Should You Take S23 – Review from a SARMs Expert

As you sit there planning your first cycle, you’re thinking about your journey to chemical enhancement. With so many options available for bulking and cutting, it’s tough to decide on a compound. 

Listening to gossip around the gym, you hear about how S23 is a strong SARM, and some guy got shredded while gaining 10lbs using the drug.

That sounds like what you’re looking for, but is it the best choice? Do you go on the word of the broscience in the locker room or real research?

In this post, we’ll unpack everything you need to know about S23. We’ll look at the science behind this SARM through the eyes of an expert.

What is S23 and why should I care about it?

What is S23

S23 is an experimental SARM, currently under development with GTX inc. S23 displays a high affinity for binding with the androgen receptor. As a result, it produces tissue-selective, anabolic effects in muscle.

S23 achieves steroid-like effects for the user, comparable to high doses of Anavar and Winstrol V. However, unlike these forms of Anabolic Androgenic Steroids (AAS), S23 does not stimulate the prostate or seminal vessels.

S23 has a branding as the next evolution of S4, but it’s a different SARM entirely. S23 comes from the development of the C-6 SARM, by altering the para-nitro group in C-6 to the cyano-group. (1) Swapping this para-nitro group increases the bioavailability of S23 from 76% to 96% through oral administration.

S23 initially had a medical use for male birth control, so it has a suppressive effect on the Hypothalamic Pituitary Testicular Axis (HPTA).

However, S23 undergoes no aromatization into estrogen. Many oral and injectable AAS have an adverse effect on the prostate, causing enlargement of the gland. However, research shows that S23 shrinks the prostate, having the opposite effect over AAS.

It’s important to note that the structural changes to the C-6 SARM not only improved bioavailability. It increased the compound’s binding affinity to the androgen receptor, that’s four times stronger than RAD 140, another potent SARM. (2)

S23 does not feature 17 alpha-alkylation like other forms of oral AAS. As a result of this formulation, there is limited toxicity on the liver from an S23 cycle.

How do SARMs like S23 work in the body?

How S-23 Works

According to experts, S23 is one of the strongest compounds available. If you’re a new user, it’s probably a good idea to start with something else. However, if you’re a seasoned SARMs user, S23 could be a compound worth looking into.

S23 offers you the following benefits for your cycle.

  • Increased Muscle Mass
  • Increases in Strength
  • Supercharge Your Fat Loss
  • Speed Recovery from Training-induced Stress
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S23 has a potent effect, and most people claim a 10lb to 20lb gain in lean muscle mass on their first cycle. (3) S23 also has a fat-burning effect, allowing you to strip fat while building muscle – the holy grail of bodybuilding and fitness training. 

S23 suits use with cutting cycles, and it’s a good alternative to oral AAS for your contest stack. Beginners should stick to doses of 10mg per day, while advanced users can take up to 30mg per day. 

Cycles with S23 can last up to ten weeks, depending on the experience of the users. Beginners should limit cycles to six to eight weeks maximum for best results. 

Is it safe to take S23 and what are the side effects?


S23 has a potent effect on the body. As with AAS, S23 comes with a set of side effects that users experience while adjusting to their dose. Some people might experience slight headaches in the first week, but these will fade.

Users also report incidents of elevated body temperature leading to night sweats and cramping. Adding taurine to your stack can help to alleviate these sides. However, the most common side effect of this SARM is the suppression of the HPTA.

Do I need to use PCT after I cycle off S23?

Post Cycle Therapy

S23 is one of the most potent SARMs, with a high affinity for binding with androgen receptors. While the compound has no estrogenic effects, it does have a slightly suppressive impact on the HPTA. Therefore, you’ll need a PCT to recover the HPTA.

However, it’s challenging to determine your current hormone panel without the use of bloodwork. The only way to know how much S23 suppresses your testosterone production is through bloodwork. 

If you’re taking an advanced SARM like S23, bloodwork is essential before and after every cycle. Your doctor will analyze the results of your hormone panel and make recommendations based on the data. Some people can recover with an OTC test-booster product, provided they had a short cycle and a low dose. 

Stacking with other SARMs and taking a high dose can increase the suppressive effect of the drug. Therefore, you might need a PCT featuring pharmaceutical drugs like Clomid or Nolvadex. 

The Verdict – Should You Take S23?

The Verdict

Experts agree that S23 is one of the more powerful SARMs. Therefore, it’s only for experienced users. Jumping into an S23 cycle for your first SARMs experience can be more than you expect. Sure, the results might be good, but you could encounter side effects.

It’s better to start with a milder SARM like RAD 140 or Ostarine for your first cycle. However, if you’re an advanced user, S23 presents a way to keep the gains rolling. S23 is somewhat suppressive on the HPTA. 

It’s advisable to see your doctor for bloodwork panels before and after your cycle if you’re going to take this SARM.

If you want to keep your gains, you’re going to need a PCT to cycle off the drug. After cycling and completing PCT, make sure you wait for eight to 10-weeks before starting your next cycle. This strategy allows you to run three to four cycles a year. By spacing it out, you avoid experiencing diminishing returns due to receptor saturation.

Other commonly asked questions regarding S23


What’s the better choice; S4 or S23?

S23 is a new generation of the SARM S4. Users report an increase in the effects of strength, lean muscle gain, and fat-burning properties. S4 is notorious for producing blurred vision as one of the side effects of a high dose. S23 doesn’t present any vision problems while improving the efficacy and efficiency of the SARM.

What compounds stack well with S23?

S23 stacks well with PPAR and Rev-erb-α agonists like SR9009 and Cardarine. These compounds provide a synergistic effect to the SARM. You can use both SR9009 and Cardarine during your PCT to assist recovery of the HPTA.

For mass-gaining cycles, stacking with Ostarine or Ligandrol produces noticeable muscle mass improvements while keeping you lean.

How long does it take to feel the effects of S23?

S23 has a half-life of 12-hours, requiring you to split your dose. Levels of S23 build quickly in your system, and it starts working from your first dose. However, it might be three or four days before you begin to feel any noticeable effect.

By the end of the first week, you’ll feel the drug working, and by 4-weeks in, you’ll wish the party could continue forever. The gains are insane, and you feel like a million bucks, especially when stacking alongside Rev-erb-α and PPAR agonists like Cardarine and SR9009.

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