienced user. To make the most out of your YK-11 cycle, it’s a good idea to ensure you have the right cycle experience.

However, experienced users will find adding YK-11 to your stack is the missing ingredient you’re searching for. This compound is especially effective in bulking cycles where you what to make the most out of your calorie surplus.

It’s also a great compound to use on contest prep, allowing you to preserve and even gain lean muscle while implementing a caloric deficit.

Mutant YK-11 from Enhanced Athlete
Mutant YK-11 from Enhanced Athlete

DISCLAIMER: The author and publishing website bears no responsibility for your use of YK-11 or any other SARM. SARMs are not suitable for human consumption, and we do not condone the use of these compounds. The information in this article is for research purposes only.

Three ways to stack YK11 with other SARMs

YK11 Stacks

Here are our top choices for the best YK-11 SARMs stacks. We gave you an option to suit any cycle goals. Considering the suppressive effects of these stacks on the HPTA, we like to keep cycle lengths to 8-weeks.

You’ll also need to complete a 4-week PCT after finishing your cycle. Remember to get bloodwork done before your cycle and two weeks after stopping PCT.

YK11 Stacks For Bulking / Mass Gains

Harness the myostatin inhibition of YK-11 with Ligandrol, one of the most potent SARM muscle builders. S23 supercharges this stack with hardening and drying, ensuring your bodyfat decrease while your muscles pack on quality size.

  • You will need: YK-11, Ligandrol, S23
  • Optional for advanced users: MK 677

Week 1 – 10mg YK-11 / 10mg Ligandrol / 10mg MK 677 / 10mg S23

Week 2 – 10mg YK-11 / 10mg Ligandrol / 10mg MK 677 / 10mg S23

Week 3 – 10mg YK-11 / 10mg Ligandrol / 20mg MK 677 / 10mg S23

Week 4 – 10mg YK-11 / 10mg Ligandrol / 20mg MK 677 / 10mg S23

Week 5 – 15mg YK-11 / 20mg Ligandrol / 20mg MK 677 / 20mg S23

Week 6 – 15mg YK-11 / 20mg Ligandrol / 20mg MK 677 / 20mg S23

Week 7 – 20mg YK-11 / 20mg Ligandrol / 20mg MK 677 / 25mg S23

Week 8 – 20mg YK-11 / 20mg Ligandrol / 20mg MK 677 / 25mg S23

YK-11 Dieting / Contest Prep Cycle

Make lean gains and preserve muscle mass while working with low carbs and a calorie deficit. Keep your pumps in the gym, and maintain your energy levels.

The addition of S23 and Stenabolic to your cycle design ensures you get optimal lean gains and a faster fat loss rate than any other stack.

  • You will need: YK-11, S23, SR9009
  • Optional for advanced users: MK 677

Week 1 – 10mg YK-11 / 10mg S23 / 10mg SR9009 / 10mg MK 677

Week 2 – 10mg YK-11 / 10mg S23 / 10mg SR9009 / 10mg MK 677

Week 3 – 15mg YK-11 / 10mg S23 / 15mg SR9009 / 20mg MK 677

Week 4 – 15mg YK-11 / 15mg S23 / 15mg SR9009 / 20mg MK 677

Week 5 – 20mg YK-11 / 15mg S23 / 20mg SR9009 / 20mg MK 677

Week 6 – 20mg YK-11 / 20mg S23 / 20mg SR9009 / 20mg MK 677

Week 7 – 20mg YK-11 / 20mg S23 / 25mg SR9009 / 20mg MK 677

Week 8 – 25mg YK-11 / 25mg S23 / 25mg SR9009 / 20mg MK 677

YK11 stacked with MK2866, LGD 4033, and MK 677

Recomposition / Muscle Hardening Stack

Those physique athletes that need to cut down after bulking too hard can try this stack for the best results with their cycle.

The addition of RAD-140 and Ostarine to your cycle make the fat melt off while increasing your strength and muscle size.

  • You will need: YK-11, RAD-140, Ostarine
  • Optional for advanced users: MK 677

Week 1 – 10mg YK-11 / 10mg RAD-140 / 10mg Ostarine / 10mg MK 677

Week 2 – 15mg YK-11 / 10mg RAD-140 / 10mg Ostarine / 10mg MK 677

Week 3 – 15mg YK-11 / 15mg RAD-140 / 15mg Ostarine / 20mg MK 677

Week 4 – 15mg YK-11 / 20mg RAD-140 / 20mg Ostarine / 20mg MK 677

Week 5 – 20mg YK-11 / 20mg RAD-140 / 25mg Ostarine / 20mg MK 677

Week 6 – 20mg YK-11 / 20mg RAD-140 / 25mg Ostarine / 20mg MK 677

Week 7 – 20mg YK-11 / 25mg RAD-140 / 30mg Ostarine / 20mg MK 677

Week 8 – 25mg YK-11 / 25mg RAD-140 / 30mg Ostarine / 20mg MK 677

Stacking YK11 with Testosterone and other AAS

YK11 Test Stack

There is no official clinical research on the efficacy of YK-11 in promoting muscle growth. It acts through a different biological mechanism to AAS and other SARMs.

