YK11 Reviews: What People are Reporting

Are you tired of spending time in the gym and the kitchen trying to pack on size? Nothing is more frustrating than eating down the house and working in the gym, only to experience lackluster results. Some individuals have a hard time gaining, and that’s part of their genetics.

If you’re an ectomorph, you probably have high levels of myostatin in your body. (1) If that’s the case, your genetics are sabotaging your gains. Myostatin sets a threshold for how much skeletal muscle you can add.

Fortunately, with YK11, you get a compound that inhibits myostatin, flooding your body with follistatin, a potent myostatin antagonist. (2) As a result, you raise the threshold on what possible when it comes to adding more muscle to your frame.

What people are saying about YK11, a myostatin inhibitor

YK11 Reviews

In this post, we’ll look at real user reviews for myostatin. Since it’s a largely unstudied drug, we’re relying on anecdotal user reviews from Reddit to check on the effects of YK11.

YK11 and its Effects

YK11 comes on strong, with most users feeling the effects of the drug within the first week. Gains average between 10lbs to 25lbs a cycle, depending on the user’s dose and experience level.

“I started my YK11 cycle six weeks ago, and the gains are crazy. In six weeks, I stacked on 20lbs, and the gains aren’t slowing down.”

“YK11 is hands-down, the best compound for bulking; it’s on par with my first test cycle.”

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Dosing and Cycle Lengths

User reviews suggest that YK11 works bets in cycles ranging from 4-weeks to 8-weeks in length. Going on longer cycles increases the risk of shutdown. 

The average dose for the drug was 10mg, with some users going as high as 30mg at the peak of their cycle. The 12-hour half-life of the drug shows the best results with split dosing. (3)

“I started my first YK11 cycle with 10mg and noticed the effects right away. I stayed at 10mg for a week before increasing to 15mg per day. That was a good sweet spot, and when I went to 20mg, I started feeling tingling nips.”

I ran YK11 with RAD 140 for 6-weeks. The results were outstanding, and I’ve never experienced such rapid gains. I have experience with prohormones, and the results were better than a cycle of Superdrol.

Muscle Hardening

YK11 has a slight effect on muscle hardening, but it’s not as good as other SARMs. This product is not the best choice for cutting, and you’ll do better with a calorie surplus. YK11 adds lean muscle mass during your cycle, and you don’t get the same water retention as other oral and injectable AAS.

“YK11 was a great experience, but it didn’t suit my cutting stack. This compound suits a bulking stack for sure.”

“YK11 is not for your pre-contest stack. After 6-weeks on the drug, muscles feel full and round, but lack definition and hardness.”

Fat Loss Reviews

YK11 does exhibit some fat loss characteristics during a cycle. However, it’s not as effective as other SARMs like SR9009 for cutting. YK11 suits use in bulking cycles when you’re working with a caloric surplus.

“I tried YK11 while dieting, and the results weren’t that outstanding. I did notice an increase in size during my recomp, but I didn’t get the result I wanted from the drug.”

“YK11 isn’t the best choice for your fat loss diet. This drug stacks on mass, but don’t expect it to cut up your abs.”

Reviews for Preserving Muscle Mass

YK11 helps to preserve and build muscle. The drug exhibits an anabolic effect on the body, binding with androgen receptors to increase skeletal muscle mass.

“YK11 was a good choice for my second cycle. I stacked it with RAD 140 and got impressive results with building leans mass.”

Effect on Sex Drive

YK11 has a potent effect on your sex drive. The androgenic activity increases libido, boosting your sex drive while you stay on cycle. There is some evidence to show that YK11 acts on the sex drive in the same manner as DHT, increasing your sexual desire.

“After a week on YK11, my girlfriend is starting to look tired.”

“YK11 helps me tear it up in the bedroom and the gym!”

“When I took YK11, I must have confused it with Viagra.”

Common Side Effects

YK11 is a potent myostatin inhibitor. There is very little scientific evidence showing the effects of the drug on the human body. User reviews show there may be issues with testosterone suppression, aggression, and liver toxicity.

“I got back from the doctor, and my bloodwork is a mess. Liver enzymes are through the roof, and test is in the gutter. I need Clomid right now.”

“My first 6-week cycle with YK11 was great. I put on 15lbs of size and didn’t lose anything in PCT. I PCT’d with Clomid for 2-weeks using 50mg to 100mg per day. My bloodwork is fine.”

“YK11 added some serious size, but my liver is torched. Bloodwork shows raised enzymes, but the doc said I could get it under control.”

What users report from using YK11 without PCT

PCT Experience

According to research and user reviews, YK11 has a slight suppressive effect on the Hypothalamic pituitary Testicular Axis (HPTA). As a result, you lose some of your natural hormone production. YK11 might not shut down the HPTA entirely, but it does enough to warrant a PCT.

You’ll need to check with your doctor for bloodwork to examine the state of your hormone panel. Your doctor will advise the best PCT strategy to treat your suppression and get the HPTA back online. Severe suppression of the HPTA may involve using drugs like Clomifene and Tamoxifen in the PCT protocol.

Final Verdict and FAQ


YK11 is a potent myostatin inhibitor. This compound is not a SARM, but it does work with the androgen receptors. The unique mechanism of YK11 bypasses the regulation of skeletal muscle mass by myostatin.

Research shows that the best bodybuilders have low myostatin levels, with their genetics allowing them to slap on size naturally. If you’re looking for a compound to get freaky-huge, YK11 can help you get there. Some users report gains of as much as 25lbs in a 6 to 8-week cycle.

YK11 comes with more side effects than SARMs, and it’s important to prepare for handling any issues with liver toxicity or mood that arise with its use. If you’re stacking this product with other SARMs, it increases the risk of side effects.

Is YK11 liver toxic?

YK11 is a methylated compound to help improve bioavailability in the liver. Unfortunately, methylated SARMs and AAS have a toxic effect on the liver. According to most users, cycles of 6 to 8-weeks are common, and most users don’t experience liver problems. Still, it’s a sensible idea to run liver support with this compound. See YK11 Side Effects for more info.

Can I use YK11 with traditional AAS?

Yes, YK11 stacks well with traditional AAS like testosterone and its derivatives. The increase in follistatin enhances testosterone production and the body’s ability to use these hormones in muscle building. Some users take 10mg per day alongside a test cycle or a contest stack to retain muscle while dieting.

Is YK11 better than HGH?

YK11 stimulates follistatin production, but it doesn’t work on the same mechanisms as HGH. As a result, YK11 stacks well with Rev-erb and PPAR agonists like SR9009 and Cardarine. YK11 works with other SARMs cycles, and you can stack it with virtually any other compound. However, be aware that side effects increase with stacking and elevated doses above the 30mg per day mark.

DISCLAIMER: The author and publishing website bears no responsibility for your use of YK11, SARMS, or AAS. The information in this post is for informational purposes only, and we do not condone or recommend the use of these compounds.


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