Best Dosage For S23: How To Build The Perfect Cycle

Are you thinking about trying SARMs? If you’re feeling frustrated with your results in the gym, S23 can give you the results you need. 

SARMs aren’t steroids. These compounds are Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators, meaning they only work with androgen receptors. As a result, you don’t have to deal with the estrogenic side effects associated with the use of Anabolic Androgenic Steroids (AAS). (1) 

S23 is one of the stronger SARMs, and it’s not for novices or first-time users. However, if you have some experience with these compounds, a cycle of S23 can take you for a wild ride over six to 12-weeks. 

Understanding the correct S23 dosage will help you maximize your gains while minimizing side effects. In this post, we’ll unpack everything you need to know about how to build the perfect S23 cycle. We have customized cycle notes for beginners and advanced users, as well as ideas for PCT.

Common dosages for beginner and advanced cycles

S23 SARM Dosage

The first step in building your ideal S23 cycle involves establishing your dose. Beginners will need a different dose for advanced users, so we structured some general guidelines for both.

It’s also important to note that S23 has a 12-hour half-life in rodent trials. (2) While it’s challenging to estimate what that would be in human terms, it’s a safe strategy to split your S23 dose. Take one half of the dose in the morning and the other before bed or before training.

Beginner S23 Dosage (8 Week Cycle)

  • Week 1 to Week 2 – 5mg per day
  • Week 3 to Week 6 – 5mg per day
  • (Optional) Week 7 to Week 8 – 15mg per day

Advanced S23 Dosage (12 Week Cycle)

  • Week 1 to Week 2 – 10mg per day
  • Week 3 to Week 6 – 15mg per day
  • Week 7 to Week 8 – 20mg per day
  • Week 9 to Week 12 – 30mg per day

These dosages work for both cutting and bulking cycles. If you’re already lean when starting your cycle, you’ll notice that you get leaner while building muscle, provided you’re not eating too many calories.

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It’s important to prepare for side effects when using S23. This compound doesn’t cause any water retention, and you won’t have any high blood pressure sides. However, there are some reports of prostate enlargement and increases in body temperature, leading to night sweats and cramping. (3)

Other androgenic effects of S23 include hair loss, lowered cholesterol, acne outbreaks, and increased aggression. Back off the dose by 5mg and wait to see if there’s a change in your response. If you start experiencing any side effects, Stacking or running high doses of S23 over the 25mg mark can increase side effects.

Can you stack other SARMs together with S23?

Stacking S23

“Stacking” describes the process of combining several compounds. Stacking gets its heritage from bodybuilding, where contest-prep for pros would include administering multiple compounds in a “contest stack.”

There are plenty of protocols for stacking AAS and prohormones, but all of them increase side effects. With SARMs, you avoid many of the estrogenic sides involved with AAS use, including water retention. However, increasing doses and running multiple compounds in a stack can lead to side effects.

Stacking adds more stress on your organs, and there’s a higher risk of liver toxicity. Even though SARMs are not methylated compounds and don’t feature formulation at the 17aa position, you should get your doctor to run a liver enzyme panel after your cycle. If enzymes are high, the silymarin in milk thistle will help your liver cope.

What are the best SARMs to stack with S23

Example Stacks

PPAR and other protein agonists like SR9009 and Cardarine are great choices. MK-677 is another popular choice for increasing levels of HGH during your cycle. All three of these drugs are not SARMs. However, they can be beneficial for cycle support and use during PCT for a faster recovery.

S23 is a potent compound and builds muscle by itself. Combining it with compounds like Ostarine (MK- 2866) and LGD 4033 can dramatically enhance your fat loss results while helping you retain lean muscle mass on a cut.

Should you use a PCT after cycling S23?

Post Cycle Therapy

Post-Cycle Therapy (PCT) is necessary after an AAS cycle. The introduction of exogenous hormones shuts down the Hypothalamic Pituitary Testicular Axis (HPTA), resulting in a halt of your natural testosterone production.

As a result, you need to restart the HPTA by reducing estrogen in your body. Drugs like Nolvadex and Clomid can help suppress estrogen, forcing the HPTA to restart testosterone production. However, SARMs are not AAS. They do have a mild suppressive effect on testosterone production, but nothing like AAS. As a result, you don’t get the same level of shutdown as you do with AAS.

If you’re a beginner with S23 and stick to a moderate dose, you can recover the HPTA with an OTC test-booster supplement. Advanced users might need a stronger alternative. However, there’s no way to check on your testosterone and estrogen levels without bloodwork.

If you run and extended cycle over 8-weeks, it’s a good strategy to get your doctor to run your bloodwork and review your hormone panel before you start your cycle. Repeat the bloodwork after you finish your cycle, and follow the doctor’s advice for PCT.

Conclusion and Frequently Asked Questions


S23 is a powerful SARM and one of the most effective compounds available. However, with stronger compounds comes the risk of side effects. S23 has more sides than other SARMs, and you need to understand the mechanism of the drug and how it works in your body to plan a successful cycle.

Stick to the dosage guidelines when using this product, and don’t go over the daily dosage limits as per your experience level. S23 is not the ideal first-time compound for a SARMs cycle, and newbies should rather investigate RAD 140 or LGD 4033 as an introductory cycle to SARMs use.

S23 might have some suppressive action on the HPTA. Therefore, it’s advisable to see a medical professional regarding your bloodwork after a cycle. Some individuals may only require a mild PCT using OTC products, while others might need a pharmaceutical PCT.

S23 brings excellent results for a cutting stack, with an effect comparable with other anabolics like Anavar and Winstrol V. Users should ensure they don’t an up their dose or extend their cycle, and stick to the guidelines in this post.

Do I need liver support with my S23 cycle?

I recommend using a liver support supplement containing Milk Thistle for S23 cycles. It is known to elevate markers that indicate liver stress. That being said, these effects are temporary, and typically don’t result in any physical side effects.

Do I need an Aromatase Inhibitor (AI) on my S23 Cycle?

No. S23 does not have an aromatase action on the body. Therefore, it doesn’t produce the same estrogenic sides as AAS. The androgenic activity of S23 has an antagonizing effect on estrogen levels. Increased androgenic activity helps to reduce estrogen, but there’s still a chance for gyno.

Why is S23 an illegal compound?

S23 is still undergoing pre-clinical trials and has no endorsement by the FDA. Therefore, S23 and SARMs, in general, are still “research chemicals” and not fit for human consumption.

DISCLAIMER: The publishing website and author do not endorse the use of S23 or any other SARM. The information in this post is for informational and research purposes only.

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