Therefore, adding YK-11 to any AAS or SARMs cycle is a great way to supercharge your results. However, due to the potential liver toxicity (more on that later), avoid combining YK-11 with other methylated AAS products like Anavar, Winstrol, or Anadrol.

How much muscle can you gain in a single YK11 cycle


Using it as a solo cycle, YK-11 produces outstanding results in packing on mass fast. Some users see upwards of 11-lbs of lean gains in a single 8-week cycle.

Our Follistatin protein acts as the antagonist to myostatin, and it sets your genetic potential for adding muscle to your frame. By lowering that Follistatin level, your body has the natural ability to add more mass to your frame.

Adding a SARMs stack into your YK-11 cycle increases your results. Depending on the cycle you try, you’ll experience a different outcome.

Myostatin inhibitors are among the most promising research areas in human performance science, unlocking the door to huge gains in your stack.

Early research shows that Follistatin produced a four-fold increase in muscle size in mice. However, all Follistatin available online is fake. If you find a source offering you this product, it makes the companies entire range suspect.

Since YK-11 inhibits myostatin by increasing Follistatin production, it’s the closest thing to real Follistatin therapy you can get online.

Potential side effects and safety concerns to keep in mind

Side Effects

YK-11 produces a set of unique, dose-dependent side effects in users. Here are the problems most users encounter on a solo cycle.

Bear in mind that running higher doses and stacking YK-11 with other SARMs increases the prevalence and intensity of side effects.

Liver Toxicity

YK-11 is one of the few SARMs featuring methylation to increase its bioavailability. Most other SARMs don’t have this issue, making them relatively liver-friendly compared to prohormones and AAS.

A 17-aa methyl ester attached to the YK-11 molecule improves its efficacy in your body, but it does create elevated liver enzymes. Therefore, it’s important to watch the whites of your eyes for any signs of yellowing during the cycle.

Pain in your right side and yellowing of the eyes is a sign of hepatic toxicity and “jaundice.” You’ll require immediate medical attention to avoid severe liver damage.

However, instances of severe liver distress with YK-11 use is uncommon.

Adding different compounds or running them at higher doses might increase toxicity in a dose-dependent manner.

Male-Pattern Baldness

Since YK-11 is similar to DHT, it’s not surprising there are reports of male-pattern baldness occurring from the use of this SARM.

Tendon and Joint Weakness

DHT derivatives are notorious for causing joint pain in users. Derivatives like Winstrol dry out the joints, making your workouts painful.

There’s some evidence to suggest DHT derivatives also weaken joint sinew and tissues, leading to brittle joints and tendons.

Aggressive Behavior

The similarity of DHT to YK-11 means it can bring out aggressive behaviors in some users.

Do I need to run an Aromatase Inhibitor while on YK-11?

Aromatase Inhibitors (AI)

If you’re running a stack, it means that dosages are in the high range, and you’re running several compounds.

SARMs don’t affect the CNS and HPTA the same way as AAS. However, there is some suppression level to the HPTA when using high doses or several stacked compounds in a single cycle.

The suppressive effect of SARMs doesn’t create estrogenic side effects, so gynecomastia is typically not a concern.

However, when you change your hormone balance, it’s possible to elevate estrogen more than normal, leading to the onset of gyno symptoms.

If that’s the case for you, you’ll need to run an Aromatase Inhibitor (AI) with your stack. The AI prevents aromatase action in your mammary breast tissues that result in gyno.

Using an AI like Aromasin or Anastrozole can resolve any on-cycle gyno flare-ups.

PCT after stacking YK11

Post Cycle Therapy

Yes, you 100% need a PCT when running a stack with YK-11 and other aggressive compounds. YK-11 does create a suppressive effect on the Hypothalamic Pituitary Testicular Axis (HPTA).

The HPTA is the biological system governing the production of your natural testosterone. When you introduce exogenous androgens into your system with SARMs, it has a suppressive effect on the HPTA>

SARMs are nowhere near as suppressive as Anabolic Androgenic Steroids (AAS). When used in solo compound cycles for short durations and at moderate doses, it’s possible to avoid the suppression of the HPTA.

However, if you’re stacking, we’re assuming you’re looking for the best experience on-cycle as possible. Therefore, you’re probably going to be running high doses and multiple compounds.

If that’s the case, there will be a considerably intense suppressive effect on the HPTA. As a result, you’ll likely need the assistance of post-cycle therapy (PCT) drugs to help your body “recover” from the effects of the cycle.

When you finish the last dose of your stack, it’s time to start your PCT the following day. Most esters clear in 24-hours, so there’s no need to wait two weeks before starting PCT.

Since YK-11, and other SARMs like S23, cause significant suppression of the HPTA, you’ll need a pharmaceutical-grade PCT for your PCT. Pharma-grade PCT drugs include brand names like Nolvadex and Clomid.

You’ll take these drugs orally for four weeks after your cycle ends. They reduce estrogen to zero, jumpstarting the HPTA and your body’s natural testosterone production.

