How to Use MK 677 to Hack Your Sleep And Recover Better

For athletes, or for those who are working hard at the gym to lose weight and gain muscles, a good night’s sleep is extremely important. The more you exert your body, the more you need to allow it to rest and recover so it can be prepared to go again the next day.

But sometimes, mere fatigue will not help you be well rested, even if you pop off to sleep without trouble. The quality of your sleep is just as important, and there has been talk of substances like MK 677 to help out with that and also promote growth in the body. But what is MK 677 and how does it help you to sleep better? Here is a brief guide to help you find out.

What Is MK 677 and why do I keep hearing about it?

Quick Facts

MK 677 is an effective growth hormone secretagogue (a substance that induces secretion in the body). The substance is also known as ibutamoren or Nutrobal and is a popular growth supplement for athletes and people trying to build muscles.

This is a powerful secretagogue that can be taken in multiple ways to increase the levels of HGH (human growth hormone) in the system. MK 677 is often thought of as a SARM (selective androgen receptor modulators), but it is not the same. It may have similar effects to a SARM, but its main attraction is how it raises the amount of IGF-1 (insulin-like growth factor) and HGH in the human body.

The secretagogue was initially developed to reduce the symptoms of disorders like osteoporosis, and other ailments that affect the muscles. But the increased levels of these growth hormones also has several benefits for athletes and those looking to build their bodies.

But other than promoting growth hormones, MK 677 is useful for athletes and those looking to build muscles and lose weight in different ways as well. One of the most prominent effects of MK 677 is on a person’s sleep pattern. When you sleep better, you naturally feel more rested and your body can recover faster to be active again the next day. The following sections will take you through how MK 677 can ‘hack your sleep’.

How does MK 677 affect sleep and recovery?

MK 677 and Sleep

While the area of research in this field is still in its initial stages, several studies have found that oral treatment with MK 677 has a positive impact on one’s sleep cycle and improves the quality of sleep manifold.

In a trial conducted with healthy young and older adults, it was found that prolonged use of the orally active growth hormone has profound effects on sleep quality. In the case of older adults, the intake of MK 677 resulted in a nearly 50% increase in REM (rapid eye movement) sleep and a notable decrease in REM latency. Deviations from normal sleep also decreased to a large extent.

This means that not only does MK 677 improve the quality of sleep, it also corrects hyposomatotropism (decrease in the secretion of pituitary growth hormone) which may be accelerated as one grows older. 

Effect on REM and Deep Sleep

The key thing to note about MK 677’s impact on sleep is that not only does it help you fall asleep, but more importantly, it improves the quality of sleep. By increasing your REM sleep, it ensures that the body is well rested. This is at the crux of using this growth hormone secretagogue for recovery so one can train more, and be active the next day. 

The stage of REM sleep during your sleep cycle is when the brain is most active (it is also the stage in which one has dreams). The longer you experience this stage while sleeping, the more rested you will feel when you wake up.

REM sleep has a direct correlation with your cognitive performance and memory. A longer stage of REM sleep also improves your reaction to external stimuli, and the brain is able to assess threats more proactively.

In other words, when your REM sleep is improved, you will also be sharper for both physical and mental activity. 

What is the correct dosage of MK 677 to promote sleep?

Dosage for Sleep

MK 677 has a half-life of 24 hours—which means it takes a whole day for the body to process and dispel 50% of the dosage you have consumed. Since the effects of one dose can last a few days, it is important to find a dosage that suits your body.

But, it is also important to stay within the recommended limit of 50 milligrams per day. It is advisable to begin with a low daily dose, and there will be several instances of hit and trial before you find the combination that suits you perfectly.

This trial and error will include determining the time you take your dose in the day, what dosage you should take, and what method of administration you should follow. 

In some cases, people have said they feel tired immediately after taking their daily dosage. If you find that to be happening, it is more advisable to take the MK 677 right before you go to sleep.

But in other cases, you can even take the secretagogue in the morning, and still feel its effects at the end of the day when you are hitting the bed. The trick is to find a time that works for you, as the secretagogue may take a longer or shorter time to show its effects in your body.

Starting with 10 mg, you can slowly start increasing your dosage if you find that to be more useful for your sleep quality.

Figuring out a dosage that works for you also involves finding the appropriate length for your cycle. MK 677 is meant to be taken in cycles and then stopped for a brief period before resuming again. Usually, the cycle is from 8-12 weeks. The general thumb rule is that the lower the dosage, the longer the cycle. 

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There are a few different methods of administration you can try. Injecting the MK 677 is one of the common methods. However, that does take some practice and grit as not everybody is good with needles.

Another simpler method is to take oral capsules or pills. This is an easy method with no scary needles or syringes involved. It is also a safer option if you do not feel confident about injecting the secretagogue.

However, the oral pills can take some time to show their effect as your body will take longer to break it down when it is ingested orally.

If you require something that shows quicker effects, transdermal patches may be a good option for you. The patches only need to be placed on your body, and the secretagogue is released periodically as the patch makes it bioavailable. 

Final notes about using MK 677 for sleep


MK 677 can be the answer to your sleep woes or fatigue after a long workout session. The more you treat your body with care, the more rewarding your workouts are going to be.

Since MK 677 only impacts the growth hormone, it is generally safe to use as it will not cause any other serious alterations in the body.

Studies have found that even the common side effects are usually mild, such as edema, muscle pain (transient), and an increase in appetite.

However, it must be mentioned that the research in this field is still in its initial stages and the long-term effects of MK 677 are still not entirely known. Consult your physician if you think MK 677 has benefits for you. If you are looking to purchase MK 677 or other SARMs, check out our vendor list here.

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