However, the only way to discover if you recovered from the stack’s effects is through bloodwork. Visit your doctor or a life extension clinic, and order a hormone panel.

The doctor takes your blood and analyses it for testosterone, thyroid hormone, and other important markers to show your hormonal health.

Guessing whether you recovered and when it’s time to start your next cycle can damage your health.

Can you use YK11 year round or do you need to cycle off

YK11 Year Round

YK-11 is a potent SARM with astounding effects on muscle growth. However, the long-term impact of its use is unknown. The impact on your body in combination with a stack takes a toll on your health. At the end of every cycle, it’s vital you take time off before starting another stack.

Taking time off allows your receptors to clear out and reset. If you run extended cycles, you eventually reach a point of “diminishing returns,” where the YK-11 or SARM doesn’t produce any additional effect.

Instead, you might notice a reversal in your progress and an increase in side effects. Taking time off allows your body to get ready and prepare the terrain for the next cycle.

We all have the temptation to jump back onto another cycle as soon as possible. However, waiting will only improve the experience of your next SARMs stack.

Waiting for the length of your cycle and PCT before starting another stack is a good strategy. However, everyone is different, and the only way to tell if your body experienced a full recovery after PCT is with bloodwork.

Are products containing YK11 and other SARMs illegal?

Legal Status

The US Government does not recognize any SARM as having medical benefits for human use. As a result, YK-11 and all SARMs are on the banned substance list for use in sports.

However, it’s not like you’re going to get life in prison if customs intercept your order either. In most cases, they issue you a notice stating they seized your goods, and that’s the last you hear from customs.

Still, ordering and using SARMs is risky. If you’re an athlete, WADA or USADA testing programs will suspend you for 2-years if they detect the presence of SARMs in your system.

While it’s unclear if they have a test for YK-11, the other components of your stack, such as Ostarine, will ring the WADA alarm bells.

Avoid using performance-enhancing drugs like YK-11 and SARMs if you compete in drug-tested sports.

Is there a difference between YK11 liquids and capsules

Liquids vs Capsules

Consumers looking to order a SARMs stack have the option of purchasing liquid products, capsules, pills, or raw powders. Which option is the best choice for your stack?

There are rumors that liquids offer the best bioavailability and highest purity. In contrast, there is no evidence to support this theory; its popular culture among fitness and bodybuilding communities to support this point.

However, you should never order liquid SARMs if you don’t trust your sarms source. Liquids are less stable than powders or pills. They have a high risk of the compound “denaturing” during transport.

If you look at the return policy of a liquid product, most companies don’t offer a return for this reason. They realize by the time they receive your return; the product is essentially useless.

Ordering pills or encapsulated SARMs is the best option. If you have experience in formulating liquid products, you could order raw powder and mix liquids yourself.

How to find a legit YK11 source

Where to Buy

YK-11 and all other SARMs are not available for sale as supplements. You won’t walk into your local supplement store and find YK-11 sitting on the shelf.

The FDA tightly controls all medicines and supplements available in the country. SARMs are not on that list. Even if you have a legitimate health disorder like muscle-wasting disease, your doctor can’t script you YK-11.

Researchers looking to add YK-11 to their next cycle need to turn to international providers for their SARMs. When ordering from international sources, you have a few issues facing the successful purchase of your stack.

The first is availability. Unlike SARMs like Ostarine, YK-11 is harder to find, and there’s a limited number of sources available online. More than half of all online vendors don’t have this compound available on their site.

The second issue is delivery. For example, Australian customs has one of the best drug detection units in the world. If your parcel is coming into the country, it goes through processing in customs. While they handle millions of packages every day, there’s a chance they could find your order and seize your stack.

If that situation occurs, you need guaranteed delivery. With guaranteed delivery, your source mails your order again for free, and it might slip through the second time. Many sources don’t offer guaranteed delivery, as some customers abuse the privilege.

The final issue is the purity of the SARMs in your stack. Since SARMs are illegal for human consumption, most supplement companies produce them off-license, meaning they have no regulatory authority overseeing the raw materials’ production process.

These “Underground Laboratories,” or UGLs, have no way of proving the legitimacy of their products other than using a third-party testing facility.

Every SARM you buy needs an accompanying Certificate of Analysis (COA). The COA shows the purity and efficacy of the SARM, providing you with testing and batch information to prove the legitimacy of the compound you’re purchasing.

Many companies claim they have the purest SARMs, and then offer no COA to back up their claim. If you find a source that doesn’t provide COAs, consider it a red flag and walk away.

How Do I Find the Best SARMs Sources Online?

Further Reading

We did the hard work of finding your source for you. Our Verified Sources Program looks at all the leading brands and products available for your stack.

We have several top-quality suppliers listed offering YK-11 and other SARMs compounds suitable for your stacking goals.

Our in-depth reviews of SARMs sources gives you the information you need to make an informed purchase decision. Our Verified Sources Program puts you in touch with international suppliers that offer guaranteed delivery and third-party tested products.

Check out the Verified Sources Program and place your order for your SARMs stack right now!

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